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Painwheel Character specific combos

Discussion in 'Painwheel' started by Cytosine, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Cytosine

    Cytosine New Member

    Dec 4, 2017
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    So Painwheel's main Combo is:
    Ground Combo > Air combo > Cruel Lily
    And can be finished off with either another ground combo, Death Crawl, Anger Install, Fracture Reaper, or Buer Thresher. However, I found whether or not this combo works or not depends on the Opponent.

    Big Band, Filia, or Double won't be hit by those Blockbusters or ground combo. Skip the Cruel Lily and go straight to the blockbuster.

    Fracture Reaper will fail if your opponent is Peacock, Eliza, Painwheel, or Valentine (and of course the previously mentioned characters). To avoid this either skip Cruel Lily or use a different Blockbuster. All the other blockbusters and ground combo will work against these characters.

    Cerabella and Beowulf will always be hit by the combo.

    Parasoul is an exception to the rule. She can be hit by Death Crawl, Buer Thresher, Hatred install, or Fracture Reaper, however Fracture Reaper will fail if you try to use it in the corner, and Parasoul cannot be hit by ground combo.

    If you continue your combo with an additional combo, the amount of hits you can get in also varies by character but it seems to be unreliable. You can then finish the combo with any blockbuster except Fracture Reaper.

    Due to how finicky Fracture Reaper is, I would just not use it personally. I hope this helps you figure out what characters Painwheel can use this combo against.
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  2. Painbae

    Painbae Member

    May 20, 2018
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    I actually found out you can sneak two hits and 3 with some character beforw abilities once they land:

    Valentine, peacock, eliza, painwheel: they can be 3 shot and then followed up by one ability, or two shot lily and ability

    Parasol, fillia: for these thia combo doesnt seem to work, dunno why, just use the normal combo you mentioned

    The rest: two hit and ability

    Big band: its a 50/50

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