• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Dark dizzy

    Big band varient idea

    Refrence: High max- Megaman x6 Signature ability 1 GAIN ARMOR 3/4/5 everytime you use a special move. Signature ability 2 when inflicted with debuffs gain unflinching and immunity. Also gain thorns.
  2. Nishcheta

    Other Competitive Mode Customization

    I was wondering if it can be made possible to customize your fighters in pvp competitive mode? Not with palettes, but, with things like the animations they play during match start. Voice quips at match start, or if you win. Being able to choose from all of those which already currently exist in...
  3. G

    Characters Character customization and Skins

    Hello dear readers, A little suggestion regarding character customization - Things I'd like to see: - Skins (I know fighters have different palettes but additional palettes or even skins you could apply would be a valuable source of income and a welcome customization feature. Since a lot of...
  4. P

    Other Should a "reforge" system be added?

    So like the name suggests, this allows you to customize your skills to make the most out of your team. For example, you have a Napalm Shot that gives Crit Resist, Element Resist, etc. And a bunch of other gold special moves that give random weak bonuses as well. And you want it to give offensive...