• [2018/06/22]
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Painwheels Character ability and others


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Jul 11, 2018
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I was gonna put this under painwheel but I've got more to say.

Hi! I was thinking about some of the more underutilized SAs and game parts and I found myself asking, "Does anyone actually use painwheels character ability"? On paper I suppose it sounds fine enough, but when you actually use it it isn't that great. Both Peacock and painwheels character abilities allow them to evade hits, but peacock leaves the screen completely, and I think painwheels animation into flying takes longer than peacocks hiding animation. I can't tell you how may times I've flown and thought I was safe, only to be hit and killed instantly.

Back to the underutilized part, I think it would be a neat, if maybe a bit niche, to involve the fighters character abilities more when determining SAs. I'll probably make a post later about how some of these newer fighter seem to copy SAs from older fighters (Peacock prim, Eliza indivisible, the diamond doubles and rainbow double) but I'll spare you for now. I really like how each new Sa that came out back when the game was first released were wildly different from each other or followed a fighter trend, for example the silver valentines had similar SAs with opposite debuffs but it was only them. Untouchables ability is really unique and I think she might still be the only one who has complete damage forgoing. Ah those golden years where you didn't have to worry too much about percentages, the Sa just activated right away. Good times.

....But anyway, it would be nice to see character abilities have a bigger impact on SAs. Off the top of my head I can think of something like "While painwheel is flying all attacks are unblockable" or something like that. Side note, is it just me or does every throw attempted in flying mode end with the opponent breaking your throw and pummeling you? Sucks man. Or how about "Peacock gains 2 (time limited) stacks of defense while in the hole, but loses it if she doesn't hit the opponent upon reentry". Some fighters like cerebella have character abilities that are so spontaneous they should just be left alone, but I think painwheel could have some real potential. After all I've seen headrones, hype mode, starpower, band rush, cat heads, tail wagging, hole hiding, and element transmuting. But I've never seen a painwheel fly. Well, at least one that didn't immediately get one hit KO'd.