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Rift Battles Tips (and also propaganda about In Denile)

Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by Liz, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. Liz

    Liz New Member

    Nov 13, 2018
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    Hello! My name is Liz, I've been playing since the Great Server Crash of Feb. 2018 and I'd like to introduce some things I've learned as a G1, bordering D4 player. Unrelated note but In Denile is the best unit in the game.

    Point System
    Everyone knows what it looks like, but in case you don't here is the current scoring system for completing a battle (and rift.)


    When completing a battle, it is always optimal to get as many points as possible by kiting (intercepting a dash attack) to retain your HP and do it as fast as possible. Here are specifics on how HP and time points are calculated (the rest is self-explanatory.)

    HP (information will be more useful next patch, as we cannot see percentages of fighters just yet.)
    1 fighter node = 3% of hp = 1 pt
    2 fighter node = 1.5% of hp = 1 pt
    3 fighter node = 1% of hp = 1 pt

    Time (faster is better)
    1 second = 2 pts

    It is always better to waste time building up meter for the blockbuster bonus as it is unlikely that you'll spend almost a minute doing nothing (other cases vary, cough Lovecrafted SA denial, Claw and Order cough.)

    Going About Destroying the Map
    Subject to change with the next patch, which makes Attacker Diversity a thing (thanks Liam!) It is always better to do the easier (lower nodes) first and avoid troublesome fighters like Armed Forces, Dreadlocks, Resonant Evil, etc. You'll stay level headed for the rest of the rift and be able to avoid careless mistakes. Remember, the person who tilts first loses!

    I recommend reading the wiki for counters to fighters you are having a hard time with. For example, Dreadlocks has an awfully long "Weak Against" portion of her page.


    If you're unfamiliar with a variant's SA, look it up! Krazete (wonderful person) created a website that can be used to check everything you ever wanted to know about a variant and the community's opinion on 'em. Find that here: (https://sgm.netlify. c o m/)

    General Strategy for Each Node
    Chaotic Evil (first solo node) - Brute force! The modifier is useless without debuffs, and you sure as heck ain't giving 'em.

    Instant Replay (left double node) - It's... one of the easiest modifiers on the map. I wouldn't worry about playing around it unless there's an Inkling spamming zoning.

    Taser (second left double node) - Paired with 50% HP and ATK, this node is slightly threatening. Either you sweep or you do an oopsie and get swept. There's no counterplay, just don't get chain stunned.

    Barbed Wire (right double node) - Less is more! Avoid giving away precious HP points by using a fighter that hits hard but does the least amount of hits (Cerebella is a good pick!) Regen fighters are also very good on this node, along with Bloodbath (naturally.)

    Perfect Block (second right double node) - This is also paired with 50% HP/ATK. It's an easy modifier, just remember to not try and chip.

    Reactive Armor/Hail Mary (bottom triple node) - Hail Mary pales in comparison to Reactive Armor. Reactive Armor eats up your time bonus, as well as gives the fighters on it survivability to a team sweep/unblockable blockbuster (BB3). Use fighters like Bad Hair Day (BLEED goes through regardless of ARMOR) or fighters that can inflict CURSE like Purrfect Dark to solve your problem.

    Live Wire/Nerve Agent (top triple node) - Don't hit block. Never hit block. This is paired with a 100% bonus HP and ATK so if you get STUNNED, it's often game over.

    Concrete Resolve (right solo node) - People often put fighters that rely heavily on buffs on their node. Just remember that UNFLINCHING does not work for blockbusters, and ARMOR can be destroyed by ARMOR BREAK. Chaos Banish (special move on Eliza) removes buffs regardless of IMMUNITY, so bring In Denile. She's good. I promise. Contains 50% HP/ATK.

    Initiative (left solo node) - Don't let 'em use blockbusters. Not only will it take away your HP bonus, it'll make you start over for your trip to easy blockbuster finish. Use WITHER or DISABLE BLOCKBUSTERS to control their meter. Contains 50% HP/ATK, so be careful.

