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OFFICIAL - 5.1 Update Notes - Umbrella's Full Release!


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Apr 24, 2019
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UPDATE - August 9th 2022

In the meantime, we have released a small update on some of the issues that have popped up in the Slots O' Fun Prize Fight.
  • Fixed an issue where Slots O' Fun Prize Fight could grant permanent invisible modifiers.
  • Fixed an issue where Eliza - Stand Out could cause significant frame rate drops in the Slots O' Fun Prize Fight.
This is a client update only - you just need to restart the game to get it. There is no update on the Google Play or Apple App Stores.


UPDATE - July 27th 2022

After reviewing player feedback and some extensive internal discussions, we have increased the amount of Daily Event Tickets that players can claim every day from
2 to 3. As with any major feature adjustment, we'll be monitoring things closely as everyone spends more time with the update.

Everyone will start with 4/4 Daily Event tickets as soon as you log in (with 3 available to CLAIM as soon as you spend enough to make room).

Thanks as always for your feedback and support!


Hey everyone,

5.0 finally brought Umbrella to Skullgirls Mobile, but with 5.1 she is finally ready for full release!

Aside from our pint-sized princess getting Prize Fights, Relics, Deployments and all the other full release bells and whistles, this update is also packed with big ticket items from the Most Player Requested Features list. Daily Event Updates! Move Loadouts! Rift Battle Improvements!

There’s a lot to unpack here, so onwards to the update notes!




Umbrella was released with limited availability in our last major update, but as of 5.1 she will be available in all standard Relics. This includes Premiere, Jackpot, Elemental, Silver/Gold/Diamond, and many other Relics. Any Relics you had saved up before 5.0 now have a chance to contain Umbrella!

Umbrella's Moves are also now available in all standard Bronze/Silver/Gold Move Relics as well as the Daily and Take a Break Relics.

Umbrella’s Character Relic, the Hangry Relic, will now be available to purchase for 200 Theonite while her Prize Fight is active. The Hangry Relic guarantees an Umbrella Fighter, so they’re a great way to fill out your Collection.


Bronze/Silver/Gold Umbrella Fighters and Hangry Relics have also been added to various tabs in the Cabinet of Curiosities. More details on that below.


Umbrella’s Prize Fight is now available. It will be added to the existing Prize Fight rotation starting on Thursday July 28th. If you're looking to bulk up your Umbrella collection, get ready for this PF - competition will likely be stiff!

Here's a sneak peek at the Modifiers you'll need to contend with, and the Fighters you can earn for each Prize Fight Tier:


Featured Milestone Reward: Umbrella - Salty

50% chance when KNOCKED DOWN to gain HASTE, HEAVY REGEN or IMMUNITY for 10 seconds.
Featured Milestone Reward: Umbrella - Puddle Pirate

When the opponent uses a BLOCKBUSTER, DRAIN 25% BLOCKBUSTER METER and TRANSFER up to 2 BUFF(S) from the opponent to yourself.
Featured Milestone Reward: Umbrella - Wunderkind

50% to suffer SLIME for 10 seconds when BLOCKING a HIT.
When SLIME expires, suffer a stack of permanent BLEED.

Featured Milestone Reward: Umbrella - Wunderkind


Short, Medium and Long Deployments featuring Umbrella Bonus Reward Chances have been added to the list of possible Deployments. If you come across the Long Umbrella Deployment, make sure to maximize your Bonus Reward Chance so you can snag that Hangry Relic Reward!




Daily Events are a vital source of many resources, including Canopy Coins, Skill Points, Special Moves, Blockbusters and Essence Shards. However, it requires a substantial amount of commitment to regularly glean the resources you need. Well, no more! Daily Events have gotten a hefty rework in 5.1 and should completely change how you interact with the mode.

The primary update to Daily Events are Daily Event Tickets:

Daily Event Tickets are a free currency used exclusively in Daily Events. Every day you can grab your free tickets by entering Daily Events and tapping the CLAIM button on the top of the screen.


You are given 3 free Tickets every day, and you can hold a maximum of 4 Tickets. If you have 3 or 4 Tickets you will be unable to claim any more Tickets until you use one to make some space.


Daily Event Tickets can be used in two ways:


The first use is you can spend 1 Daily Event Ticket to enter any Daily Event and PLAY through it as normal.

