• [2018/06/22]
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  1. tom641

    Bug - Crash Occasional Filia Crash after using Hairball/Spindash special

    Occasionally my game crashes after I finish hitting with Filia's spindash special move. Bad Ms. Frosty Filia is the one it's happened to for me mutiple times. It just happened in the Gold Valentine Prize Fight, but it may have happened in other modes. Droid Maxx running version 4.4.4...
  2. tom641

    Bug - Crash Peacock Crash when using George's Day after tap combo

    Twice now I just did Peacock's normal 5 hit combo and immediately did George's Day Out (the slow walking bomb) and both times the game crashed. PS: my opponents in Prize Fights thank you :) Edit: I'm using a Droid Maxx that's fully updated.
  3. eleccross

    Resolved Big Band flickering visibility

    Any Big Band in my game will flicker visibility and sometimes just be static. This will cause crashes extremely frequently, especially if he opens the match. I'm using an iPhone 6S, iOS version 10.2.1 This happens mostly when the Big Band is on the enemy's team but sometimes mine will cause a...