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OFFICIAL: 3.0.3 Update Notes (LIVE!)

Discussion in 'Official News & Announcements' started by Liam, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. Liam

    Liam !Robot
    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 17, 2017
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    Are you ready for our hottest update yet!? Our 3.0 update is arriving TODAY!

    We have a LOT of new content in this update, including our brand new "one-on-one" game mode, RIFT BATTLES.

    Since this is a December update, I suggest you listen to this banger while you read these update notes.

    3.0.2 has been submitted, and that build has been approved. It should be rolling out very shortly, so keep an eye out for it in the App Store and Google Play Store. It should be live in at least the Google Play Store at the time of this message.

    Here are the newest changes!

    Rift Battles

    • Fixed an issue where your opponent's nodes would sometimes use the Fighters of your previous Rift Battles opponent
    • Fixed an issue where some players would see the "Season Ending Soon" pop up earlier than intended, which would lock them out of playing Rift Battles.
    Sacrosanct (Rift Battle Boss Node Modifier)
    • Now reflects all debuffs when the opponent (the one not benefiting from the modifier) is not at an elemental advantage, rather than reflecting all debuffs when the owner of the modifier is not at an elemental disadvantage. Light and Dark variants can never be at an elemental disadvantage, which made them always reflect debuffs on this node.
    • Fixed an issue that caused one of our Holiday offers to appear earlier than intended.
    • Massive performance optimizations and improvements during the Rift Battles "score tally" UI screens.
    • Fixed an issue where Japanese text was invisible during the final score tally UI screen.
    • Fixed an issue where the Relics odds pop-up UI would not display Elemental Essences as a reward you can earn from Elemental Relics.


    Rift Battles will have you compete head-to-head against another player's collection. You'll need to prepare a "base" of defensive Fighters, and then attack your opponent's base while they attack yours.

    Earn points by defeating the opponent's nodes, and also earn bonus points for completing extra tasks - the player with the most points at the end wins!

    • HOW IT WORKS •

    To fully explain Rift Battles, we'll walk through the entire fight process from start to finish, explaining all of the features along the way. If you still have questions, please let us know down below!

    Rift Battles are available to any player that satisfies the following conditions:
    - Is at least player level 25.
    - Has 20+ Fighters in their Collection.

    If that's you, you can tap on the RIFT BATTLES button on the main menu to get started.


    Before you can participate in Rift Battles, you need to place 20 Fighters in the empty nodes that are found in your BASE. Drag Fighters onto these nodes (and make sure to check the modifiers for the best tactical advantage!), and then hit CONFIRM once you're done.


    After filling every node in your BASE, you can then proceed back to the lobby for matchmaking.


    To enter matchmaking, you'll need to spend one RIFT TICKET. There are two types of Rift Tickets:

    [​IMG] FREE Rift Tickets
    • You can carry up to two FREE Rift Tickets at a time. These Rift Tickets are replenished every night at MIDNIGHT, PST.
    [​IMG] PAID Rift Tickets
    • If you do not have any FREE Rift Tickets available, then you will be prompted to use PAID Rift Tickets instead. If you do not have any PAID Rift Tickets, you can purchase them for 50 Theonite by attempting to matchmake while having zero FREE Rift Tickets.
    Make sense? Great! Tap "FIND OPPONENT" to start looking for an opponent, and we'll do our best to find a fair match against a player of similar strength for you to face off against in 5 minutes. We do this by finding players with a RIFT RATING similar to your own.


    If we can't find a fair match in 5 minutes, your ticket will not be spent and you can try again.

    This matchmaking will happen in the background whether you are on the screen or not, so feel free to do a few Prize Fights or Daily Events while you're waiting!


    If you don't care how Rift Rating works, you can skip over this section! Otherwise, open the SPOILER tag below.
    RIFT RATING is used to match you up against other players.

    The higher your RIFT RATING, the more challenging your opponents will be. You will gain RIFT RATING when winning, and you will lose RIFT RATING when losing. How much RIFT RATING you gain or lose is also influenced by how far apart your RIFT RATING is from your opponent's.

