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The Cat's Out on Caturday Night...

Discussion in 'Ms. Fortune' started by theLoneskull, Jun 16, 2019.


What position do you feel Fortune's in?

  1. Fine as is. No need for any huge changes

    9 vote(s)
  2. Needs a rework. Requires too much for too little and doesn't do anything special

    2 vote(s)
  1. theLoneskull

    theLoneskull Active Member

    Jul 24, 2018
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    Intro to Ms.Fortune:
    Ms.Fortune is supposed to be a fighter who specializes in doing huge chunks of burst damage. Whether it be through damage based on health %, guaranteed crits, bonus crit damage, bleeds or some other method, she comes loaded with burst damage of some sort. Her character ability is meant to be a unique way of dealing damage, but sadly its very tricky to use. Fortune's abilities generally utilize the aforementioned methods of burst damage to work or some other gimmick mostly unique to Fortune to make her work.

    Character Ability: Head Games
    - Tap the Head Games button to enter headless mode. Ms.Fortune's head can attack independent of her body. But be careful: Ms.Fortune will also suffer any additional damage inflicted to her head!

    1. Claw and Order
    Rarity: Gold
    Element: Wind
    Level 60 ATK: 12,
    Level 60 HP: 53.3k
    Level 60 FS: 23.5k
    SA: From Scratch
    - Critical hits have a 50% chance to reset the timers of all opponents debuffs except stun and doom
    - Hits that deal at least 5% of the opponent's max health set their special moves on cooldown and disable their blockbusters for 15 seconds

    At first glance, Claw and Order doesn't seem like anything TOO special. But consider this: her SA1 works on ANY debuff and not just the disable she inflicts with her SA2. This works well with bleed effects, curse, death mark and the disable she inflicts. She's a very good fighter to use and is easy to use, especially considering she doesn't need to use Head Games. She pairs excellently with fighters such as Sundae School, Sketchy and Sheltered. She deals incredibly high damage anyway, so the 5% hp threshold shouldn't be hard to meet, making her pretty good for control. But if you need some extra punch, then moves like El Gato and/or Fiber Upper should do the trick, since they are low hit count moves which do tons of damage. As for her pairings, you could use Sundae School to increase the time frame CnO has to reset debuffs or you could use Sheltered to boost your crit chance if its below 50%. If you want to keep your opponents cursed, Sketchy will pair nicely since buffs such as armor, immunity or invincibility that normally hinder CnO's performance will not affect her at all. Or if you don't feel confident in CnO's damage, you could even use Harlequin to boost the damage of El Gato or Fiber Upper. Because of the variety of pairings she has success with and the debuffs her moves inflict, she can do massive sustained damage, making her good against a majority of the cast. She struggles against Big Band and his variants because they generally tend to have their MAs equipped and when paired with armor (which they usually are), it makes getting to the 5% threshold very difficult. Brain Freeze and Scared Stiff also give her trouble because their SAs hurt Fortune's damage output, seeing as BF decreases Fortune's damage the more she gets hit and Scared Stiff can only suffer up to 5% of her total health in damage from any hit. Conclusion: CnO is worth the investment and does WORK. Ideal stats: 70% atk, 60% crit rate, 50% crit dmg, 40% meter gain and 35% defense

    2. Purrfect Dark
    Rarity: Silver
    Element: Dark
    Level 60 ATK: 12,327
    Level 60 HP: 41.1k
    Level 60 FS: 19.6k
    SA: Rare Sightings
    - After facing Ms.Fortune for 10 seconds, the opponent suffers curse and death mark
    - Head hits have a 10% chance to instantly defeat enemies if they are suffering from death mark and are below 50% health

    Purrfect Dark is a fighter who's either pretty easy to use or very difficult to use. If you choose not to utilize the instant KO chance from SA2, she's pretty simple to use. If you do though, she's very difficult to use because Head Games is generally hard to use. If you don't want to use Head Games, moves like Cat Scratch Fever, Hit Paws or Fiber Upper near the head will work fine. But, this isn't what you use PurrD for. PurrD's best attribute is the curse because all she'll have to do is not die for 10 seconds and bam, the opponent can't get buffs. Even when underleveled, PurrD isn't really at a disadvantage thanks to her pseudo-permanent curse, which lasts until either the opponent tags out or they're one of the handful of fighters able to remove debuffs from themselves (Summer Salt, Silent Kill and Doublicious). She can be sent to inflict curse to help out a much stronger fighter such as Buzzkill, UV or Primed, making her valuable no matter how leveled she is, as long as you've unlocked her SA1. She works well against every buff reliant fighter because of curse and sometimes, high hp fighters because of the insta kill chance. Her high attack is pretty much the same as CnO's though, so you're probably not going to need the insta kill chance. She's not as effective against non-buff reliant fighters and Brain Freeze because curse doesn't really do anything to them, though the insta kill chance somewhat compensates. Again, Brain Freeze in particular hurts since she takes less damage the more Fortune hits her. Also something to note, the insta kill chance doesn't work on blocked hits though. Conclusion: She's a very good and inexpensive fighter and is worth every penny you put into her. Ideal stats: 70% atk, 40% meter gain, 35% def, 35% crit rate and 40% crit damage.

