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Hoarding Relics for Fukua!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lililira, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Pit Frango

    Pit Frango Active Member

    Aug 16, 2019
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    I think it's kind of early to save relics for A̶n̶n̶i̶e̶ the mysterious new character ...:p
  2. Lililira

    Lililira Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2019
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    Batch 3: The remaining 257 Premieres

    Notable pulls:
    IMG_4130.jpg IMG_4087.jpg IMG_4102.jpg IMG_4112.jpg IMG_4112.jpg IMG_4115.jpg IMG_4084.jpg IMG_4128.jpg
    +1 more duplicate Night Terror that I couldn't include due to the Image limit on the forums

    Bronze: 209
    Cold Stones: 4 Underdog: 8
    Big Band: Bassline: 5 Beat Box: 9
    Cerebella: Headstrong: 8 Understudy: 6
    Double: Nun: 5 Sundae: 9
    Eliza: Decrypt: 9 Denile: 9
    Filia: BHD: 7 Frayed: 8
    Fukua: Infernal: 6 Rough: 13
    Fortune: Hellcat: 5 Kitten: 8
    Painwheel: Rusty: 7 Twisted: 7
    Parasoul: Heavy: 3 Sheltered: 1
    Peacock: Rerun: 6 Sketchy: 7
    Robo: M3: 12 Proto: 6
    Squigly: Stiff: 12 Stage Fright: 11
    Valentine: Icy: 8 Scrub: 10

    Silver: 38
    Hype Man
    Number One
    Wrestler X
    Robocopy x4
    Treble Maker
    Grey Matter x2
    Doublicious x3
    Myst Match x2
    Bloody Valentine
    Scarlet Viper
    Tomb & Gloom x2 *1 Shiny!*
    Rock Star
    Rain Shadow
    Souls Sister
    Feline Lucky x2
    Blood Drive
    Freaky Friday x3
    Rage Appropriate
    No Egrets
    Shadow Ops
    Wildcard x2
    Nearly Departed
    Graveyard Shift *Shiny!*

    Gold: 8
    Private Dick
    Brain Freeze
    Evergreen Evil ~New!~
    Night Terror x2
    Meow & Forever
    Terror Byte
    Dead of Winter

    Diamonds: 2
    Snake Bite
    Fly Trap

    I am... so tired of opening premieres. I bought inventory space for the first time just to help me get rid of them quicker, and I managed to power through and finish off all the ones I had hoarded. Still haven't sacced anyone though, so that's nice.

    We have our first shinies! Tomb and Gloom as well as Graveyard Shift! I have a fully built GS already, and I've been considering making another, so I'm happy to have her. Not sure what Tomb is about though, but I've heard the people that use her tend to like her so maybe. Other than that, the only new fighter was Evergreen Evil. I've been needing a Wind variant to work on, especially now that I got two more dupe dias Wind Essences from this pull, so it looks like she'll be the lucky fighter to get power leveled to diamond since she seems to be a great defender / offense support.

    As for Bronze Shinies, there were exactly 0 shiny bronzes out of 377 bronzes pulled. I guess that's confirmation that a Shiny Bronze is much rarer than a regular Diamond. Makes sense, since they're much easier to get, but it definitely seems like getting a full shiny collection is something totally out of reach, even for the richest of whales.

    As for whether I'll hoard for the brand new character? Definitely. If only because after this I'll have enough characters to work on that they'll keep me busy until then, and enough fodder to evolve them to dia too. That's the reason why I started hoarding relics in the first place; too many good fighters to work on, and I didn't want to keep getting distracted by new pulls.

    Next time: Silver Fighter Relics

    Premieres: 0 (but I might buy them if I see them in the CoC before opening the next batch)
    Jackpot: 16
    Legendary: 10
    Silver: 76
    Gold: 37
    Diamond: 7
    Grand Total: 571
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    Last edited: Jul 5, 2020
  3. Art3mes

    Art3mes Well-Known Member

    Mar 15, 2020
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    I am jealous of your patience to hoard so much relics.
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  4. Dusty00

    Dusty00 Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2019
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    Already started hoarding gold relics since I now have all gold variants (except the ones from elemental relics). I also got enough fukua fodders to evolve one to diamond so I think I’m good until when the next character drops or if we get a new batch of fighters.
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  5. ZeoW

    ZeoW Active Member

    Mar 17, 2019
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    I finally opened up all my relics, including several legendary relics from past events:

    Really happy with my Gold fighter pulls as I managed to get all Gold Fukuas! Seems like I'll be saving some more Gold relics for the new character. Not Premieres though.. I'm not grinding 100+ Bronzes to free up space again..
  6. Lililira

    Lililira Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2019
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    Batch 4: 6 Premieres, 80 Silvers, 16 Jackpots

    Notable Pulls:
    IMG_4153.jpg IMG_4154.jpg

    Bronze: 6
    Bassline, Decrypted, Hellcat, Rusty, Sketchy, M30W

    Silver: 95
    Hype Man x3, Number One, Wrestler X x3
    Big Band: Resonant Evil, Robocopy x4, Treble Maker x8
    Cerebella: Big Top x2, Grey x2, Toad x3
    Double: Doublicious x2, Myst x2, Temple x3
    Eliza: Bloody x2, Scarlet x2, Tomb x3
    Filia: Ms Frosty x4, Hair x3
    Fukua: Rain x5, Souls x4
    Fortune: Feline x3, Trial x3, Purrfect x2
    Painwheel: Blood x2, Rage x2
    Parasoul: No Egrets x2, Shadow x3
    Peacock: Inkling x4, Pea x4 *1 Shiny*
    Robo: Blue x2, Nyano x2
    Squigly: Dead x2, Nearly x2
    Valentine: Graveyard x2, KJ

    Gold: 1
    Bio Exorcist ~New!~

    Whew, while I was going through the Silvers I was wondering if I was gonna get anything worth showing, but thankfully the Jackpots came through with both my first Bio Exorcist and a Shiny Pea Shooter!

