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Hoarding Relics for Fukua!


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Oct 24, 2019
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With 4.2 on the horizon, Fukua is on the way! So, a while back I figured hoarding relics for a mass-opening might be fun, so I've been saving them for a few months now. My logic is that the 2x boost for Fukua both gives me a better shot at the new variants, and it'll significantly reduce the odds of getting dupes of the current cast. Plus, it'll be fun!

Final hoard:
Premiere: 445 and 10+1
Jackpot: 15
Legendary: 9
Silver: 54
Gold: 32
Diamond: 5
Grand Total: 571

Premiere: 442 and 10+1
Jackpot: 12
Legendary: 6
Silver: 52
Gold: 30
Diamond: 5

Premiere: 430 and 10+1
Jackpot: 11
Legendary: 6
Silver: 51
Gold: 29
Diamond: 5

Premiere: 408 and 10+1
Jackpot: 10
Legendary: 6
Silver: 48
Gold: 27
Diamond: 5

Premiere: 393 and 10+1
Jackpot: 8
Legendary: 5
Silver: 45
Gold: 25
Diamond: 4

Premiere: 367 and 10+1
Jackpot: 6
Legendary: 5
Silver: 42
Gold: 23
Diamond: 4

Premiere: 333 and 10+1
Jackpot: 6
Legendary: 4
Silver: 39
Gold: 21
Diamond: 4

Premiere: 307 and 10+1
Jackpot: 5
Legendary: 4
Silver: 35
Gold: 19
Diamond: 3

Premiere: 277 and 10+1
Jackpot: 5
Legendary: 4
Silver: 33
Gold: 17
Diamond: 3

Gold Moves: 105
Premiere: 228 and 10+1
Jackpot: 4
Legendary: 3
Silver: 25
Gold: 14
Diamond: 2

Gold Moves: 102
Premiere: 205 and 10+1
Jackpot: 4
Legendary: 3
Silver: 23
Gold: 13
Diamond: 2

Gold Moves: 72
Premiere: 178 and 10+1
Jackpot: 3
Legendary: 1
Silver: 20
Gold: 11
Diamond: 2

Is anyone else preparing for her release? Hoarding other things like coins and currency? Or is anyone planning to just keep hoarding until the Brand New Character releases later this year?

(Also, I plan on using this thread to show off the results once the update releases, and welcome others to do the same!)
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Gold move relics - 206
Premier - 10+1, 21
Around 10 of each elemental relics
3 jackpot relics
Silver relics - 27
Gold relics - 20
11k theonites

been saving since Dec except diamond relics
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I have a question regarding hoarding, Whenever a new character or variant have been added to the game, does the relics that you have hoarded would contain them or not?
I have a question regarding hoarding, Whenever a new character or variant have been added to the game, does the relics that you have hoarded would contain them or not?


The fighter that you get from a relic is determined when you open it, so if you know a new fighter is going to be added to the game you can save up relics so you have a bunch to open after they release. This is true for premieres / jackpots / legendaries, rarity relics, elemental relics, and character relics.

The only exception is the holiday relics, which have a limited options to begin with.
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Here I was thinking saving my 2.6k theonite was a lot o_O I hardly have the self discipline to hold onto the relics themselves so I opted to just save theo! Might not get me much but nonetheless I am excited for both new characters
Haven't even thought about saving. I think I've been lucky with gold relics giving me desired fighters(finally got Xeno) and all I really want now besides a lot of non dupe diamonds is MnF. But I think now that I'm earning golds at a decent rate I'll start saving so 4.2 doesn't sneak up on me. Current hoard: Nothing
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I've been hoarding but started later than Lililira or Dusty.
Current hoard:
3 each element
1 Legendary
1 Jackpot
20 Gold move
23 premier (with a 10+1 in there)
12 Daily
60 take a break
4 silver
3 gold
1 diamond
2200 Theo
and keeping 2 diamond keys, and 3 of each essence (except air) in case of a diamond or a gold that I want to take to diamond :)

Was very glad I kept essences for Christmas, as I diamonded Evergreen and Mean one as soon as they arrived
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Since I have so many golds to raise at the moment, I've decided to listen to you maniacs of amazing self-control in this thread and hoard some relics for Fukua. But how long will we have to wait? It would be perfect if they can get her to release on April 1st to match her April Fool's debut in 2014.

