• [2018/06/22]
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Is accuracy relevant for Squigly?


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Apr 23, 2018
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cuz currently none of the Squigly variants have proccing of their SAs dependent on percent chance. Or am I mistaken about how accuracy works?
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While Accuracy might be not essential for Squigly in general, it is still valuable for negating opponent's Resistance. Since Squigly's strong points include multiple ways of applying Wither and Curse, having some Accuracy can be handy when fighting well-equipped defensive Fighters. It is probably most important for Love Crafted due to her SA debuffs (Heal Block, BB Disable, Heavy Bleed, Death Mark).
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I would personally not invest in accuracy for any Squigly, for the reason you mentioned. Account for resistance seems to niche, even most considering that the debufs are more important in defense (except for bleed) and there they are just countered with immunity, so meh.
But I'm not exactly a wise man, so might be wrong.
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