This is the classic Daily Event experience and once you have entered a Daily Event, it will proceed exactly as it always has in Skullgirls Mobile: You make your way around the map, and as you clear out the nodes you earn rewards and XP. If you complete the map you’ll get some additional, 100% Completion rewards.

There is only one minor update to playing Daily Events. To help players keep track of when one day’s Daily Events will end and the next day’s will begin, a timer has been added to the node map screen.



Alternatively, you can spend 1 Daily Event Ticket to SKIP a Daily Event and immediately claim all the rewards you would normally have earned by playing it.

You can only Skip a Daily Event if you have proven you can complete that Event 100% by playing it normally. Please note that after 5.1 releases everyone will need to clear a given Daily Event at least once before they unlock Skipping, even if they have cleared those Daily Events before 5.1.

There’s a few different kinds of rewards in Daily Events (these are unchanged from previous updates):

Guaranteed Rewards:
Every Node - Canopy Coins.
Boss Nodes and Treasure Nodes - Canopy Coins, Special Moves and Blockbusters (plus Essence Shards in Master Difficulty).
100% Complete - Canopy Coins, Special Moves and Blockbusters.

Random Rewards:
Every regular node has the chance to drop additional Skill Points, Special Moves and Blockbusters.
(You can also earn Regular Gifts and Gold Gifts)

When you use a Daily Event Ticket to Skip a Daily Event you will instantly collect ALL Guaranteed Rewards. You will also have a chance to pull Random Rewards, just as if you had actually fought and cleared the whole map.

Please note however that because you are Skipping the Event and not actually participating in any Fights, your Fighters will gain no XP.

If there’s a particular Character you’re trying to harvest Skill Points and Moves for, you can save your Daily Event Tickets and Skip that Event repeatedly, earning full rewards each time! However, keep in mind that you can only spend Tickets on each difficulty of each Daily Event 3 times a day, regardless if you Play or Skip the event.

For example, if you have 4 Daily Event Tickets available and are currently farming Fukua resources, you can Play or Skip Fukua’s Master Difficulty the maximum 3 times, then spend your final Ticket to Play or Skip Fukua’s Expert Daily once.



These ones work a little differently from regular Dailies - namely that they cannot be Skipped.
They still cost one Daily Event Ticket to enter, but you will have to actually play them to earn rewards.

That chance at a Diamond Key in Accursed Experiments is a rare treat, and so it can only be played once a week.

Holodeck Hazards
can be played 3 times a day like any other Daily Event, and it has gotten a buff - every fight will now grant 2.5 times the usual XP instead of 1.5 times. If you’ve got a particular Fighter you’re trying to level up, this could be the place you want to spend your Daily Event Tickets!



One of the most requested features in Skullgirls Mobile is finally here!

In a nutshell, Move Loadouts allow you to save presets of Special Moves and Blockbusters. You can then easily swap these presets onto your Fighters with only a couple of button taps.

You will need to reach level 30 before you unlock Move Loadouts, which can be accessed from the Move Equip screen.


After you have equipped some moves onto your Fighter you can tap the Loadouts button to open a new window, which has 10 Move Loadout slots available. These slots are shared between Characters, so you get 10 slots for Filia, 10 slots for Cerebella, etc.

Tapping on any of the Loadout slots will give you two options:

SAVE will take your current equipped set of Special Moves and Blockbusters and save them in the currently selected slot.

EQUIP will take the moves in the currently selected slot and equip them all to your current Fighter (provided they have the gear points unlocked to make that loadout viable).


You can also toggle the Stats window on or off by tapping SHOW STATS / HIDE STATS. This is extremely useful for showing exactly how these loadouts will affect your Fighter. Swapping between Loadouts designed to boost Offensive Stats and Defensive Stats is now a breeze!

Even with Loadouts, the basic rules for equipping Moves still apply: a Move cannot be equipped to two Fighters at the same time.

If your Umbrella - Space Case has a Loadout equipped, then you want to equip that Loadout to an Umbrella - Eager Deceiver instead, it will remove all the Moves from that Space Case.

Move Loadouts are already an extremely useful and powerful tool in 5.1, but we have plans to expand them with more features in future updates. Keep an eye out for more news on that in the future!



