• [2018/06/22]
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OFFICIAL: 3.4.2 Update Notes (LIVE!)

I'm not too worried about it because Parasoul, Squigly, and Peacock have universal access to IMMUNE from round start for little investment, and they have Fighters which have much better ATK than Weekend Warrior.

Weekend Warrior also has lower attack than the other offensive type Beowulfs, outclassed by even a Cold Stones when they're at the same tier.

There's downtime between HYPE activations that force him to play without the IMMUNE, unlike constant IMMUNE characters through TAUNT. This makes him vulnerable to characters like Resonant Evil.

To get the free HYPE, you have to take damage, losing time and and health which impacts your Rift Battle score. (Although he can heal some of that with his HEAVY REGEN.)

That said, I don't disagree that he's really good now! He should be able to do what he does well, instead of poorly. :p
It’s not immunity that I was concerned about. It’s the fact that he gets four buffs for 15 seconds instead of 10. You can time it with SG buff cycle and have perma immune..He also gets free hype when he’s down to 50% health via the new SA1.
Lower atk is not too big of an issue in rift as hp is capped at 150% on boss node. That 15s final stand will allow him to burst down any nasty defender (time it to activate just as reflect damage is about to kill you because you can activate it mid combo). And because of heavy regen, he will heal back just enough to block and survive to get final stand again.
I guess we will find out in a few weeks how he does.

Another question for you Liam. Will more fighters be getting the new buffs Blessing and Thorn soon? Limiting these buffs to one character only makes it highly unfair for rift considering the impact they bring. Those blessed with RNG will dominate top ranks for sure. It’s already difficult enough to clear boss nodes with 3 Valentines with the revive gimmicks. I’m surprised that with character balance that existing characters finally got Evade from last patch but not the new buffs. Just seems like a missed opportunity.
Will more fighters be getting the new buffs Blessing and Thorn soon?
We usually find a way to work new modifiers into upcoming characters, and / or older characters if they receive tuning changes. (Ex: Just Kitten & That's All Folks)

Double in particular will be able to engage with Blessing and Thorns using random buffs.

Red Velvet for example was the only HEX character when she first arrived, now there are a few sources of HEX.

No promises that the next Fighters around the corner are both Blessing and Thorns users, of course, but we'll keep it in mind!
Thank you, thank you for the XP Boost! That is awesome! Finally I might be able to get somewhere. I'm at level 44 (been playing everyday now since May 2019) and the only fighter that I have that is over 4000 XP is Ms. Fortune! Now maybe I can get some more fighters XP up!

Maybe in the next update you can figure out a way so we can get more Keys.., I'm always out of keys. Also maybe a little easier way to get Essences too?

Thanks again for this awesome update!

I'm on a Nexus 5 phone in case your wondering? Sometimes the game slows down and sometimes it flies... Very strange... I like it best when the game speeds up by itself. IDKW?

Thanks again!
Awesome update! Excited to see some old fighters receiving balancing and tuning. Hopefully other unappreciated fighters will be buffed again.

On the rift side of things, what does high ranking player mean? Is it players that have reached a certain threshold in their collection strength? Also, can Catalysts be given as part of the weekly rift rewards, please? Having to rely on CoC can be quite a pain.

As always, I love the transparency between the developers and the community. Keep up the good work!
Nadia MA needs a change, she desserve better, please change it

All the new stuff is overwhelming so I'll just focus on one part:
Also coming soon...
Hot damn! Another Skull Heart palette! :D
(even if it isn't officially stated as such, I believe Twisted Mettle Painwheel is Skull Heart themed!)

And a two-pack of Steven Universe characters! If you need a third to join Rock Star and Lapis Luxury, I recommend the Garnet Cerebella (seen here). That color scheme is rad.
I love how the fighter's selection keeps the previous filter in.
I don't need to re-arrange the fighter's filters again.
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Hey @Liam, new bug.
Was in middle of prize fight while this happened - Screenshot_20190808-160953_Skullgirls.jpg. Was fighting against surgeon general with bio exorcist. When harlequin tagged in, it became invisible. It wasn't attacking though all control from my side was working. Tagged dreadlocks in and when dashed forward, it got stuck in dashing animation when reached where harle was supposed to be. All control except pause menu stopped working and had to quit the match. Even though surgeon's s.a. was still working - Screenshot_20190808-160957_Skullgirls.jpg Screenshot_20190808-161002_Skullgirls.jpg.

Device : samsung j7 (2016).
Android version : 8.1.0.
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The characters are flickering and they get slightly pixelized while on the selection menu.

I am on Samsung S7 Edge.

Please Help.
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hey @Liam, happened again. Similar setup. Same device. Was fighting with bio against surgeon. Primed tagged in and became invisible. Soon after surgeon's s.a. kicked in. And my fighter got locked in their animation. Except this time they were flipped and all the directional input became inverted, e.g. dashing forward went backward etcetera. Only pause menu was working.


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So happy to see That’s all folks having Evade. I wonder if they chose to give her that buff bc they saw how strong Just Kittten was with evade. Regardless really happy how it turned out.
Once again, you guys have done an absolute phenomenal job. Seriously, Skullgirls keeps on getting better and better with every update that is released. As a massive fan of the game, it just fills me up with joy. Thank you very much :)
IMG_20190809_005859.jpg why does this guy have this new filia?
Hey everyone, we're aware of some issues in the 3.4 update and we're working on resolving all of them as soon as possible. Once we know more, we'll share more details here and on our social media. (@sgmobile on Twitter)

In the meantime, the most helpful thing you can do is post full video recordings of bugs you come across. We need to recreate each bug on our machines in order to fix them.

If we don't have the steps to set the bug up, it's very hard to resolve! Thanks for your patience and understanding.
@Liam is a great act, but i have a glitch in the screen selection. and during the fight too. all the pjs have a glitch. i have tried all, from reduce resolution, and limit fps but is not worth it. greatings from Colombia and thanks for all your great work.