• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Trash_DarKa

    Bug - Normal Bug evolving a surgeon general

    Today I was evolve my surgeon general to diamond but for some reason isn't work and my resources Is was used evidence
  2. B

    Characters Suggestion: trading fighters

    Because it requires 3 of the same type of bronze fighters to evolve, maybe you could set up a trading option with other players? Trade a fighter that you have for one that you need to evolve your current bronze fighter. Like a trading bazaar or something. Thanks
  3. Adhanjoe

    Bug - Normal Cannot evolve fighters

    Hello I'm having a problem with one o my fighters 'tomb & gloom' i reach at the max level and i cant evolve him ,show a error 5.DSE.1
  4. R

    Resolved Evolution Guide Attached

    Here is something I have been working on since I started playing. It's a few days later than I had hoped to post it, but it's ready now! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eGqpf3Io6ctDVP8gRyiN2vU9rHnLBI1t/view?usp=sharing...
  5. PycoBeg

    Bug - Normal Another character selection for evolving

    Not sure that information for user's device is needed for this... it seems a little bug in game engine, but anyway. Device: Lenovo Vibe X3 (X3a40), Android v6.0.1 Situation is... When user increase character's level to max (i found this problem on silver chars, so to "40") the game alerts about...
  6. A

    Evolving and best variants

    got two questions, 1st. When I evolving maxed char, do skills reset after evolving? I mean I will have to upgrade skill tree once again. 2st. Can someone post me a link to the list of most recommended chars to evolve?
  7. Vaidd

    To evolve, do you have to sacrifice 3 all at once?

    Do you have to sacrifice 3 bronze in total over time or does it have to be 3 all at once? Bonus question: What the hell is Cerebella saying when you select her?
  8. fatfursatan

    Which bronze and silver characters are worth evolving?

    I'm not sure how wide the stat disparity is between max level gold and silver characters. I've also seen wide stat disaprities between same-leveled characters of the same type and rank, seemingly based on the power of thwir signatures (Hair Apparent and Bad Ms. Frosty). BUT, based on their...
  9. fatfursatan

    Questions about Evolution

    So, I've got an Ivy League Parasoul and a few Heavy Reign Parasouls. They're both wind element. If I evolve a Heavy Reign (not that I'm planning to), would it turn into an Ivy League Parasoul or a Silver Heavy Reign? Do all characters retain their name, skin, and signature abilities when they...