    Late game players who have powerful collections would clearly be at an unfair advantage if everyone started at the same RIFT RATING when 3.0 launches, so for a limited time, players who are above level 25, with existing account progress, will have a RIFT RATING set for them when they log in based on their collection strength.

    Newer players, such as those who unlock Rift Battles well after the 3.0 release, will always be placed at a RIFT RATING of 1000.


    After matching with an opponent, you will have 2 HOURS to clear as much of your opponent's base as you can, while they do the same. Clearing nodes on your opponent's base will earn YOU points, and losing against a node on your opponent's base will earn THEM points. There are also other ways to earn points, examples include placing unique defenders, finishing fights quickly, finishing fights with plenty of health remaining (REGEN Fighters, now's your chance to shine!), etc...

    Note that when you use a Fighter on offense, they will become DRAINED, and they cannot be used again for the remainder of the Rift Battle, unless they are refreshed using Theonite. Fighters in Rift Battles do not use the normal energy system, and they do not earn experience.

    If you want to read more about scoring and battling, here's a full breakdown!


    Once the 2 hour timer is up, the player with the most points will be victorious! Winning the Rift Battle will increase your RIFT RATING, which will also effect your RANK. Your RANK will ultimately decide which rewards you earn once the Rift Battle SEASON ends.

    • SEASONS •

    A SEASON is a window where players can fight each other in Rift Battles to climb in RANK. Once a SEASON ends, all players will receive rare rewards, depending on their final RANK.


    Each SEASON lasts 7 days, and the SEASON will reset at MIDNIGHT PST every Sunday. A few important things to note about seasons, and Rift Rating...
    • You will need to complete 7 Rift Battles in one season in order to qualify for season rewards. This is to prevent players from idling in a high rank, and reaping the benefits of rare rewards for no work. If you want to stay at the top, you have to fight for it!
    • If you do not play a Rift Battle in 72 hours, you will lose 16 points. You will continue to lose 16 points every 72 hours after this until you play a match. Again, this is to prevent players from idling in higher tier ranks.
    We've been working non-stop on this new game mode for awhile now, and we're all super excited to share it with you guys. We hope you all enjoy it!

    Keep in mind that we're not done with Rift Battles, and we plan on making tons of improvements to it over the course of 2019 (particularly in regards to Node Modifiers), just like we did with Prize Fights. So, if there's anything you want to see in Rift Battles, please let us know!


    If you've been following us on Social Media, you've likely caught wind of the TWELVE new Natural Diamond Fighters that will be arriving in this update. These Natural Diamond Fighters can be found in any Relic that offers Fighters of random rarity. (Premiere Relics, Character Relics, Elemental Relics, etc...)

    In case you missed the reveals, here's a handy list in alphabetical order:

    Beowulf - DARK MIGHT
    Big Band - HEAVY METAL
    Cerebella - HEAVY HANDED
    Double - JAW BREAKER
    Eliza - STAND OUT
    Filia - CLASS CUTTER
    Ms. Fortune - FURRY FURY
    Painwheel - FLY TRAP
    Parasoul - SUMMER SALT
    Peacock - FREEZE FRAME
    Squigly - LOVE CRAFTED
    Valentine - ASSASSIN'S GREED

    Note that these Natural Diamond Fighters will require DIAMOND KEYS to upgrade their Skill Tree, as well as extra Skill Points and Canopy Coins compared to Gold / Silver / Bronze Fighters that have been evolved to Diamond tier. Earning a Natural Diamond is just the first step, so be prepared to invest a lot of time and resources into these Fighters for them to truly shine!

    DIAMOND KEYS can be acquired from Rift Battle SEASON rewards, the familiar TRINKETS tab in the Cabinet of Curiosities, and the new TREASURES tab in the Cabinet of Curiosities (more info on that below).



    A new DIAMOND Relic will be available in this update! Any time that you earn a Gold Fighter post 3.0, you'll earn a handful of Diamond Shards. After earning enough Diamond Shards, you can open a Diamond Relic which will guarantee one of the twelve new Natural Diamond Fighters.

