• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Black Egret#13

    Bug - Normal Merry Go-rilla combo bug

    If I use Cerebella, do the extended tap combo, MGR, then tap combo while the enemy is down, they will have gotten up while being hit, and I can do an air combo easily. Has happened multiple times. Doesn't work on Fillia or Peacock though works on everyone else...
  2. Mew27

    Resolved Bug? Or What? Lost everything!

    I had been playing the game for a while on mobile and well today it asked me to login in again and well I logged in and I have lost everything I had luckily I have screen shoted all the characters I had but still there are a few characters that weren't in the screen shot like the green silver...
  3. Black Egret#13

    Bug - Normal Not so Unblockable...

    I was doing a mission in who's the boss, expert, with two random characters. The character I started fighting with was Fillia. After doing my standard combo, followed by Gregor Samson, My BB3, "Blowout" was charged so I decided to use it. But suddenly, the Valentine I was fighting tagged out to...
  4. FreyRenoir

    Bug - Normal Big Band Bully - Charge attack issue and failing BB2 Fracture Reaper

    Hello everyone! I have encountered a bit of trouble while fighting ye olde detective big band. 1. While trying to block Big Bands charge attack it is unblockable while definitely declared not so. He hits me with various characters but only if the spacing is right. I usually stand pretty much...
  5. FelixDewott

    Resolved Move disappears from collection?

    EDIT: I just had to log in again and the move is now in my collection. I have no idea what happened but I'm not gonna question anything. O.O Uh, hello, this has nothing to do with fighting, but I think I encountered something strange that I don't know if anyone has had to deal with before. So...
  6. C

    Resolved Valentines Gold Forbidden Procedure doesn't revive all teammates

    I have a gold level 7 Forbidden Procedure on my gold icy hot valentine. The very first time I used it it worked like a charm. But ever since then I have used it countless times and it hasn't worked since. I've lost so many prize fight matches because the revive wouldn't work.
  7. M

    Sheltered Parasoul - Overly Critical bugged?

    I upgraded all three of her "Overly Critical" +Crit rate skills, but it didn't seem to update with the last two. Is this a bug, or am I not understanding how this works?
  8. C

    Bug - Normal Eliza bug

    This has happened twice now I use a blockbuster move and she glitches out and is untouchable. Video link:
  9. tom641

    Bug - Normal Silent Kill Valentine bug in Special Events

    In the Valentine special events, the special modifier is that the enemy has a permanant Regen effect. However Silent Kill Valentine gets a Heavy Regen (Urgent Care? Not sure if it has another name) effect close to death. However in this mode the Heavy regen also never ran out, making the fight...
  10. tom641

    Bug - Crash Peacock Crash when using George's Day after tap combo

    Twice now I just did Peacock's normal 5 hit combo and immediately did George's Day Out (the slow walking bomb) and both times the game crashed. PS: my opponents in Prize Fights thank you :) Edit: I'm using a Droid Maxx that's fully updated.
  11. Y

    Resolved Big Band stuck on right

    Apple IPhone 5s, ios 10.2.1, somewhat similar to http://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/my-big-band-was-stuck-dashing-to-the-right.171/ Resonant evil Big Band vs Last? Hope Valentine on the 5485 stage on River King Casino expert. Both of us tagged in around the same time and I panick mashed...
  12. greerbiggie

    Bug - Normal Disappearing relics

    I am loosing the relics that I've saved for later, I had NOT used any of them. I had 78 the day before 77 this morning and 76 now. I have checked to see if the daily and 4 hour break count, and they do not. I have NOT used any of the saved relics. I am running an iPhone 6. I do not have the...
  13. greerbiggie

    Resolved Throws cancelling at any time

    When I was playing prize fights every now and then when I'd try to throw them as big band, the bell would ring and do some damage, but would be canceled in the middle of it. I would take video, but I do not have the equipment and screenshots wouldn't be sufficient for something like this. I am...
  14. A

    Resolved A SERIOUS BUG?

    The Relics in the shop are free. Is that a huge bug? only BETA RELICs are free.
  15. greerbiggie

    Resolved The challenge with a long title

    i have twice recived the challenge entitled "this challenge has a long title" with the description "a description so long it goes onto three lines. Wow that's long!" It has a value of 3,100 gems, but cannot be claimed. I'm not sure what this is, or if I'm supposed to be able to claim it. I'd be...