• [2018/06/22]
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Recuperar cuenta

I need help to lose my Facebook account and my more advanced Skullgirls account, please help me recover it my account is called sukersnake level 70
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I need help to lose my Facebook account and my more advanced Skullgirls account, please help me recover it my account is called sukersnake level 70
I don´t thik I got it right.

You want to change/unlink your facebook account? Or you want to recover your accont named sukersnake?

You might want to write your problem in your own language, and then post it here with the help of your favorite online translate service to make it easier to understand.

Is very likely you will need to go to https://skullgirlsmobile.com/contact/ to get a ticket for what you need, but again, please, you need to write it more clearly so the dev team can help you more easily...

And have this info ready not for here, but for the ticket:

Your account name and usser and ID:

Any other info only you could know about your account, etc.

You have lost that info? Worry not (that much). The contact team might help you, but it can be harder to get back your account if you don´t have the info needed to get it back.

If you have problems figuring out how to explain your problem, I´ll be happy to help you writting it in english, just write next it in your language!

Have a good day!!
I want to unlink my sukersnake account from Facebook and Gmail to link it with my new email account. I lost the data, the ID and all that, but I know that I left it in my account. I only have the screenshot of my account. Screenshot_20231028-121142.png
Banda enlace mi cuenta de skullgirls con una cuenta gmail que nisiquiera tengo que puedo hacer pipipi;(
Hola, buenas tardes
vengo con el mismo problema que de varios aquí, tengo inhabilitada mi cuenta de facebook, sin poder tener acceso a mí cuenta de skullgirls, quisiera si me pudieran o saber si se puede recuperar la cuenta, por favor.
Muy posible es que crean que no es mi cuenta, estoy dispuesto a dar más información así para que me crean y ver si podamos solucionar mi problemaScreenshot_20240316-134943_Skullgirls.jpg Screenshot_20240316-134934_Skullgirls.jpg
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Hola tengo un problema IVA a empezar una lucha y mis jugadores se trataron y me saco del juego y lo que pasa esque vuelvo a entrar y mis jugadores estaban muertos y me saco del juego y se cerró mi seción y quise volver a iniciar seción y me dice que no tengo ninguna cuenta con ese facebook y Google
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Hello, I would like to recover my skullgirls account which is the user "Crisxd2078" which someone hacked into my phone and changed the access email to skullgirls, not the Google one but the other one, it is a very advanced account, it is level 70 and I started playing in December 2022 and I want to recover it, since I have put money into that account, please give me a solution and I have the ID and I have the access email which is: crisxd286@gmail.com
Hi, éxitos en su día. Hace más de 4 meses que he cambiado de dispositivo, mi cuenta estaba conectada con Google, y no me reconecta a mi cuenta original donde ya llevaba más de medio año. Quisiera saber si la podría recuperar.