    IMPORTANT: Those who have unclaimed mail from Prize Fights containing Gold Fighters will not receive Diamond Shards for claiming these mails even after 3.0 releases. Only Fighters earned through the mail AFTER 3.0 will grant Diamond Shards. Gold Fighters pulled through Relics acquired before 3.0 will still generate Diamond Shards.


    Taliesin's shop now features a brand new tab open for business! On the TREASURES tab, you can trade RIFT COINS earned through RIFT BATTLES for rare and coveted rewards.


    We plan on including brand new (never before seen) collectible items to this tab as we continue to add new content to Rift Battles. What does that mean? Time will tell...


    'Tis the season!

    Keep an eye out for our special EIGHT day Prize Fight over the Holidays - SEASON'S BEATINGS! This Prize Fight will offer unprecedented Milestone rewards for those who climb all the way to the very end. The Event Rewards will be just as juicy - so good luck to everyone gunning for a top spot!

    This Prize Fight modifiers will also feature a unique effect for each of the five Element types.


    Starting on December 12th, login every day for the next 12 days to receive a free gift from all of us as a small gesture of thanks for all your support for Skullgirls over the course of the year! Thanks so much!


    Per usual, we've made changes to existing offers, and we've added new ones as well. For those interested, here are the highlights!

    "Everything you need to upgrade your new Diamond Fighter!" (Triggers when earning a Natural Diamond.)
    • Diamond Keys: 3
    • Canopy Coins: 500,000
    • Skill Points: 500
    • Price: $59.99 USD
    "An incredible value! Act quickly before its too late!" (Great for those short on Canopy Coins thanks to Taliesin.)
    • Canopy Coins: 300,000 → 1,000,000
    • Price: $14.99 USD (Unchanged)
    • NOTE: This offer triggers very rarely -- be sure to take advantage of it if/when you see it!
    • Good Things That You Want: Yes.
    • Price: Also Yes
    There are a lot of new Holiday offers that will be in circulation later this month, and in January, after the new year. Keep an eye out for them!

    To those of you who are making purchases, we can't thank you enough for your support! That revenue goes directly to supporting the growth and development of Skullgirls Mobile for hopefully many years to come!

    ... Lastly, the BONUS Relic earned in any 10+1 pull now GUARANTEES a Fighter of Silver rarity or higher. This means that it is impossible to get "all bronze" from a 10 + 1 pull post 3.0.



    The AI will now keep track of how many unblockable Charge Attacks have successfully landed against them, and they will do their best to respond with more intelligent defensive options if they are being abused by them.

    Previously, the AI would always choose to use defensive options when they were cornered, which made it difficult for characters that rely on their Charge Attack for their Signature Ability (Ms. Trial, Pyro-technique) to activate them reliably.

    With these changes, you should be able to use Charge Attacks against the AI without them responding immediately. The more you use them, the higher the chance that the AI will respond with a correct defensive option, and those odds scale with AI level.

    This should allow for more reliable use of Charge Attacks when you need them, while hopefully preventing exploits. Let us know how it feels!


