• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Art3mes

    Characters New Catalysts 🤭

    Here are some simple character exclusive catalysts. Annie: after X amount of time, fill Y amount of star power meter.(already having full star power, renders this catalyst useless) Beowulf: after X amount of time, gain 3 wulf stacks.(already having 3 wulf stacks, renders this catalyst useless)...
  2. Art3mes

    Opinions about Characters before and after knowing their Stories

    Not everybody get to Skullgirls' mobile after playing The Skullgirls'. So most of us(including me) became mid-late game players without even knowing the official storyline of the game. People generally view characters differently before and after they know their stories. In short: Does your...
  3. Jocemigue

    Collection Double tap for open the character

    It's something that could make it much more comfortable to choose characters for fights, sometimes when you drag a character to the fight selection you accidentally touch it, I think they should make to see the character's stats be with two touches on it, and not just one as you avoid opening...
  4. Carlos Animax

    Characters Suggestions about that characters

    I was post this type suggest 1 year ago aprox. I hope don't problem, I think can be a good idea, I enhance a little the post. n.n But if repeat it's bad, I can erase, don't problem. :3 I have some suggestions about a future Update for Trade of Characters, What do you think? I hope you like...
  5. U

    Characters Eliza's Unblockable Blockbuster, Lady of Slaughter

    I feel like one of the biggest mechanics to Eliza is meter gain. Whether it be by Ritual Sacrifice, character SAs like Stand Out, Diva, and Bloody Valentine, or getting haste from Sehk Fury. Eliza's BB3 is long and feels powerful, but it in fact does such a low amount of damage in a long time...
  6. Nishcheta

    Characters Painwheel Flight Risk Suggestions

    Alright so, I hope I speak for the majority of us painwheel fans when I say that her flight risk, as it has been implemented in skullgirls mobile, is simply not up to par. Its double upward swipe activation is janky, and makes it impossible to flight risk when the enemy is close enough to you to...
  7. CyborgN00dle

    Other Experience Bar

    My suggestion is to have a bar or something that shows the experience your character has, because every time i need to choose my characters I have to enter in the character status one by one just to see if he will levels up after the fight, is not a big issue but I think it will help a lot!!
  8. Carlos Animax

    Other I have some suggestions about Characters.

    I have some suggestions about a future exchange / Trade of characters, and as this year comes an update on the introduction of alliances, he thought it might be interesting. What do you think? I hope you like and interest this suggestion. :) If they are Fighters of (Bronze). Canopy: 1,000 or up...
  9. Dennis Aguilar

    Please, Eliza chance dress

    Hello, thank you very much for taking into consideration my opinions regarding future updates of Skullgirls Android. I wonder if any of them changed Eliza Oro's dress or suit of light? She appears in an elegant blue or light blue dress, but when you play with her, it is not the same as in the...
  10. G

    Characters Character Relics

    I'm sure others have said things about this before. I'd like to talk about the character relics. It takes a few days to save up enough theonite for one relic. And I'm saving it to use when a specific character relic comes up because I need that specific character. Take today as example, I need...
  11. S

    Collection Trading characters for keys?

    Ive got 23 bronze characters but no way to advance them as Im all out of keys. Most of these are duplicates of the same exact character and type as well. It would make a lot of sense if we could trade characters in for keys to help reduce the fat in our collections as it were. We trade 3...
  12. Wulfden

    Characters A system to build up characters abilities?

    So, this was brought up in another thread I voiced my opinion, but as someone did mention, in the current meta of SG mobile, we are most likely in need of a new system to grant bonuses to units we have in the game to bring up their usage and steer away the idea of only using tier lists so to...
  13. GoldenAbyss6197

    Update Character

    A character from the original Skullgirls roster is suppose to drop by the end of this month. What character do you want to see that is not on the mobile version yet?