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Bug - Normal MS Fortune (Enemy) Dying From Single Hit?

Jan 9, 2019
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Mississippi, United States
I'm not sure if I'm missing something here, but yesterday and again just now when fighting an opponent MS Fortune there seems to be some very low chance for an attack to literally one shot her. For context- this most recent occurence did not happen with just any matchup. I was doing a Peacock origin story mission and carrying a recently silvered Cold Stones who is only at like 800ish FS and forgot to put him second instead of first. First opponent was a Purrfect Dark, and I only had gotten a few hits on her and then she nearly KO'd Cold Stones before I used Hurting Hurdle, which upon impact did 75% of her health. Now I know kitty is squish and all, but she had like 2.4k FS and none of my previous attacks did THAT much damage.

I can't remember the details of the occurence yesterday other than I think it may have been a prize fight and I was just shocked that she just....died very unexpectedly. I double checked if there were match modifiers effecting that, but there were not in either case. Anyone else have an explanation for this?
Thanks for the report! I know exactly what this is, we hope to have it resolved in a future update.

There's an extra hitbox on Beowulf's throws that can interact with other characters, besides the person they are throwing, and those hits don't have tuned damage values. The only thing that can get hit by this so far is Ms. Fortune's head.
Hey, this sounds like the bug where Ms.Fortune would explode if Beowulf threw her onto her head!
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ah, some of those 2E Hitboxes stuck around
Quickly! Take Beowulf and kill all the ms fortune rift battles you can!
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