• [2018/06/22]
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Fights Loadout feedback: good start!


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Nov 16, 2019
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Loadouts were created to ease the switching between fighter used. by having to spend less time switching moves, you can spend more time playing!

the current method is definitely is a good starting point. But its still forgettable and takes approximately 20-25 seconds and 18-21 button presses to switch loadouts of all three fighters, and that is if you know where to press the buttons beforehand.

Therefore I am suggesting an upgrade to the newly added system: being able to select loadouts from the fighter screen itself!



If you can see through the sloppy editting job, you notice that the move display "orbs" have been replaced by three larger ones. These are all clickable and will select one of the first three loadout of the selected character. (note: this will increase load time a bit)

Dream catcher has the third peacock load out equiped. therefore the 3rd orb is filled. Same goes with Triple threat and the second annie loadout.

Ageless wonder has no load out equipped. Thus her loadout slots appear empty. If you were to click on the middle one (which is currently chosen by Triple Threat) it will deactivate it and equip it for Ageless instead.


If you were to select the most left loadout orb for ageless, and this loadout contains at least one duplicate move from the middle (second) loadout, Triple threat's middle orb will become empty as if she doesnt have the loadout equipped anymore :

so, the loadout will only be shown as equipped if its identical to the current moves of the fighter!

Q: why three?
A: since you can at most select three of the same fighters, having three quick loadouts to select still enables all of them to equip one.

Q: why not more?
A: less loading work for the game (allegedly), less clutter, and the option for bigger "buttons".

Q: why that color? why that size? why x design choice?
A: of course this can all be changed by developers. Size wise, i dont believe its a smart idea to make them much smaller as these are buttons you have to be able to click. Bigger buttons also help identify if you have a loadout equiped easier too.

Let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments below. Would love to see this added!

Erick Draves

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Dec 2, 2018
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This level of optimization would be amaizing!!

And YES, three orbs sounds like an ideal number of sets that you usually could have for a fighter, and if someone needs anything more specific they could load the whole equip screen. Great idea!!
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