• [2018/06/22]
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Is there a way to interrupt/counter BB3 move?


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Jan 29, 2018
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So after the data wipe I end up restarting everything and now fighting enemy 4-7 time stronger than my fighter.
The problem was they got BB3 move which was pretty much auto loss in my opinion.

I just realize this now after I went to farm gold move skill and realize how helpless I was against this bullshit, why would u give an enemy 4 time more powerful than player that thing?? Like legit this piss me off as stupid programming since I manage to half their hp without getting hit and tadaa insta dead full hp
Use fighters or skills that reduce meter gain or lock BBs
The reason I was doing move skill event was to get move, isn't there any other way? Like maybe iframe or something
Git gud.

Nah but really, like Yew said you just gotta find a way to play around them. Try new strategies/fighters/moves, level up your current team, etc.. All fighters can be difficult (and very frustrating at times), SGM is no exception.
theres a OLD post on avoiding BB3s but that's like 5 updates ago. but one thing is certain skimit mode can avoid a few of those BB3s that starts with a throw. (Beowulf's hint hint)
there are many ways to outplay BB3
  • sacrifice a fodder
  • drain the opponent’s meter
  • disable blockbusters
  • self revive abilities
  • invincible
  • 4x armor
  • 50% defence & 2x armor
  • constantly stunning the opponent
  • defeat the opponent before BB3 gets fully charged
  • BB3 the enemy first
  • tanky fighters who can survive a BB3 or two
  • exploit the AI behaviour to force them into not using BB3
  • using Forbidden Procedure to revive a teammate defeated by BB3
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Stunlock/BB3 first
Or an easier step
Big band

I'm SRS resonant evil big band is good for tanking bb3
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Seems I need to clear my explanation.
It was 1 vs 1 fighter locked fight in daily event.

I don't have any problem fighting bb3 once I have the resources.

The problem was is it possible to fight 1 vs 1 against enemy 4 time your power with bb3. Your power below 1000 and got limited move set.

I was asking due to reset you see
Can you elaborate?

If you dash up and start doing a ground combo on the computer, it will start shielding. If you continue the ground combo, sometimes it will poke the AI's shield. Either way, as soon as you finish the ground combo the AI will almost always throw out a jab or a trip attack. If you are playing big band, do your ground combo, then buffer noise cancel, the AI will hit the counter and get stunned. If you play someone like Cerebella or Beowulf, then finish the ground combo and use one of their command grabs. Sometimes the AI will jank you out and do the BB3 right in the middle of your combo, but I've found that this works most of the time.
It is tough, I agree, but if it wasn’t the way it is now I think it would be way too easy. Are you sure you’re not playing ahead of where you are meant to be? If your strongest fighters are around 1000 fighter score, I think you should be focusing on clearing the story on basic difficulty so that you can get all the coins and relics from that, rather than doing expert daily events. Another thing you can do is to try to get more fighters of that character to the right strength so that you have more energy to work with, and that way you could just keep retrying the fight until the AI doesn’t have a BB3 equipped because their gear is chosen randomly. This doesn’t work with prize fights, of course, where moves are chosen by players.
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I know this isn't that helpful but if it's a daily event or storymode the enemy's moved get randomized, if you can't pull it off see if you can just get lucky to where they spawn with no BB3.
Other than that you can grab Peacock's out of Argus Agony(which isn't even a BB3) but that's about it.
If it wasn't 1v1 switching out might work if you have the room to do so. I know once that I dodged Valentines Death Drop by being on the other side of the screen when it occurred and tagging out. It's not something reliably sound though as I think the main part of that sequence was having my fighter jump out of the fight when the attack hit.
I’ve counted Cerebellas with a grab before but the timing was super lucky