• [2018/06/22]
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  1. M

    Bug - Normal Peacock's revolver special bug

    When you use the revolver against parasoul, sometimes the ai will counter it with the motor brigade bb in wich case you will avoid the damage but get immediately stunned even though you were not hit at all.
  2. Splashmouse

    Who's funnier, Peacock or Ms Fortune?

    I've come to realize they're both quite the jokesters, personally I can't decide who I'd go see do stand up if I had to choose one. On one hand, Peacock has the old timey slapstick, on the other, Ms Fortunes got the witty cat puns. I can't decide, heLP.
  3. Art3mes

    Pea Shooter VS Inkling

    As both have 'almost' the same SA's, I am wondering who is better as pure offensive character and even worth evolving into diamond? Or both are good? What is your opinion?
  4. DefGear

    Bug - Normal Peacock's Good Fellows (lv3 BB) can fail if the opponent tags out at the same time

    This happened to me when fighting the boss node in peacock's master story mode, I used good fellows against a low health Eliza when she suddenly tagged out for Parasoul, but instead of Parasoul being affected by the attack, the animation stopped when Peacock got close to her, canceling the...
  5. Yomady

    Peacock Move Tips: Unblockable Attack Usages & Brigade Counter

    A few tips for Peacock's general attacks which can bring joy to one's eyes (1HP moments) "Bang, Bang, Bang!" which can actually destroy Motor Brigade: Parasoul's Blockbuster, or even just generally stop the incoming attacks in general when Parasoul get's tagged in. Remember always to carry...
  6. M

    Master peacock help

    Heyo, I’ve managed to grind out every node in Peacock’s master story mode except one: 1xPeacock vs Dread Locks Filia and Djinn Frizz Filia My strongest Peacock is a maxed gold Ultraviolent with Special Feature, and while she’s got the damage output to win, Dread Lock’s SA’s really messes me up...
  7. M

    Pea Shooter Peacock Stack Signature Moves

    Does peacocks signature ability stack. She grants 30% bonus damage for all teamates so if u have 2 on your team will it give 60% bonus???
  8. Smuggerino

    Bug - Normal Peacock and Parasoul

    When Peacock uses her George at the air show right before Parasoul uses her motor brigade and destroys one of the Motor bikes the game crashes.
  9. B

    Boxcar combo extend

  10. Am_Suitcase

    An idea for buffing That's All Folks!

    That's All Folks is an interesting character. Formerly one of the exclusives back then. And sporting one of the most fitting palettes for a character I think some people do want her buffed, i'm not sure if these ideas came out already, but it's something I also thought and hope could make her...
  11. B

    Freeze Frame SA name change

    So I think Freeze frame SA should be named Perfect Freeze in honot of her pallete reference. Opinions?
  12. Yomady

    Peacock - The Hole Idea - Avoid Damage

    As you maybe doing or know, the best way in-game is to do as much damage as possible, without getting hit. When Peacock is using her special ability, the best way to open up for a attack (mind you have to be very quick, almost pixel perfect quick) is to sidestep left, or right to the screen...
  13. S

    Bug - Normal I interrupted my Good Fellows with my ownImpeding Doom

    I’m not sure how exactly that happened, I’ve spent around 5 to 10 minutes in Training trying to replicate this. I was playing Rerun Peacock against Understudy Cerebella in Show Me Your Moves. I used Impeding Doom and almost immediately after that I used Good Fellows. Before I managed to run up...
  14. S

    Need advice for investing into a super defensive Untouchable

    I got 3 water essences from AE. Right off the bat I knew that no water fighter is nearly as appealing for me as Untouchable. I’ve been toying around with this idea of unsurpassable wall that would have as much hp% as I can find, max def%, bleed resist for anti-high streaks. What other stats...
  15. OozyGamer

    Remove Prize Fight Golds from Relics (EDITED)

    Around some time yesterday I made this post with a petition stating as to why they should remove Prize Fight Golds from relics. However, I did not provide any effective reasoning for it, and that's what this edit is for; to provide some effective reasoning as to why I feel the way I do about...
  16. MatDestruction

    Peacock's commented Tier List

    Introducing Peacock: Peacock is like a marksman. Most of yours Special Moves and Blockbusters incentive you to play from a range poking down your opponent. For that reason, she has a really poor defense and great attack stats. Try using all the tricks you have to shot down the health bar of...
  17. OozyGamer

    Peacock Basic to Advanced Combos

    Decided to put together a video demonstrating some neat basic and advanced Peacock combos, utilizing almost all of her Special Moves and Blockbusters!
  18. King Of The Ring

    Combo Enhancers

    This thread will try to compile all combo attacks with specials or blockbusters and how to link them together, for begginners, first character will be: CEREBELLA Cerebella is the easiest character to create heavy damage combos, because of specials such as Pummel Horse, which can be used in a...
  19. Al Qedic

    Bug - Normal Grabbed Peacock out of BB3

    Similar to what's been reported of Eliza (in this thread, for example), I managed to throw a Peacock to death, even when she initiated an Unblockable. Main Attraction -- Advanced, the Untouchable Peacock fight in the Medici Tower section. I've got a Silver Heavy Reign Parasoul and a Silver Grey...
  20. Sahazi

    Unable to play anymore...

    I recently broke my tablet while playing SG, Accursed Experiments... yeah... just wanted to post it on this page, maybe just to realive my frustration... damn, i really miss playing, i know it's my foult, but the game was acting weird before my incident... i wish i can fix it soon or get another...