    I didn't realize how much exp transferring a shiny gives, it was enough to take my Diamond Pea from around level 45-9 (I didn't check before lol) all the way to level 54! Maybe if you have shinies to transfer to someone you plan to diamond, it might be a good idea to diamond them first and then transfer, since it gives a ridiculous amount of exp.

    Out of 163 Silvers, 3 were shiny! Much better odds than the bronzes, at 1.84% based on these numbers. I would guess the actual percent chance of any given Silver being shiny is somewhere between 1-2%.

    Next Up: Gold Relics

    (I'm gonna batch open them to make them appear as a wall of pulls in chat and drive ch0 nuts. It's probably gonna be fun to watch lol)

    Legendary: 10
    Gold: 41
    Diamond: 7

    (I also won't be including any premieres / silver relics I get between pulls in the next batch, and I'll just open them on my own. Including the 6 premieres in this pull made the spreadsheet a lot more complex, and I don't want to jank up my spreadsheet calculations by including them randomly in between the high value ones.)
  7. Lililira

    Lililira Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2019
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    Not the Final Batch just yet (That'll be Monday, since after rift and elemental pf rewards I'll have enough to open 10 Diamond relics at once), but I figured it's worth mentioning for Shiny Science™ that from the random premieres I've been opening in the meantime I got TWO shiny bronzes. They do exist!

    IMG_4178.jpg IMG_4182.jpg

    While I don't have exact numbers on the total number of bronzes obtained between now and then, I would guess I've received around 400 from my saved relics / random relics / accolades / etc.

    I'm hesitant to give a close estimate on the chance of a shiny bronze, since I'm guessing they're rare enough that this isn't enough data to get a good feel for their rarity, but my guess is somewhere between 1 in 200 and 1 in 500.
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  8. Lililira

    Lililira Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2019
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    Final Batch: Golds, Legendaries, and Diamonds

    If you were in Ch0 during the early hours of the morning as The Thing happened, you might've seen this as it happened, but I couldn't resist popping my relics as soon as I had enough to open 10 Diamonds at once and adding to the chaos. (Which I feel a little guilty for now, but I was also expecting a rollback so I wanted to get them done in case of that so I could get an extra batch of Shiny data.)

    Notable Pulls:
    IMG_4207.jpg IMG_4204.jpg IMG_4203.jpg IMG_4202.jpg IMG_4201.jpg IMG_4200.jpg IMG_4199.jpg IMG_4198.jpg

    Golds: 52
    Beowulf: None lol
    Big Band: Epic Sax, GI Jazz, Private Dick x2
    Cerebella: Armed Forces ~New~!, Brain Freeze x2, CriminalMind, Harlequin
    Double: Evergreen Evil x2, Immoral Fiber x3, Rainbow Blight ~New!~, Xenomorph
    Eliza: Bloodbath ~New!~, Diva Intervention x3, Lapis Luxury ~New!~, Red Velvet x2 ~New!~
    Filia: Parasite Weave, Windswept ~New!~
    Fukua: Feathered Edges ~New!~, Night Terror, Vaporwave Vixen
    Fortune: Claw & Order, Rogue Agent x2
    Painwheel: Buzzkill ~New!~, Firefly, Raw Nerv
    Parasoul: Princess Pride, Regally Blonde
    Peacock: Ultraviolent
    Robo: Persona Assistant x2,Terror Byte x2
    Squigly: Bio-Exorcist, Dead of Winter x2, Poltergust x3, Thrill Shrieker
    Valentine: Silent Kill, Surgeon General x2

    Diamonds: 12
    Dark Might
    Heavy Handed ~New!~
    Star Spangled
    Heart of Darkness ~New!~
    Class Cutter
    Splitting Image ~New!~
    Summer Salt ~New!~
    Dream Catcher ~New!~
    Freeze Frame ~New!~
    Love Crafted x2 ~New!~

    No shinies at all from this pull, but I got a bunch of new Golds and Diamonds! Especially happy to get Summer Salt, since she's one of the ones I've been craving. RNG kinda avoided all the others I'd been hoping for though, but maybe next time.

    Overall, I had a lot of fun saving up this many relics and opening them all at once, even if the tedious grinding in between did start to wear me down by the time I got to the Silver relics. Doing it this way did reduce the sting of getting dupes or pf rewards by quite a bit since they were mixed in amongst the new ones. I'm looking forward to doing this again for the new character in the future, though I doubt it'll get this big since Accolades and stuff boosted the numbers right at the end.

    Final Totals

    Premiere: 463 and 10+1
    Jackpot: 16
    Legendary: 10
    Silver: 80
    Gold: 44
    Diamond: 10
    Grand Total: 634


    383 Bronzes
    163 Silvers
    71 Golds
    17 Diamonds
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