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Fights I'm sorry but I think I'm gonna explode

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by TasiaChaan, May 10, 2019.

  1. TasiaChaan

    TasiaChaan Active Member

    Jun 28, 2018
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    If you read my latest few week's Profile Status in this forum, you'll know it.

    I know I love this game since announcement and I waited for Indonesia release (it wasn't there before an massive update in the past years ago0) 'till my friend tell me that game is available.

    I'm doing ok with Stories, Dailies, and PFs (although I'm suck at beginning, now I managed to get 30+ streaks)

    Since the first Rift announcement, my feelings are always says "I'm not ready..." in conjunction with Diamond Fighter (either Evolves or Naturals)

    Diamonds... Now I'm ready for get Diamonds.
    Currently I have 3 NatDiamonds, still a few numbers and I didn't mean to show off.
    I hasn't planning to get evolved one.

    Rift... At beginning I was terrible, but slowly I was getting a good relationship there... You remember that was times where some opponents doesn't play or even didn't beat our own node?

    But, no!
    Since first Rift mechanic update (before Catalyst) while you must beat one node for 4, 3, or 2 Rift Coins, I'm getting a bit trouble here, since I'm not a type who play everyday, everytime.
    Not to mention I always count how many I must beat these nodes to round up the last digit of my Rift Coins that I collect.

    ...aaaand... Here goes that part that I think I need to blow up.
    In the latest 2 or 3 weeks, I feel like "I'm not a lucky person" actually for Rifts, not being alone.
    My ranks seems to drop, drop, and drop as my spirit to play Rift dropping.
    Even I need to think twice before looking for opponents.
    "I don't want to... But I need to play it 7 times and..." you must be know how it goes.

    PF still well, I rather play Accursed than doing Rifts.
    You miss one Blockbuster, you lose.
    You slipped one blink, you lose.
    You defeated even one node, you lose.
    And last night my alarm doesn't ring, while I just need to beat One. More. Node to complete all and... That's it.
    Stupid alarm...

    That time, Rifts really drove me crazy, crazier than Mileena (I know, I know she's dead in timeline) and I feel like I want to delete this game (or my account, so I don't have datas anymore) but I love this game.

    Ok, ok, I won't complaining about PF's lose streaks anymore, as I more seldom to play PFs (only collects until last milestones) and it didn't affects my ranks (PF doesn't need ranks, right?)

    I guess I'll keep dropping my ranks until it reaches 0 as my hate for Rifts.

    The problem, opponents have a low FS and I use one with high FS, but they beat me! Wow... Hahahahahaha.....
    I just keep fake laugh to make a self-entertaining.
    And I sing a song in absurd pitches.
    Reason, same as above.

    Eh... Please don't hate me, but if you do, nevermind. I already hate my life.

    I will be the first account who will keep the ranks dropped into ZERO!!! Woohoo!!!

  2. educavalcantee

    educavalcantee Active Member

    Jan 2, 2019
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    Please, don't do this. I know I'm nobody to tell you what to do, but this isn't healthy for you. Don't stress about the rifts, just play casually the 7 matches like a daily event. It's ok if you don't win, all that matters is the rewards. Eventually you will do better without realizing. It worked for me, and I think it will work for you too. :)

    If you want to talk about it, feel free to send me a message.
  3. Pepperlunatic

    Pepperlunatic Active Member

    Jun 16, 2017
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    Or you can just simply not play rift like i do. No matter how good the reward is, if the game does not serve the purpose of fun, you always have a choice to not do that. Just enjoy the fun part of the game like inventing new combo or try other characters. :)
  4. vucaar

    vucaar Active Member

    Oct 19, 2017
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    I retired for 6 weeks from rift battles since I didn't find something fun there (until update arrived and catalysts showed its horrible face). By affairs of school and time I haven't played the last 2 weeks so like they said above, take a long break from rift battles and focus on the joy the game would give you, while I was away from rift battles, I could have the chance to lvl up some characters, discover one or two things about combos and moves and forgot the stress of a perfect match that rift would recquire to do most of the time, I had the chance to get resources and have a similar prize that rift could give playing through the week another modes (except for the rift coins). Enjoy your collection and try to improve it, and forget about that mode for a while.

    I can say that the "in theory" rift matchmaking had improved because I have gotten more fair matches, with this I want to say similar collections (lately I have been matched with people stronger than me but it doesn't mean I didn't stand for a chance). Catalysts is the main problem here because there's no limitations in that topic: You can have the "armor rating" or the "frost armor" on any node if you want in example, I have them in 2 nodes and I lost the count of the times that catalyst has appeared in the cabinet and I lost it intentionally (and the rule of not leveling up them).

    The special/unique catalysts (for characters and elemental) are broken, OP as hell, and that practically is causing that you had to need a specific variants (plus in the stronger tier as possible) instead of planning how are you going to solve that map with your collection, we aren't going to have the chance to do a map always, but it's supposed that we must have a chance into a challenge with variety and balance and not just to see the most annoying node that would cause you to feel disgusted just watching it.

    I know that it won't happen never (because people has invested already on them), but I guess the worst error of the catalyst is the chance to improve them, or at least, to level 11, maybe at level 5 would be great or a better option (being the "no-improve" always the best option). If they haven't developed that option, from my perspective, people would have to break more their head planning and placing catalysts (with a base or static hability) to create a synergy instead of improving modifiers that were OP from begining to have outrageous effects alone and that's all the dynamic you could get from them.

    P.S.: I know it's extremely late but I wanted to give my opinion, sorry ; )

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