    3. Furry Fury
    Rarity: Diamond
    Element: Fire
    Level 60 ATK: 14,592
    Level 60 HP: 62.2k
    Level 60 FS: 25.5k
    SA: Slash and Burn
    - Head hits have a 15% chance to inflict bleed for 10 seconds
    - Gain enrage every 1 second(s) while near an opponent suffering bleed. The enrage is removed when no longer near the opponent

    Furry Fury is one of the most, if not THE most difficult fighters to use. To get her SA to work, you have to do one of 3 things: risk everything and go for Head Games, combo out of Hit Paws or have a teammate inflict a very lengthy bleed (BHD and Scarlet Viper come to mind). The 2nd option generally tends to be the best option. Also, she has to stay near an opponent to gain enrage, which, unless you've got them in the corner, is VERY difficult to do. BUT, if all of this does work, she is very strong, as her attack stat is the 3rd highest in the game and when 3 or more stacks of enrage build up, almost nothing can hold her back. She's essentially a very high risk, very high reward fighter. The reward from such a risk is the only reason she's above HnS. Otherwise she's just so tricky to use. If you can make her work, then she's good against mostly everyone without armor or ways to avoid bleed. Even most Big Band and his variants, who normally do well against Fortune, somewhat struggle against her because of the bleed, rendering their armor and MAs worthless. Heavy Metal and PD are the best ones to tackle her since one has the element advantage against her and gains armor pretty easy while the other is very tanky and has a 50/50 chance of preventing her SA from working. Other fighters who work against her would be like Surgeon General, ICU Vals, Bloodbath, In Denile and Scared Stiff since they either stop her SA from working at all or take massively less damage from her, respectively. In In Denile's case, she does both, making her a particularly lovely counter. Conclusion: She may be worth it if you don't have either of the top 2 or a good fire, but is otherwise only decent. Ideal stats: 65% atk, 50% meter gain, 35% def, 35% hp and 50% crit damage.

    4. Hack N' Splash
    Rarity: Gold
    Element: Water
    Level 60 ATK: 14,343
    Level 60 HP: 48k
    Level 60 FS: 22.8k
    SA: Splash Damage
    - A well-timed block against standard attacks inflicts cripple and armor break for 15 seconds
    - Landing critical hits with Ms. Fortune's head will remove 1 opponent debuff, dealing an additional 3% of the opponent's max health for each debuff removed

    I might end up starting a controversy with what I'm about to say, but, oh well. Hack N' Splash's SA is pretty bad. Ok maybe bad isn't the best word to use here, but its very tricky to make use of and even if you can make use of it, its not that rewarding. Again, what exactly a well-timed block means, I don't know. But since Star-Crossed has a similar thing going for her, this one probably won't be much better. If anything, her's is better because at least stun is useful as control. Cripple doesn't help much considering HnS's mediocre health anyway, but armor break's pretty decent. However, Splash Damage is an ability that requires you to counter attack, meaning that making the first move is not a good idea. This makes the armor break not as worthwhile as it could be. Her SA2 is just WAY too risky to go for and all you get it is a small amount of burst damage. Also, there's a fair amount of situations where you actually don't want to remove the debuffs. If an opponent is cursed, has wither or bleed or any disables inflicted on them, removing the debuffs works against her. She's just a fighter who works against herself and requires too much for too little. The only reason she isn't lower is because of the Buzzkill levels of attack, though Furry Fury, PurrD and CnO all outclass her in terms of sustained damage. Ignoring her SA, she has the 4th highest attack in the game, making her pretty decent. But, you can't always rely on high attack when armor and other ways of reducing damage taken are present. She's not particularly good against anyone, but can be decent provided you invest into attack and crit rate/crit damage. However, as per usual, Brain Freeze and Scared Stiff counter her pretty hard since their SAs reduce the damage Fortune's gonna do to them. Conclusion: She's not too great, but if you do use her, be ready to invest a lot into her. Ideal stats: 60% crit rate, 70% crit damage, 50% atk, 35% def and 40% meter gain.

