• [2018/06/22]
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Robo MA discussion


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Sep 12, 2018
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Today the SGM Twitter page revealed Robo Fortune's Marquee Abilities. Her MA1, called DDoS, inflicts a timed stack of Power Surge every 3 seconds if the opponent is close to you. Her MA2, called Ping Check, gives you a timed stack of Enrage every 3 seconds if the opponent is far away from you. My initial thoughts on these MAs are that the MA1 is going to be the go to MA for a defensive Robo and fits especially well on Blue Screen. The MA2 is going to be good on Head Hunter and perhaps Overclocked as well thanks to them having potential for unblockable beam attacks.
Link to tweet:
Like i said on my status, DDos is just outrageously op and a sloppy design. Well i barely trusted their balancing skill but this is just beyond ridiculous. Sure the debuff comes up after 3 seconds but that is the time when you would be using blockbusters to finish up combo. This cripples most characters in general and make fighting against robo fortune very unfun. I get the intent of making choice of far attack style and infighting style but this not the way to do this. Just replace that power surge with something that is less oppressive like heal block, cripple, or even tag block. The other one that makes you move far away from enemy is a well designed ma though.
I agree so easily stacking power surge with DDoS seems a bit much... I understand wanting to give the new debuff a spotlight but since Robo can already inflict it with moves, and/or with her SA depending on variant, doesn’t really seem right. Maybe Death Mark, maybe Slow, maybe cripple or a disable like Pepperlunatic said.
While i do agree that power surge seems op i don't think they have shown how much damage it deals to the blockbuster user yet (correct me if i'm wrong) so until we know if its powerful enough to rival assassin's greed's bled dry or if it is weak enough that its negligible i think its best to reserve our judgements.
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I honestly can't say I care about power surge much, you know that defense robos will have this and you'll just work around it, or power through regardless of being inflicted stacks.

Enrage on every single variant though, now that is a really powerful MA to have
It can be annoying fighting defensive RF's having power surge stacks while she have full barrier. Maybe your normal attacks just don't do enough damage and you'll feel obliged to use a BB. Seems a good combo. :)
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