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"IVY LEAGUE" - Strategy and Discussion

Discussion in 'Parasoul' started by Liam, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Liam

    Liam !Robot
    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 17, 2017
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    IVY LEAGUE.png

    This thread is for discussing Parasoul's silver variant: "IVY LEAGUE"
    General strategy, team position, character role, etc.
    It all goes here!

    * Please note that the fighter score shown in this image may not reflect the actual fighter score of the variant in game.
    #1 Liam, Oct 22, 2017
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2017
  2. Black Egret#13

    Jul 7, 2017
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    She’s a blockbuster stopper. While not as reliable as a No Egrets with bonus crit rate stats, she can be a decent meter slower if you try. I think she’s more reliable as a zoner than No Egrets(though tears can crit) as the tears reduce meter instead of slowing it. So, Ivy League is better at far range, and No Egrets is better at close range.
  3. IvyLeague

    IvyLeague Member

    Aug 13, 2017
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    Number 1 MVP in my gold fights, besides Primed. I have a more "control" oriented one I use in Silver. My load outs change based on my team building, moisteriffic's builds are excellent recommendations. I'm not afraid of detonating tears to drain BB meters on a blocking AI.

    For control:
    Napalm Toss/Shot
    Napalm Shot/Egret Call
    Silent Scope
    Napalm Shower
    Inferno Brigade

    For aggro:
    Napalm Shot x2
    Silent Scope
    Motor Brigade
    Inferno Brigade

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