We have wanted to make some adjustments and upgrades to Rift Battles for some time now, and we’re excited to finally reveal some of those changes in 5.1. This doesn’t represent a huge overhaul of the system, but smaller, more tactical adjustments that will still have a big impact on the mode.


One of the ultimate goals many players have in Skullgirls is to reach the coveted Diamond Ranks in Rift Battles. As the game has grown, the gap between the Gold 1 and Diamond 4 ranks has followed suit and Diamond Rank is getting more and more difficult for players to achieve.

As such, we have expanded all of the Diamond ranks to accommodate more players. Here are the new thresholds:


These numbers may not seem like a lot, but based on recent Rift Battle results, over five times as many players will be getting DIAMOND tier rewards in 5.1!


To promote a more varied approach to Rift Battles, a new +1000 point Attacker Diversity bonus will be granted when you fully complete all the nodes in a Rift Battle without using any duplicate Fighters.


This only applies to duplicate Fighters.

If you use Filia - Bad Hair Day, and Filia - Parasite Weave, you will still receive the Attacker Diversity Bonus because you used two different Filias.

However, if you use Filia - Bad Hair Day, and then another Filia - Bad Hair Day, you will not receive the Attacker Diversity Bonus.


If you attempt to use a duplicate Fighter on any team you’ll get a big warning on the Team Select screen to let you know you’re about to forfeit some points. If you want to maximize your Rift Score you’ll need to build a collection of varied and strong attackers!


Also falling under the ‘more varied Rift Battle’ umbrella is Defender Diversity, although it’s quite different from Attacker Diversity.

If your Base has any duplicate Fighters, each node that contains one of those duplicates will receive the new FADED FACSIMILES modifier:


(Sorry Nef)

Fighters are placed on this node that appear in Base 2 times, reducing the team’s ATTACK and HEALTH by 25%.


Fighters are placed on this node that appear in Base 3 or more times, reducing the team’s ATTACK and HEALTH by 50%.

This Modifier comes in two varieties depending on how many duplicates are on your Rift Base.

If you have 2 duplicates, it’s a 25% ATK and HP reduction.

If you have 3 or more duplicates, it’s a 50% ATK and HP reduction.


Any time you place a duplicate Fighter on a node, you will get a big warning on the Team Select screen to let you know you’re afflicting yourself with Faded Facsimiles. Each node affected by Faded Facsimiles will also get a warning indicator on the map screen.

This system can be a little tricky to explain, but it’s pretty simple in practice. Here’s some examples to show how it all works.


Node 1 only has Cerebella - Heavy Handed on it.
Heavy Handed does not appear on any other nodes, so the node does not receive the Faded Facsimiles Modifier.
Node 2 only has Annie - Model Leader on it.
This Fighter appears a total of 2 times on this map. This node receives a 25% Faded Facsimiles Modifier.
Duplicates do not need to be on the same node to trigger Defender Diversity.
Node 3 has one Annie - Model Leader and one Painwheel - Buzzkill.
only appears on this node, however Model Leader appears a total of 2 times on this map, so the node receives a 25% Faded Facsimiles Modifier.
Both Fighters are affected by this modifier, not just Model Leader.
Node 4 has one Umbrella - Eager Deceiver and one Umbrella - Raining Champ.
This node has two Umbrellas, but they are not duplicate Fighters. This node does not receive the Faded Facsimiles Modifier.
Node 6 has three Fukua - Splitting Image Fighters.
Splitting Image appears a total of 4 times on this map. This node receives a 50% Faded Facsimiles Modifier.
Having 3 duplicates on a single node, or more than 3 duplicates across the whole map does not increase the strength of Faded Facsimiles beyond 50%.
Node 5 has two Double - Immoral Fibers and one Fukua - Splitting Image.
Immoral Fiber appears a total of 2 times on this map.
Splitting Image appears a total of 4 times on this map.
There can only be one instance of Faded Facsimiles on a node, so the biggest version is chosen.
This node receives a 50% Faded Facsimiles Modifier.

If you have any other questions about how this all works, leave a comment below and we’ll try to answer!


Prior to 5.1, at the start of a new Rift Battle Season every player has their Rift Rating reset to 1000. This has some unfortunate results where high level and lower level players were all thrown into the same matchmaking bundle, resulting in some very skewed fights at the start of every Rift Battle Season.

To alleviate this, players will now have their starting Rift Rating reset to different levels depending on how high they reached in the previous Season.

