• [2018/06/22]
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How to deal with annoying defense

Does this guide helped you on how to deal with difficult defenders?

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Jan 20, 2022
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It's hard to give you proper advice not being aware of your level and collection, but these should do.
My collection ain't wide consider me a mid-game player. I generally use Purrfect to counter Model's autoblocks but it is still inconsistent due to her debuff removal.
And I don't understand Blueshift MA, does it reduce DMG which is already reduced by def stats or it adds up to defense stat?
Does pierce counter it?
As for Neuro, that really depends. If she's tainted blood, you might want to use Beowulf with Wulf Shoot and Lupine Pummel to avoid doing any critical damage, and Beo can keep enemy stuck with Wulf Shoot spam.
I didn't know this. Some blockbusters are critless? and grabs too? I have seen grabs ignoring precision stacks. Is it some inner mechanism of the game? Well, the main thing is that Painwheel's AI is always aggressive so it's risky and Neuro sa is hard to counter. I am talking about 20+ streaks def team's simple attacks are enough to delete ur fighter and Painwheel is definition of raw damage. The worst thing is they both are hard punishers, Sometimes Painwheel's BB3 doesn't proc Vals tc.