• [2018/06/22]
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  1. F

    help with authy

    hello guys me again i had this issue for like almost a year see the thing is that my old phone was stolen so i lost authy to get the code ummmm i made a post a while ago but when they gave me a solution i talked to the persons but never got an answer so im here again trying to see if someone of...
  2. A

    Resolved Suddenly cannot log in

    Suddenly the game asked for my log in details again, so I pressed the google account button and now it doesn't let me log in, it says error 2.session.6, tried reinstalling and automatically log in to compatible games on google games settings, but no luck, didn't link my account to other games...
  3. L

    Bug - Normal Log in issues

    So yeah just like the title said.... I opened the game but then when I opened it, and needed to log in my account again.... But the problem is.... I accidentally used my Gmail acc than my Facebook acc. So I'm now back at the tutorial and I can't do **** because if I needed to log in again to my...
  4. F

    Bug - Normal unable to log in in skullgirls forums

    hi guys if someone knows how to reset an account or something cuz look this is what happened, my phone was stolen and i lost authy the app that we normaly use for 2 factor verification the problem is that i tried to bring the information of the app to this new phone but the account didnt have...
  5. M

    Account got reset

    So I recently got a new device and installed Skullgirls there, but when I chose my gmail account none of my progress was there, and I couldn't see if I was logged in with some other thing in my older phone, cause I deleted the game on it. I think I remember making a line log in, but when I try...
  6. AnikiKamina

    Resolved Login Error? [RESOLVED]

    Anyone else experiencing log-in issues at the moment? i’ve been getting the same log-in error code : 5.DSE.1 since 11:20pm EST. :(
  7. P

    Resolved Log in big in Brazil

    I just download the app on Android cant makes past the log in screen phone: Motorola moto G5 16gb android 7.0 Brazil, paraiba
  8. T

    Resolved Help! How do I log out

    The game randomly made me log out (Idk why) and I accidentally logged in with my Facebook when I was supposed to use gmail. How do I log out so I don't have to start over again? I got pretty far in the game and I would hate to lose all the progress.