If your Rift Rating is less than 1200 at the end of a Season, you will be reset to 1000 at the start of the next season.

If your Rift Rating is above 1200 but less than 1400, you will be reset to 1150.

If your Rift Rating is 1400 or above, you will be reset to 1350.

This should ensure that all players are spread out a little bit at the start of a Season and should make matchmaking a bit fairer.

Whew, that is a lot of adjustments to Rift Battles to make in one update! We’ll be carefully monitoring how all of these changes are performing, so if you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to let us know here on the forums.




Giving new players a smooth early game experience is very important to us, so we’ve been rolling out several improvements over recent updates. That continues in 5.1!

Once the Tutorial has been completed, every player will be granted a selection of Bronze Special Moves and Blockbusters for every Character. This is intended to let players get a sampling of what every Character can do right out of the gate so they can get right into the fun parts of exploring a character’s moveset.

In addition, the Energy costs to play Basic Story Chapters has been completely removed so that new players can attempt to clear the current Story Chapters without interruption. This only applies to the Basic Difficulty of the main Story Chapters, and does not include Origin Stories.

Lastly, when new players complete the Tutorial, they will be presented with a special low price offer that will guarantee them a Valentine - Kill Joy to help aid their progression early in the game.


Prior to 5.1, if you came across a suspicious team we asked that you visit the Skullgirls Discord and report them there. Now you can report suspicious teams directly in-game.

On the Prize Fight and Rift Battle Defense History screens, tapping on a player’s profile icon will present a new option: REPORT.


After tapping this you will be asked to confirm if you believe this player should not have been able to defeat you. If you confirm the report, the player’s account will be flagged for investigation.

Reporting a player like this is extremely serious, so please only report players if you are genuinely suspicious of the match result. Abuse of the reporting function can lead to actions being taken against your account.




  • Trinkets Tab (Canopy Coins)
    • Peckish Premiere Relics have been removed.
    • Bronze and Silver Umbrella Fighters have been added at a premium price, and have a 2x chance of appearing.
    • Hangry Relics have been added at a premium price, and have a 2x chance of appearing.
  • Tributes Tab (Skill Points)
    • Bronze, Silver and Gold Umbrella Fighters have been added at a premium price, and have a 2x chance of appearing.
    • Hangry Relics have been added at a premium price, and have a 2x chance of appearing.

  • Fixed some issues where players could not access the Store.
  • Fixed an issue where discounted Fighter Variety Packs would be replaced by regular priced Packs in certain circumstances.
  • Updated the description on Spotlight Relics.



  • Fixed an issue where the special color effects on Eliza - Mummy Dearest were not displaying correctly when she moved.
  • Fixed an issue where the special color effects on Parasoul - Star Crossed were missing on certain animation frames.
  • Fixed an issue where the All Your Buff Are Belong To Us Modifier would transfer the maximum number of Barrier stacks Robo-Fortune - Blue Bomber gained from her Signature Ability, regardless if she had already lost some of them. Always feels good to fix a Robo-Fortune Signature Ability bug.
  • Fixed an issue where if a Fighter received Death Mark and Permanent Death Mark, they would only be affected by one of them.
  • Fixed an issue where Umbrella’s Tag-In animation could be interrupted and look… weird.
  • Fixed an issue where some SAs and Modifiers would not account for timeless buffs correctly, resulting in effectively infinite damage buffs. (I wonder how many Jawbreaker players realized they could do this…)
  • Replaced Beowulf - Freedom Fighter with Beowulf - Wulfsbane on the Beowulf Node in Master Difficulty Ascent of a Woman. Freedom Fighter’s recent Auto-Block buffs made this a teensy bit too difficult!
  • Fixed some visual bugs with permanent Modifiers in the Spring Cleaning (April Event) Prize Fight.
  • Fixed an issue where Heal Block and Inverse Polarity would damage benched characters as they healed.

