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Bug - Normal Independence relic

Discussion in 'Known Issues & Bugs' started by DuskDawn, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. DuskDawn

    DuskDawn New Member

    Jul 1, 2020
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    After I got my accolades for completing the story, I went to open the independence relic. As soon as I bought it and swiped up to get my character, it spun around and said that it was having trouble connecting. As soon as it put me back to the relic store, it showed that it still took my crystals and didn’t give me a fighter at all. Is there any way to get my crystals back or the fighter I was supposed to get?
  2. belltier

    belltier Producer
    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 6, 2020
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    Sorry, I know this is a bit late but could you check your inventory and filter by "Recent". Your fighter is likely in there. If not, please send me a screenshot of your account information in the options.
    (if you don't feel comfortable sharing it publicly, feel free to DM me the screenshot)

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