    Flat HP / ATK Move Stats

    • Flat ATK and Flat HP stats on Moves have had their effectiveness increased.
    Ms. Fortune
    • Meow & Furever
      • Signature Ability 2 (STUN when FINAL STAND expires) no longer activates when Ms. Fortune is on the bench.
    • Fixed an issue where Ms. Fortune's head sometimes wouldn't perform the headless attack portion of "OM NOM NOM" if it was activated while she had her head on, and another action was input shortly afterwards by her body.
    • Rerun
      • Fixed an issue where Enrage was granted to the opponent, instead of allies, when her Signature Ability 1 was at level 2.
    • Fixed an issue where Squigly would become frozen if the opponent activated specific Blockbusters while Squigly was in the middle of using Silver Chord.
    • Bio Exorcist
      • Fixed an issue where her revival SA would never activate for the rest of the round if she was inflicted with HEX, or hit by PRECISION, even if the effect had expired.
    Direct Purchase Store
    • Fixed several UI issues with the Cabinet of Curiosities purchase boxes leaving their designated boundaries.
    • Fixed Fighter preview pop up in the Cabinet of Curiosities being tough to tap due to overlapping currency icons.
    • Fixed an issue where it was possible to receive a different item than the displayed item when attempting a purchase.
    Stage - Gehenna
    • Fixed several graphical errors.
    • The creepy eyes in the background now stare at Fighters as they move around, because they weren't terrifying enough already.
    • Fixed an issue where an incorrect "GET MORE" button was displayed when opening a Relic using Silver or Gold shards, causing a soft lock on iOS devices.
    • Fixed an issue where the same Relic would be listed twice in the Relic menu, even if you didn't have more than one.
    • Relic odds pop up now correctly lists that the minimum amount of elemental essence shards you can earn at in an Elemental Relic is 25, up from 10.
    • Fixed a string error in Ms. Fortune's Upgrade Pack.
    • Fixed several issues where the AI may do "nothing", or behave incorrectly, when multiple of the same character are on the same team. This was most noticeable with Squigly.
    • Beowulf Fighters should not activate Hype Mode while in hitstun.
    • Pause screen is now only unpaused when tapping RESUME, instead of unpausing when tapping anywhere outside of the pop up.
    • Numerous improvements to translations across the game. Thank you to everyone who shares their translation feedback on our forum!
    That just about covers everything - let us know what you think! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to mention us down below, or you can ping us in a separate thread. For more Skullgirls conversation, consider joining us in our official Discord! (https://discord.gg/skullgirls)

    Thanks again for your support!

    ~ Hidden Variable Studios ~
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  2. Fel

    Fel wuf

    Jul 16, 2017
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    Devs give me your rng blessings
  3. Renan Flippy

    Renan Flippy Active Member

    Jul 24, 2017
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    I'm glad of all the great work they have done this year, in addition to fulfilling all their promises for 2018 (only Robo-Fortune was lacking).
    I see that the game has already become very popular during these months of inactivity after having made me banned intentionally because of the university. (Https://twitter.com/flippy_cf/status/1034613371998494721?s=19)
    I hope that next year there will be great progress for the game, that there will be more players.
  4. Zachary Baumstark

    Nov 16, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Thanks for the amazing update! Keep up the good work :)
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  5. video game

    video game Producertron 9000

    May 5, 2017
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    See ya'll in the Rift!
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  6. Gamma Ray

    Gamma Ray Active Member

    Feb 8, 2018
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    There is only one diamond I seek. But otherwise this is a great update! Hopefully the top of the rift ladder will shake out quickly enough for players.
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  7. rexturtle1120

    rexturtle1120 Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2018
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    This is great! Can you guys please bring back decrypted 2nd Ability? The bleed was super helpful!
  8. TonyPartridge30

    TonyPartridge30 Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2017
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    I like the bonus for having unique defenders. I hope that more emphasis is put on this so that people don't throw in a bunch of Armed Forces, Resonant Evil, Untouchable, etc.

    I also hope that any cheating will be monitored and quickly punished, since there is skill-based matchmaking and rankings with Rift Battles. With Diamond keys being exclusive to Rift Battles, I foresee the Cheater/Hacker report thread blowing up majorly.

    Now, what about those social features (friends and guilds)? ;)
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  9. TehSterBarn1

    TehSterBarn1 Member

    Jun 30, 2018
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    Two things

    1. THANK YOU FOR THE NEW 10+1 MECHANIC! I and many others have been burned a few too many times getting nothing but bronzes from mass pulls.

    2. The expansion to the Cabinet of Curiosities is very helpful to people like me who don't have all the time in the world to put into Elemental PFs.
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  10. evilgordo

    evilgordo Active Member

    Jul 30, 2018
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    Great update!

    So glad to see 'combo & BB finishers matter' bonuses!
    I always hoped that they might be 'hidden' +EXP modifiers in PFs (or in Dailies or Story) one day, but they work great in Rift too.
  11. bestsuperblox65

    Aug 8, 2018
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    I need that TF2 reference
  12. You cant beat D

    Sep 29, 2017
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    The pause menu change
    From the bottom of my heart
    Thank you.

