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Other QoL Changes

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by MedK, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. MedK

    MedK New Member

    Sep 2, 2018
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    I'd like to suggest some quality of life changes for the game, mostly about combos and the tutorial.

    I had created a new account for my sister. On the tutorial, I noticed the game doesn't let you go to the options menu once, so due to her phone being a bit old, we were stuck with a super laggy game with flashing bright lights.

    What if someone with seizure issues went to play the game?

    Time and time again, I see some people complaining about L5 > Launcher not working. It gets fixed, but then it breaks again on the patch after that. I gotta always do L4 > Launcher as Painwheel, and Beowulf always gets interrupted between L4 and L5. That sucks.

    What if there was something to solve that issue for good? I think attacks should be cancellable from the moment they hit the opponent. Make L5 act like L2 and L3 do when cancelling into other moves.

    That'd also make matches slightly faster, which is definitely a good thing, imo.

    Not QoL
    This is unrelated to the post's main purpose, but what if we could cancel L1-L5s into a dash attack? Just some food for thought.
  2. Liam

    Liam !Robot
    Hidden Variable Dev

    May 17, 2017
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    This is the case for most games, hmm. Getting to the Options menu before you're finished the tutorial would create a lot of issues, so this probably isn't going to change. I do think we could better detect your device's hardware and tune the settings automatically, perhaps. I'll see if we have a ticket for that!

    These combat rules aren't changing or breaking between updates, if anything, we're making the windows more lenient. :s

    Attacks can already be cancelled if they hit the opponent, and I haven't seen this mentioned much as an issue outside of your reports.

    Note that you have already uploaded a video to the #sgm-bug-reports channel which showcased your screen had some hardware issues causing misinputs, that video can be found from your post here:

    Has your screen or device been taken in for repairs since that? Unfortunately there's not much we can do on our end to resolve this, since we're just reading in your touch inputs from the device. If your inputs are wrong before they're sent to the game, well.... :(

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