• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Crash Parasol Motor Brigade vs Eliza Upper Khat

Rainbow Blight

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Mar 4, 2019
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I have a Motorola E4 Plus with an Android 7.1.1 OS.

When I played a gold prize fight (I forget which one) two weeks ago I was using my gold Parasol Princess Pride, and was fighting an Eliza. In the instance Eliza used her Upper Khat I used Parasol's Motor Brigade. At the moment of impact the game crashed as if it couldn't handle these two abilities at the same time. Some time later the same day the same event happened again in a master daily event. I proceeded then to remove the Motor Brigade skill entirely to avoid the now seemingly critical error that was making me restart twice in a matter of hours.

(Due to some issues with creating my account I am late on reporting this error so it might have been resolved since, but I was unable to find it then and today.)