I wonder if they'll have a 2x draw boost when she arrives. If so, I imagine all my Stormy Relics will have Phantom Fukuas in them. :p
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I know the feeling lol, when I first started hoarding it was really hard to resist opening them, but I've managed to counter that by a) opening *some* relic types like Character and Elemental relics and b) turning saving up into a game of sorts. I want to see how far I can get before Fukua releases, and I open them all. I want a 'high score' to try and beat once we get closer to the release of the brand new character.

( Also going to take a minute and update my numbers. I've got a few more, and I'm curious to see if I can run the numbers to find the average rate of acquisition of various kinds. Also, I had originally been planning to buy a Royal pack once Fukua was released to help fund the next character, but since the Legendary pack popped up last week I decided to just get that instead lol. )
The time has finally come...

Final hoard:
Premiere: 445 and 10+1
Jackpot: 15
Legendary: 9
Silver: 54
Gold: 32
Diamond: 5
Grand Total: 571

I'm opening them in this order, and in batches depending on how my storage holds out. It may take a few weeks to get through them all!

I'll be recording all pulls in a table (no video recording software on my phone, unfortunately) and screenshots, as well as highlighting anything notable like Shinies. I'm hoping to have a good batch of data so we can start calculating shiny odds for the different rarities!

(Is there a way to code a table on these forums?)
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Mixed places. Most from holiday pf milestones, some from the new story mode / player level accolades that auto-completed, and 3 from buying with cash (one from the standard Royalty pack, two from the other pack that shows up occasionally that's basically the Royalty pack with the theo swapped out for a second Legendary relic and some more coins and keys).

Other than the 3 Legendaries I've bought, all other relics were earned via in-game participation. Top 10% in character / elemental pfs, weekly rift rewards, story mode completion, buying from the CoC, etc. All achievable while staying totally free-to-play, but it takes quite a bit of time and effort.
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Nowhere near as amazing as Lililira's hoard (a tsunami of stuff so large, your fighter and move capacity storage qualify for disaster relief), but these are the goods I've been keeping in a hollow log in the forest:

Elemental: 11, 9, 10, 11, 10
Legendary: 1
Jackpot: 7
Premiere: 11
Silver: 9
Gold: 3
Diamond: 2
Total: 84

"To be continued..."

I need to make space! I'll be back to report on anything amazing.
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I had about 100 relics saved over one month or so for this update so you can imagine how hard it was to look at theme every day and not touch them! I decided to not save move relics though so those were all fighters. Got some decent pulls out of them too!
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Batch 1: 110 + 1 Premieres

Notable Pulls:
IMG_4035.jpg IMG_4039.jpg IMG_4044.jpg

Bronze: 88
Cold Stones: 3 Underdog: 6
Big Band: Bassline: 2 Beat: 4
Cerebella: Headstrong: 6 Understudy: 2
Double: Nunsense: 4 Sundae: 3
Eliza: Decrypt: 3 In Denile: 4
Filia: BHD: 3 Frayed: 4
Fukua: Infernal: 3 Rough: 4
Fortune: Hellcat: 4 Kitten: 4
Painwheel: Rusty: 2 Twisted: 4
Parasoul: Heavy: 2 Sheltered: 3
Peacock: Rerun: 1
Robo: M3: 1 Proto: 1
Squigly: Scared: 4 Stage: 5
Valentine: Icy: 3 Scrub: 3

Silver: 18 + 1
Wrestler X
Treble Maker
Toad Warrior x2
Temple Tyrant
Rock Star
Feline Lucky x2
Blood Drive
Ivy League x2
No Egrets
Nyanotech (one from regular, one from +1)
Dead Heat
Graveyard Shift

Gold: 4
Immoral Fiber
Mean One *New!*
Persona Assistant
Silent Kill

No shinies yet, but I got Mean One, who is one of the golds I was hoping for! She'll probably be one of my priorities once this is all over since she's such a good buff remover. The other golds are dupes, but they'll be useful for evolving some golds into diamond! Now I need to take some time to level / evolve some fighters, since I'm very stubborn about not sacrificing, so it'll probably be a few days before I take another crack at this.

That said, I'm not going to stop gathering relics in the meantime, so I think for data's sake I'm going to record my remaining hoard in each post, and my true final total will be tallied up once I'm completely done opening all my relics.

