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Resolved OFFICIAL - How to submit a bug

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May 5, 2017
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So you’ve found a bug! Great! (Or not so great!)

It’s very, very helpful for you to report it here so we can try and make the best game possible. Here’s a few guidelines and tips for reporting bugs and issues.
  • Search First, Post Second - As the game grows, bugs will likely get reported by others and resolved. Check out the other bugs in the list and see if anyone else has posted about it. Feel free to post in a big thread if you’re experiencing the same issue as someone else. More data is helpful!
  • PLEASE NOTE: Duplicate threads will be deleted.

  • Use the Prefix - Please note what type of bug you’re reporting (this is required to post a bug). Currently we have two types:
    • Bug - Normal - This is our catch-all bug label. Use this unless you are crashing.
    • Bug - Crash - Use this if you’re having stability issues with the game.
  • Data is Power - The best QA pros in the game know that just writing the issue out is not enough. Make sure you’re giving us enough information to help narrow down the issue. Minimally, please include the following:
    • Full Device Make and Model
      • More Helpful: Apple iPhone 7 Plus
      • Less Helpful: iPhone
    • Operating System
      • More Helpful: Android 7.1.2
      • Less Helpful: Android
  • Big Band Level Detective - Tell us not only about the bug, but how you get it and where it happens. The more information you can give us here, the better chance we have to fix the issue.
    • More Helpful: “When I play the final fight in “A Fishbone to Pick,” my Rerun Peacock character seems to have a visual error. It only happens on this fight but happens every time.
    • Less Helpful: “Peacock looks broken while playing”
  • Visuals Help - If you’re able to capture a screenshot or even a video, this often helps more than a description, especially for art and UI issues. Try and grab a shot if you can!

  • Don’t Flood the System - Please only use this forum for bugs and issues. This is not a forum for thoughts on game improvements or random ideas. Please use the Feedback & Suggestions forum or other appropriate forums for your thoughts.
Important Note: We're only able to provide feedback on legitimate versions of Skullgirls Mobile. If you downloaded the game from any location other than the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, it is no longer supported by us. Please download the game the right way. We've worked very hard on it.
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