• [2018/06/22]
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  1. R

    Bug - Normal Lentidão

    Está impossível continuar. Um game que gosto tanto está cada dia pior. Durante as batalhas os personagens ficam lentos o que impede de completar os combos. A jogabilidade que sempre achei superior está deixando muito a desejar. Por favor, resolvam isso.
  2. R

    Bug - Normal Blockbuster meter/second causing the game to lag during fights

    Earlier, I was fighting a Triple Bella with Frost Armor on the boss node in rifts, i used Doublicious against it and when I rolled Fire on transmutation, the fight suddenly became laggy. I had reported before on the Discord server about my game becoming laggy when using Toad Warrior and I think...
  3. N

    Bug - Normal Please Fix Lag

    Hi, um... The game is super Laggy. It's dropping my inputs and the frames drop so hard, I can't tell what is happening. I've changed the settings (no shadows, no shading, 30fps limit), I have good internet, and it's the only app running on my phone. If anyone can fix this or has suggestions for...
  4. K

    Gameplay lagging after the recent update

    hi guys anyone experiencing lagged performance during matches? Im having lag issues after the recent update. Im using an iphone 6+ btw
  5. J

    Bug - Normal Lag when in battle

    Until now i never had experienced any lag issues apart from the server related ones. But 2 days ago when i was doing a prizefight(i think it was the gold one) the enemy beowulf used his tier 3 attack and then the beowulf became glitchy when moving and attacking similar to missing no. of...
  6. Dennis Aguilar

    Resolved I could not get out of the fight

    Hello Team Skullgirls. This day I was making a fight where my Golden Filia lost the fight which also caused the death of the opponent and in a victory for my team because I still had other fighters alive; but I could not get out of the fight until the game closed. As I read in the last...
  7. kimC.

    Resolved Lag in SkullGirls Mobile ?

    what is causing the lag ? When just started the app and played the demo , I noticed lag when is in before , during and after the fight but when I reached the main menu is like the lag never happened . is it the internet connection or my phone " Huawei p8 lite" ? OS - Android 5.0.1