    5. Meow and Furever
    Rarity: Gold
    Element: Light

    Level 60 ATK: 10,618
    Level 60 HP: 58.7k
    Level 60 FS: 20.8k
    SA: Cloud Nine
    - Gain final stand for 10 seconds and 5 stacks of precision for every 10% health lost
    - Enemy is inflicted with death mark for 15 seconds and stun for 4 seconds when final stand expires

    A defensive fighter being decent on offense? Nonsense! In all seriousness though, MnF isn't too bad for offense. Sure, her SA doesn't really help her do more damage in any way like Hellcat or PurrD, but her attack stat is still decent and her SA acts as a safety net for when you screw up, something other Fortunes don't have. Plus, the stun can serve as good control if you need it. Precision, though very situational, can help her deal a little more damage since it guarantees a crit and doesn't proc SAs. Though she's not particularly good against anyone, she's above Hellcat because of the use the safety net that is her SA has and the fact that her enrage is easily removed. But besides that, I don't have much else to say about her offensively. Conclusion: Better suited for defense, but could be used provided the investment is good enough, Ideal stats: 60% hp, 35% defense, 50% meter gain and 40% atk.

    6. Hellcat
    Rarity: Bronze
    Element: Fire
    Level 60 ATK: 10,522
    Level 60 HP: 35.2k

    Level 60 FS: 16.7k
    SA: Purrgatory
    - Gain permanent enrage while health is above 50%
    - Gain 5 stacks of precision when defeating an opponent while benefiting from enrage

    Hellcat is a simple fighter who, on paper, seems pretty good. A damage boost that lasts a while combined with a way to deal with defensive SAs? Sounds great...until you realize that it only works while above half health. One of her huge drawbacks is her very low health. Normally, on offensive fighters, it isn't a huge detriment. Like on UV, Cold Stones, Xenomorph or Buzzkill. They have pitiful health, but their offensive capabilities are so great, it doesn't matter. But for Hellcat, it DOES matter. Because her offensive performance depends on her health. Even chip damage can hurt Hellcat a lot and possibly remove her enrage. In this case, Mlem is a must have because without it, Hellcat cannot maintain her enrage. Sure, Hellcat's a monster in lower tier pfs since the opponents won't be dealing enough damage (including chip) to hurt her performance. But once you bring her up to gold, she struggles immensely due to her bronze stats and how strong natural golds tend to be. She's not lower because she's the last decent offensive Fortune and the 3 variants lower than her have greater drawbacks than Hellcat does. Conclusion: Worth using early in the game, but for most of the game, she's not very good. Ideal stats: 60% atk, 50% hp, 35% def, 50% crit damage and 40% meter gain.

    7. Just Kitten
    Rarity: Bronze
    Element: Water
    Level 60 ATK: 9,178

    Level 60 HP: 39.1k
    Level 60 FS: 16k
    SA: Feline Agility
    - 50% chance when suffering a debuff to immediately convert that debuff to a stack of precision
    - 15% chance to evade any non-projectile hit and gain haste for 10 seconds

    Her SA is simple to use since you either need a debuff or getting hit for it to work. Though this is more useful on defense, it can help in a pinch on offense. Haste lets Fortune build up meter to get to her BBs quicker, which sort of helps her damage. Precision also helps, but you're probably not gonna get it so don't count on it. Other than that, not much else to say. Conclusion: Not the worst, but better saved for defense. Ideal stats: 70% hp, 35% def, 30% meter gain, and 40% atk.

    8. Ms.Trial
    Rarity: Silver
    Element: Wind
    Level 60 ATK: 10,695

    Level 60 HP: 45.7k
    Level 60 FS: 18.7k
    SA: Overruled
    - Charge attacks remove 1 opponent buff and grant 3 stack(s) of precision
    - Precision hits have a 100% chance to ignore the opponent's defense and armor

    This was one of the Halloween variants released a while back and, she sucks. Fortune's charge attack is probably THE worst in the game, which already hurts her. To make things worse for her, her SA completely relies on the charge, which it almost never does. Only reason she's above Feline is because she has actual attack. Conclusion: Not worth the investment. Also not worth keeping around unless you're a collector.

    9. Feline Lucky
    Rarity: Silver
    Element: Light
    Level 60 ATK: 9,082
    Level 60 HP: 50.3k
    Level 60 FS: 17.8k
    SA: Jackpot
    - Gain 3 stack(s) of precision every 7 seconds
    - 2% chance on critical hit to gain immune, invincible, final stand, and unflinching for 25 seconds

    On paper, she sounds great. A period of god-mode which lasts for 25 seconds? Sweet! In practice though, she doesn't work. Her attack is abysmal, the lowest of all the Fortunes. She will probably time herself out and her SA does nothing to help this. If anything, her once-per-match god mode makes it worse because it does nothing to significantly boost her damage and does occasionally work against her. Sure, the buffs are good and last a while. But realistically, you're probably not gonna do much with them. Conclusion: Just not worth it. Period...unless you're a collector.
    #1 theLoneskull, Jun 16, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
  2. MugPug

