• [2018/06/22]
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  1. M

    Bug - Normal Multiplayer stuck on “Found potential opponent…”

    Hey! First, thanks for the great game! Especially the mobile competitive has a surprisingly in depth meta. I’ve been playing Skullgirls mobile for a few years now, including mobile competitive. But a few months ago, I stopped being able to connect to other devices for competitive multiplayer...
  2. E

    Characters [Suggestion] Skins in Competitive Versus.

    I speak for many to say that we would love a feature where we can customize our appearance in competitive Versus mode. In the versus competitive mode it is normal that it is the mode with the most traffic of people, because in the free for all mode it is inaccurate to know if you can find...
  3. LordDumbassIII

    Fights Competitive Training

    The current Training mode is alright, but when you want to practice combos with a character you don't have fully upgraded (especially if the combo requires 3-5 different moves/blockbusters), and ESPECIALLY when you don't have thw moves required, it becomes a chore to farm just for that training...
  4. H

    SGM Competitive Versus Matchup Chart

    As well as my tier list I've posted, I've also compiled my thoughts on how well each character can fight one another. This also takes into account how well their tag ins and other team gimmicks fare vs each character...
  5. H

    Competitive Versus Tier List

    This is my current thoughts on how good each character is in current competitive versus meta, factoring in both matchups and team compositions I would like to know what people think of it and I can give reasoning as to why each character is where they are
  6. H

    SGM PVP Tournaments!

    The GIRLS' SKULLS MOBILE tournaments have been running for about 2/3 of a year, and I would like to share it here as well to people who haven't seen it but wish to play! Two tournaments are hosted per week on Friday/Saturday at 8:30 PM CST. Join the discord at https://discord.gg/XjpWDFe for...
  7. B

    Fights Single-Player Versus Mode!

    I think a Single-Player Versus Mode would only make the fun game even more highly playable than it already is. This applies to both Competitive and Free for All. Especially given my experience with the multiplayer version we currently have, how hard it has personally been for me to find...
  8. Rudølf

    Beowulf in Competitive PvP

  9. Reshiram18

    Opinion time: Who are the best comp PvP players right now?

    Hello everyone, devoted comp player Reshiram18 here. The forums have had a distinct lack of general Versus mode discussion as of late, but hopefully I'll be changing that. I'll start by listing off some of the strongest players I have personally faced, along with some of the strongest aspects...
  10. Rudølf

    Fights Competitive|Throw Invincibility Effect

    The grapplers, Beowulf and Cerebella, are having a hard time in comp using command grabs, because of the throw invincibility. Yes, it is a fair rule since grab spams are annoying. But I'd like to suggest a more visible effect on fighters when they are invincible to throws. Most of the time...
  11. Rudølf

    Fights Competitive|Damage Scaling=Immediate ToD Nerf

    I was watching Liam's SG2E tips, where he was advising us to use heavy attacks at the start of the combo, because it gets weaker as the combo count goes higher. Then it hits me. What if this was implemented to competitive versus? There are fighters who can reach unfairly high combos (YES NADIA...
  12. Rudølf

    How Are Fighters Considered 'Good' in Comp Versus?

    Is it more of a who gets the highest combo count? Who gets to touch who first? Ooor does it completely rely on their kit (if i even know what that means)?