    Also wait the rift battle beta already happened?
    So darn i missed out on Both the game's beta, AND this one?
    How can i be that unlucky
  13. Liam

    Liam !Robot
    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 17, 2017
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    We're live!

    Please restart the app if you're still seeing the maintenance message. Let us know how you enjoy 3.0! :D
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  14. BallotBoxer

    BallotBoxer Well-Known Member

    Feb 4, 2018
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    Cabinet of Curiosities Treasures:

    What was shown:
    100 Skill Points = 75 Rift Coins
    100 Elemental Shards = 150 RC
    1 Elemental Essence = ??? RC
    500 Silver Relic Shards = ??? RC
    200 Skill Points = 150 RC (probably)

    What should also appear:
    500 Gold Relic Shards = ??? RC
    Diamond Key = ??? RC
    Gold fighters?

    What would be fun to see:
    The Skull Heart = 777 RC
    Has 1% chance to appear. When bought, 20 characters of your choosing turn into diamond, but the rest of your collection is deleted.
  15. Ryouhi

    Ryouhi Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2017
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    You have betrayed my trust Liam...

    Certainly excited for this. I've spent the time since it's announcement leveling my defensive fighters, so hopefully this may pay off.
    Also excited to have an alternative to grinding PFs now.

    Does this mean each day one ticket is restored or is it both of them every day?

    This seems like a good move, i was wondering whther veterans would need to crush a bunch of lower level players to get into their respective brackets.

    Depending on whether you get one or two tickets daily, this may be quite harsh. If we only get one free ticket a day, having to invest time into the game daily to get the rewards may be a bit much. If we get 2 tickets daily this is more manageable, tohugh depending on how long these matches take, maybe tuning the number down to 5 may be a bit fairer. That is completely interpreting this in writing only as i havent played a mtahc yet, yo yeah!

    Definitely hoping for that Cirno Peacock :X
    I wonder how expensive they're gonna end up being to upgrade.
    This post was made by the hoarding all my relics gang >:D

    good to see some more ways of gathering elemental essence now that naturals are a thing. This may accelerate the gathering of the needed materials a little :)

    I have but one question, who drew that absolutely adorable Umbrella? :weary:

    Thank you guys for making a great game!

    good to see some more bad luck protection in the game :)
    Always appreciated

    Painwheel approves of this message <3

    While it's sadly to late in the day for me to play it right away, i wanted to once again thank you guys for putting all this work into the game <3
    Lots of love and happy holidays to you <3 <3
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  16. Liam

    Liam !Robot
    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 17, 2017
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    BOTH tickets are restored at the end of the day. So, if you have 0 tickets, you'll have 2 after midnight.
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  17. Ryouhi

    Ryouhi Well-Known Member

    Jun 23, 2017
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    7 matches a week *may* sound a bit much still depending how long these take, but it's too late in the day for me to get into a match so i'll check that out tomorrow then ;)
  18. Liam

    Liam !Robot
    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 17, 2017
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    You should hopefully be able to play out your end of the Rift Battle in less than 1 hour, hopefully ~30 minutes. We just want to make sure that nobody takes a top spot and then idles, playing as little as possible.

    Let us know how the decay feels!
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  19. Moralyana

    Moralyana New Member

    Dec 10, 2018
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    I’m actually liking the new update...but how does the match making work, I’m bronze 1 and got put against a gold 3
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  20. lothorie

    lothorie Active Member

    Jan 14, 2018
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    When the game updated, I was a full of hopes, they are faded too fast. I’m so pissed, game crushed just after the completing downloads. But more disappointing it crushed in a Rift, just when I chooses the team for the boss battle and clicked “battle”...and it just crushed, the annoying thing that makes all the tryings futile. I’m sorry guys, but when you got a huge win streak and the enemy team got x3 or higher modifier...game just crushing. And now when the natural “diamonds” added, the only chance to get them just crushing in your hands. Its even more terrifying that was since version 2.6 T.T

    Thanks you for the new game mode guys, but I appreciate stability instead of new content, literally can’t play it properly right now, but really want to.
    #20 lothorie, Dec 10, 2018
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