    MugPug New Member

    Sep 26, 2018
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    Hi I look at your tier lists A LOT with a capital I love them and you do a great job I’m just listing what I think.
    HnS: I think her SA should be buffed to ...
    SA 1: When blocking an attack inflict 2 random debuffs for 5/10/15 sec (except for doom and stun)
    SA 2: Critical head hits deal 1/2/3 percent of the opponents full health for every debuff.
    This should give more value to blocking and most importantly to throwing out your head. (Also choose this because I’m not willing to make a whole new SA)
    Ms.T: Her SA is on the weaker side I imagine it being ...
    SA 1: Every 5th combo hit get 1/2/3 stacks of precision and remove 1 enemy buff.
    SA 2: Precision hits have a 25/50/100 percent chance to ignore opponents defense and armor.
    (Get it plead the 5th please think I’m funny guys)
    That’s all I got for Ms.Fortune, please tell me what you think criticism is always helpful.
  3. Blimeylimey

    Blimeylimey Member

    Oct 19, 2017
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    I agree with the general sentiments of this list. A lot of Ms Fortune’s power across many variants is gated behind conditions that are difficult to meet and the payoffs are often not particularly impressive. I think Hack n Splash is the worst offender in this case.
    An omission that also illustrates this point is that Purrfect Dark SA2 requires the opponent to have death mark and below 50% health for a chance at instability on head hits.

    I’m curious, how do you determine ideal stat boosts?
  4. Gylfie

    Gylfie Active Member

    Jun 11, 2018
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    What about Rogue Agent?
  5. theLoneskull

    theLoneskull Active Member

    Jul 24, 2018
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    Rogue Agent's too new for me to make any judgement rn. Once I figure her out I'll add her

    SA1 isn't really that much better because its more random. At least the current one's got guaranteed debuffs. SA2 is ok, but because it still requires head hits, it isn't that much better. That Ms.Trial rework tho. I love it

    Determining ideal stat boosts is a little complicated. I take my own stats, then also consider that not every player has the same luck in getting the best stats for a certain fighter and then take into account what the fighter's supposed to do (i.e. crit based fighters and high crit rate/damage %'s). Its just a bit of math, luck and guesswork.
  6. Starsmore

    Starsmore Active Member

    Dec 11, 2018
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    Head mode is still too confusing, on small smartphone is just unplayable, still waiting for a new Fortune that doesn't head hits for her SAs to work. That said her bb3 needs a rework, the bonus damage is too low for half hp, a bonus like meter or other buff would be better.
  7. cappatacus

    cappatacus Active Member

    Feb 1, 2018
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    I was definitely on the band wagon of "Ms Fortune is too tricky" when she first launched. But just by playing with her more and experimenting, I've actually found it pretty easy to use Head Games. I recognize that it is an added challenge, but I feel that it's downfalls have been exaggerated. The only thing I would change is making it easier to return her head to her body, so it's a little easier to avoid being pummeled by a DaF. (Although remaining in the corner can alleviate this).

    That being said - I find PD's Insta death to put her above Claw. Even slightly. Their attack is the same, more or less, so the way I see it is: PD has insta death. Claw doesn't. That has been massively useful for me in some very tricky fights where it seemed like I just couldn't get the opponent's HP down fast enough. You don't even have to use that feature and you still get a non-expiring Curse and Death Mark! She's great. All of that being said, Claw's palette is rad and I'm a sucker for the color green. That's a point in my book. Thanks for listening to my PD propoganda.
  8. theLoneskull

    theLoneskull Active Member

    Jul 24, 2018
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    You've been playing around with it too? Interesting...
    I suppose a pesudo-perma curse/death mark is better than what Claw's got. But I would have to disagree with the insta death. That aspect is fairly demanding, requiring the opponent to be suffering from death mark, being below 50% hp and head hits are needed. While it seems nice (and given that at the time of making this, I did exaggerate the downfalls), head hits are still a nice way to get caught when trying to get the head back. Plus its only a 10% chance. And if you're facing opponents that tough, bleed or doom would probably be better especially considering neither build up the opponent's meter.
    I also feel as though the hp difference is what separates them. That extra hp can make all the difference if she gets caught. PurrD's is one of the lowest in the game/
  9. cappatacus

    cappatacus Active Member

    Feb 1, 2018
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    Getting back to this very late! My bad.

    Yeah, I get what you mean. Risk vs reward is still there, even if you're incredible with Head Games - and it may be by nature, because sometimes things happen that you just don't expect, or a single slip up
    could mean the end. I also can say I didn't pay much attention to the health aspect because I generally run SG with Trauma Center and death isn't a huge issue for my teams. Good thing to point out, though.

    I know what I said in the original post, BUT I truly couldn't say you're wrong for putting Claw above PD. I can agree they're both very good and probably on very similar levels.

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