• [2018/06/22]
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I'm also part of the support community in Idle Heroes mobile.
I also had studied and graduated from Dwight's University in New York. It's an International College.
I have close good friends from Turkey, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Australian and Japan. I happen to understand some of those words seen there.

Such things like racial and In -sexual or other abusive taboo posts should never be tolerated or accepted.
So sorry, but I just read that post now. Didn't have time for long time since to look at that.
That's something alerting that our HV Devs should be looking up on.
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Lol. USA people worrying about WOKE stuff...
I can not believe there is a discussion about "bad words", creating snowflakes safe space like if people needed protection of words...
I think you live in a bubble very isolated from the real world, probably the one from a rainbow group...
Well, i hope the game backslash that you censorship people about will teach you a lesson.
If you do not like something, do not enter in a team of that stuff.
We, consumers, will not accept you changing things to "educate us" into your world, understood, Small Charley?
Also we will not tolerate you to censor people that speak their opinions about your actions.
I lost my old steam account e-mail, for a long time, i was going to buy this game again and i saw the fascist censor you did in game reviews. Not buying anymore.
You can ban me for not being from your bubble, but congratulations, my money you will not get.
Next time, try to make success in business making a game for YOUR bubble... Not trying to convert people from the real world.
Maybe you are the ones needing to be reeducated, and money loss will teach a good lesson.
Happy destruction of your wallet...
Mods, kill this guy
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