    Boss Node
    Don't worry, everyone hates the current modifier from every ranking. Don't fret though, this is soon to be replaced by a milder, less spicy modifier. But for now, let's talk about SACROSANCT. Unless you have the ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE on the enemy, you cannot inflict debuffs. This includes EVERY debuff (except DOOM) which means hey, you could stun yourself, bleed yourself to death or even completely negate your own SA. The counter play that I've developed (or the poor person way) is bringing a maxed out Harlequin with underleveled moves (to avoid proc unwanted debuffs) and pray. Other counter plays include bringing your strongest of the counter element and to hit 'em with the might of Zeus.


    You should always do boss node last. Rift battles aren't just about performance, it's about strategically slacking. There is always the chance that you don't even have to do the opposing boss node, as they could foolishly fail at your boss node thus giving you a 500 pt advantage and waste their fighters (and later down the line, possibly their Attacker Diversity.) A Rift Battle loss can be the difference of even a few seconds. Even devs can be the victim of their own systems. D:


    Next boss modifier can be found here: (https://twitter.c o m/sgmobile/status/ 1095876658559541248)

    Building Your Rift Map
    We all over the place. This should be self-explanatory but I've seen it happen too many times; putting your best fighters at the beginning of the map will not stop anyone. You want your best to capitalize on the better modifiers that boost HP and ATK at the back, not a lvl 1 In Denile (even though she's amazing in every way.)

    However, you do want to think about what's best for your units SAs as well. If you have a well-equipped Bloodbath (which is always appreciated,) do NOT put her on the Immunity solo node. DO put a fighter like G.I Jazz, who can finally correctly use his SA due to the solo portion of that node. Fast blockers are good on the double Stun node, like Double, Squigly, and Fortune (due to their AI.) Armor node is great for tank/stall characters like Dead of Winter or Heavy Metal. The list goes on but the bottom line this: read modifiers, think about what you would hate paired with that modifier and project that hatred onto your opponent. It works 100% of the time.

    Example of an excellent Rift Battle map, courtesy of Gamma. (https://twitter.c o m/sgmobile/status/ 1074852210469564416)

    If you have a Diamond In Denile, you can ignore all this advice because In Denile is top tier and heavily slept on. I bet she could solo that entire map up there. (Links have been spaced out because pls let me post)

    Good luck to everyone rifting and happy dream destroying!
  2. Reshiram18

    Reshiram18 Well-Known Member

    Sep 12, 2018
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    Could you please remove the mention of Armor Break from your guide to the Concrete Resolve node? The perma immunity on that node makes Armor Break useless. Anyway the most common way to counter things on that node is to bring in a Silent Kill or a Doublicious to remove buffs without having to tech Chaos Banish(Sidenote: In Denile would not be able to solo Gamma's entire map. It would definitely time out against the AF and the boss node for sure because In Denile's damage output is lackluster at best coming off of a base attack stat of 7,392 at level 60. Even Stand Out would be better for soloing the whole map because she has an extra 4k attack to work with.).
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  3. Liz

    Liz New Member

    Nov 13, 2018
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    Oh! I completely missed that. Yeah, ARMOR BREAK doesn’t work on Immunity node so it’s just you and Chaos Banish.
  4. theLoneskull

    theLoneskull Active Member

    Jul 24, 2018
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    As Reshiram said, the Concrete Resolve node renders armor break worthless. Doublicious and Silent Kill are you best counters to buff reliant fighters. Or, if you have her, Summer Salt does wonders.

    In Denile is not "slept on". There's a reason no one uses her. With an attack stat of ~7.4k, she's not going to get much done. And if Gamma's like anyone with a roster that powerful, she'll have that dreaded 50% defense stat and loads of health, booster further by the modifiers. Even with a 100% atk stat, In Denile will still only be doing 7k damage. And there's next to no chance someone would have 100% atk. The only nodes on that map I could see In Denile have any real success on would be the solo HQ node. In Denile has no method of helping her deal damage such as armor break or bleed. Well ok, she has them, but they're not consistent or reliable sources.
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