  • If for some reason you wish to permanently delete your account in Skullgirls Mobile, you can now initiate that process directly from the Options Menu. Once an account is deleted it will be completely unrecoverable, so please only use this option if you are absolutely sure you want your account removed.
  • Fixed an issue where the Theonite counter would linger on the screen after declining a Deployment Acceleration popup.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for Fighter Signature Ability popups to get stuck on the Team Select screen.
  • Fixed some localization errors, including Beowulf - Number One having an incorrect SA description in Spanish.
  • Updated the Portuguese names for Umbrella - Salty and Umbrella - Candy Crusher as they somehow had names that other Fighters were already quite attached to.
  • Fixed an issue where the Rift Battle Results mail was not displaying the date correctly.
  • Fixed an issue when choosing an opponent in Rift Battles, the projected Rift Rating for a win would appear incorrect.
  • Fixed an issue where the cute little spotlights on top of Spotlight Relics weren’t jiggling correctly during Relic Openings.
  • Adjusted the in-game camera so the game fits better on wide aspect ratio devices.
  • Fixed an issue where parts of the tutorial could become impossible to complete.
  • Fixed an issue in Daily Ops where Egret Point rewards appear claimable despite reaching the maximum number of Egret Points.



The Skullgirls team will be heading off to Las Vegas soon for the Evo Championship Series! We’re expecting Evo to be Slots o’ Fun, so Skullgirls Mobile will be getting in on the action. Look forward to this new Prize Fight starting on August 1st!



Speaking of Evo, be sure to tune in on the Evo weekend for the reveal of the next character after Black Dahlia!


Wait, the character after Black Dahlia? Dahlia herself isn’t even in Skullgirls Mobile yet!

That’s true, but the Medici Murderess will be joining Skullgirls Mobile in 2022! Keep an eye out for news in the coming months.

However, before that happens…

We know there’s one Umbrella Fighter you’ve all been wishing for…



This update has been a true labor of love, and we’re extremely happy with how it turned out, particularly since we finally got to address many features that have often been requested. Please let us know how you feel about the update - 5.1 is a testament to the importance of player feedback and how YOUR thoughts affect development of the game!

If you have any questions about the update, let us know down below!

Thanks so much as always for all your support!

- Hidden Variable <3
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Okay, gonna be real on this one, and I logged in after years of absence from the forums just to say this, but I think the daily situation just got worse.

Don’t get me wrong, everything else is very helpful, yes, but the coin intake from daily events have been heavily reduced on top of forcing players to pick between Holodeck or coins. Hell, you can’t even play every daily because of the amount of tickets given per day. On top of this, forcing people to use tickets to actually play them makes them essentially obsolete. People aren’t gonna play the nodes if you can just skip them instead. Why not make playing the nodes free?

It’s a good idea, but if I’m being real, I think it was very poorly executed. Everything else is welcome, especially punishing dupes in Rift, but the Daily change is just…no. God no.
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Don’t get me wrong, everything else is very helpful, yes, but the coin intake from daily events have been heavily reduced on top of forcing players to pick between Holodeck or coins. Hell, you can’t even play every daily because of the amount of tickets given per day.
I didn't even think about this, this is a horrible change wtf
Absolutely a garbage update. This is stealth nerf on one of the main ways Canopy Coins are earned in game.

Artificially, limiting the amount of coins we can earn by limiting entries and making choices between earning money or XP* is just gross.

I expected better from you. I was wary about Prestige Abilities, but I was thankfully proven wrong.

But this? I can't see a way this doesn't screw over your most dedicated players. I make as much off of Dailies if I skip playing for a a few days than as if I played every other day (or actually two days).

Seriously, there's no reason to play every day now if you're satisfied with your PF scores.

I just can't see how this is anything other than an artificial way to try to force people to pay for Canopy Coins and thank you it.

I want to believe better about you. Please prove me wrong and fix this. Keep the tickets for skipping and Holo/Accursed. Or give us ways to earn them in game. Or something. This is just gross.
So, first of all, love the update as a whole! The rift changes combined with loadouts are enough to actually get me to play again despite my schedule.

But, I think you made a massive oversight in dailies:
You are given 2 free Tickets every day, and you can hold a maximum of 4 Tickets. If you have 3 or 4 Tickets you will be unable to claim any more Tickets until you use one to make some space.

This murders getting Annie (and probably band) moves in cold blood if you care about optimal play, and this is true for any fighter that isn't great and shares a spot with a top tier fighter. And this will be true as more characters are added going forward. I get the idea behind 2(per day)/4(to horde), but maybe 3/3 would be better? This would still make it so you spread out your collection, but with more encouragement to do the ones you really care about. It also allows you to do AE without sacrificing a ticket on a character if you want to have a little of everybody.