Premiere: 348
Jackpot: 15
Legendary: 9
Silver: 59
Gold: 33
Diamond: 5
Grand Total: 571
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summarizing my relics .. (including the prizes claimed ....)

2 diamond relic
5 gold relic
20 different elemental relic
8 premiere relic ...


several disposable bronze LOL

featured for :

summer salt and djinn frizz by diamond relic

silent kill, raw nerv, princess pride, parasite weave and windswept ... by gold relic

of the elementary highlights the essence of complete fire ...
Final hoarding numbers

Gold move relics - 206 --> 546
Premier - 10+1, 21 --> 69
Elemental relics: stormy = 3, shining = 21, Shrouded 23
Jackpot relics - 3 --> 12
Silver relics - 27 --> 36
Gold relics - 20 --> 49
Legendary relics - 0 --> 4
Diamond relics - 0--> 4
Theonites - 11k --> 15k
Canopy Coins - 28m

Too many to keep track but I got:
Diamond: Freeze Frame, Neuro, Wind Stalker, Love Crafted, Djinn Frizz, Shadow Puppet, Furry Fury, Stand Out, Heavy Metal, and Jawbreaker.
Gold: 3 Night Terrors, 2 Feather Edges, and 1 Vapor Vixen for Fukua. Non-dupes I finally got Terrorbyte and Lapis Luxury. Most importantly, first Shiny card = Divine Intervention, then a shiny Bassline.

Now I'm at 147/155 in the catalog. Still missing Freedom Fighter, Mega Sonic, Pyro-techniques, Snake Bite, Star Spangled, Heart of Darkness, Mummy, and Splitting Image.

Gold Moves Relics Result

I opened a total of 546 + 67 (from gold character pulls) = 613 gold moves

niche moves: 6
2.5/3 moves: 8
3/3 moves: 4

Potential 3/3 ruined by flats: 17
Fukua moves count: 28
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Batch 2: 100 premieres

Notable Pulls:
IMG_4065.jpg IMG_4070.jpg IMG_4073.jpg

Total: 100 Premieres

Bronze: 80
Cold Stones: 6 Underdog: 2
Big Band: Bassline: 2 Beat Box: 1
Cerebella: Headstrong: 2 Understudy: 3
Double: Nun: 5 Sundae: 4
Eliza: Decrypt: 4 Denile: 5
Filia: BHD: 1 Frayed: 3
Fukua: Infernal: 1 Rough: 2
Fortune: Hellcat: 2 Kitten: 2
Painwheel: Rusty: 3 Twisted: 2
Parasoul: Heavy: 3 Sheltered: 2
Robo: M3: 4 Proto: 4
Squigly: Stiff: 3 Stage Fright: 3
Valentine: Icy: 2

Silver: 11
Number One
Big Top
Toad Warrior
Bloody Valentine
Scarlet Viper x2
Hair Apparent
Rain Shadow ~New!~
Feline Lucky

Gold: 6
Vaporwave Vixen
Rogue Agent
That's All Folks!
Ultraviolent ~New!~
Terror Byte

Diamond: 3
Star Spangled ~New!~
Class Cutter ~New!~
Mummy Dearest ~New!~

Whoa! 3 new diamonds! That's certainly something you don't see every day, especially so close together. Also Ultraviolent, who will probably get upgraded at some point, but isn't an immediate priority. I forgot the July 4th event was going to happen, so I thought leveling bronzes was going to take longer, but it went by pretty quickly, but who knows when I'll get to batch 3. Still no shinies, so I guess that means that shiny bronzes are probably rarer than regular diamonds, but we'll get to those calculations later once I'm finished opening what's left.

Premiere: 250
Jackpot: 15
Legendary: 9
Silver: 67
Gold: 35
Diamond: 6
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Battle report:
A battalion of bronzes (dozens!) came pouring out the relics. Got a platoon (16ish!) of silvers and a few lucky gold dupes, and an elite squad of 3 new diamonds: Fly Trap Painwheel, Snake Bite Beowulf, and Dark Might Beowulf

Shiny Science:
100 pulls and NO shiny fighters. :eek:

Was it worth it? Hoarding for Fukua?
YES! A Night Terror Fukua rolled out of a Gold Relic and I got plenty of bronze spares to evolve the two bronze Fukuas.

Will you hoard for Umbrella the mysterious new character?
For now, no. But I don't have a choice because I'm at over capacity 608/600 :p