• [2018/06/22]
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Characters Make CRIT RESIST also resist the opponent's CRIT-activated abilities.


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Nov 23, 2018
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Or change the skill tree's CRIT nodes into something else and double the effect of CRIT in move substats.

With Painwheel around, a maxed skill tree is worse than a skill tree without those 4 CRIT nodes.
So lemme either nullify Painwheel's MA or let me have 0% CRIT on my maxed fighter.
Yeah, I've been thinking about this ever since I heard the phrase 'CRIT-less build'. Which is technically a 'low-CRIT' build since every character starts with a base CRIT stat.

The fact that a player has to limit their fighter's full potential (not unlocking their MA) just to avoid landing a CRIT trigger seems against the RPG spirit of the game (the game very much encourages you to max skill trees). And many players end up leveling up two copies of a card; one with MA unlocked and one 'CRIT-less'.

While I don't think fighters should have 0% base CRIT (I mean, that negates A LOT of 'on CRIT-hit' abilities), I do agree that the additional CRIT% should come from the moves stats and not the skill tree nodes so that every fighter could have the option to be 'low-CRIT' and still have access to a maxed out skill tree and MA.
think I posted something similar years ago (before Annie) and Cellsai’s response at the time was that they have some comprehensive approach that will address PW MA issue over time. Well, it’s been years and this is still an issue so I’m glad you brought it up again. I think Annie’s blue shift is somewhat trying to be the opposite design but other than Model Leader no one uses her on defense.

I still don’t understand why a game that is more fun when you can pull off long combos would penalize exactly that with certain defensive designs such as PW and Deathwish SA. Hopefully they would make Big Band the exact opposite, that you need to crit and land more hits to do more damage, which is exactly the opposite of Futile Resistance…

Rift is incredibly boring that the best way to succeed is to do critless, heavy hits under 5 combos. And if that’s why they haven’t released strong Bella Diamond variants or buff Heavy Handed and Star Spangler then you see where we have a problem..