I could also go into detail about how coins are so insanely limited that you're now at a disadvantage if you weren't actively farming all expert/master dailies before this patch, and that you have to pick and choose which characters you'll maybe get good moves for which further forces optimization if you just want the best team possible, but I'm just gonna hope there's some other plan to add more coins coming with guilds that are still this year right? 😅

Holodeck Hazards can be played 3 times a day like any other Daily Event, and it has gotten a buff - every fight will now grant 2.5 times the usual XP instead of 1.5 times. If you’ve got a particular Fighter you’re trying to level up, this could be the place you want to spend your Daily Event Tickets!

I'm curious how many people will think this much EXP is worth giving up coins and moves for. Between dia PFs and Pea Master story we have some really solid EXP sources as is. Maybe somebody with enough moves/fighters but needs to power level to aim for top 3? But even that seems like a game of patience to flesh out your team and learn how to manage optimal bases, so you might as well take the slow grind.

I'll be honest, overall new dailies contribute to my return, but not being able to get moves for every character every week let alone AE and Holodeck has me worried that seeing progress even on individual fighters will be too slow.
It's a shame that I was banned but this changes seems good, but I would like if you increase the max amount of daily tickets that u can have
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Guess we all leave Band alone and farm Robo, lol.

But what about grinding the rest of the dailies with auto battle? The veterans could do that. Now we can't?

Besides that, this seems like a push for more prizefighting. I'm not complaining. Much.

The pro rifters have enough imagination and maxed fighters to stay afore of the tide when it comes to avoiding duplication, honestly. They'll be fine. It's mostly the D3s and D4s that'll suffer.

And finally, we can start dropping the hammer on those cheaters. I love that.
It should be 3 tickets a day, no less
Even that is a big nerf. They need to up the money like they did with the Holodeck's XP to where one ticket gets you roughly what you get for getting everything below it, remove costing tickets for anything but skipping, Holodeck, and Accursed, or make it much easier to get tickets where someone who is playing everyday is not suddenly making a lot less Canopy Coins.
Forgive my ignorance but can I confirm that after v5.1 we are basically locked to an average of 2 events per day? Example: I complete the Master difficulty of Ms. Fortune's and Peacock's daily events but cannot do any difficulty of Umbrella's or any of the Holodeck stages (unless I save tickets from a previous day by missing out on other daily events)?

If so, that seems... Really debilitating to roster progression.

I came back to the game a month ago after being away since the end of 2017 and have been trying to catch up by doing every character's Master difficulty - sometimes Expert too - along with the Master and Expert holodeck stages. Having to now choose between 2 of these a day is such a tight restriction and has a considerable negative impact on every player.

I really hope I am misreading this. 😨
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I'm loving everything in this update!! But I wanna raise the same points about dailies that others have raised. Two tickets per day is not enough to cover Holodeck, Accursed Experiments and the third character dailies on weekends (and we're also getting more characters too). There's just something off with preventing players to do all character dailies when that has been the norm for the past 3 years. At the very least, give enough tickets to do all character dailies 1x and Accursed Experiments 1x. Dunno about Holodeck Hazards, but it's a pretty big resource for new players so perhaps 1x access per day as a minimum is needed.

I think 3 tickets per day would suffice but perhaps require players to earn the third rather than for free? Perhaps through the Daily Ops Mission Control as a last reward in addition to the 40 Theonite?
Dailies : probably the best part of the update for me, makes farming coins and rewards easier. 4 tickets ( two character dailies - both expert and master difficulty 2 x 2 =4) Easy bank!
OR you could play/skip Master x 2 for both characters. Unfortunately, Sat/Sun will be tough choices...hell, every day is a tough choice:

Holo = 1 tx (per play through)
Daily M-F = 2 characters = 1 tx (per play through)
Daily Sa/Su = 3 character = 1 tx (per play through)

So, 2 Free tx a day. In order to 'hoard' 4 tx, you'll have play less Dailies until you save 4 to start a new day.

Which means on any given day after saving 4 tx, you could MAX 6 Daily play throughs. Then you're out and have to either play 2 a day or save for a 'big' pay out day...not to mention you have to save 1 tx for AE each week...

Disappointed that tix are needed for Holo/AE which do not have skip options...(and no, the XP boost in Holo doesn't make up for the need for tix)
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