• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Sahazi

    Unable to play anymore...

    I recently broke my tablet while playing SG, Accursed Experiments... yeah... just wanted to post it on this page, maybe just to realive my frustration... damn, i really miss playing, i know it's my foult, but the game was acting weird before my incident... i wish i can fix it soon or get another...
  2. Gamma Ray

    Fights Peacock Silver Prize Fight - Weak Modifier

    As of the current prize fight, the modifier for Peacock's Silver prize fight is to apply armor break on hit, if the opponent is blocking, for 5 seconds. My issue with this modifier is that it is almost completely irrelevant to the actual fight itself unless you make the occasional mistake...
  3. Lookoutitsluke

    Bug - Normal Fight Ended but Victory Screen Didn't Show

    I was using my Peacock: Ultraviolent against an opponent Peacock: Untouchable. I had killed the other two fighters on that team, while they had killed my Wulfsbane. I also had a Big Band Epic Sax tagged out with maybe about ~25% health remaining. The Untouchable uses Impending Doom, and I use...
  4. E

    Bug - Normal All about timing - Softlocked (?) after dying

    Ok, soooo, this is a weird one. And it's also a hard one to pull off again (which I unfortunately messed up and couldn't), but I decided to report it anyways since a bug is a bug and it's better to be resolved if possible than to just be left alone, I wanted to do it sooner but only found time...
  5. Black Egret#13

    Bug - Normal Buer overdrive whiffs+cerebella falling out of juggles

    These we’re both in the Eliza gold prize fight at around the same time, so I decided to loop them together. I was playing rage appropriate Painwheel against untouchable peacock, and then tried to use my BB3 midway into the Game. I pressed the button, and the startup was normal, but instead of...
  6. A Small Bird

    Resolved Broken fight after dashing back from Three Wulf Moonsault

    Phone: LG Stylo 2 V OS: Android 7.0 Character: Peacock (red) Enemy: Beowulf (green) Summary: Beowulf's Three Wulf Moonsault caused him to drop beneath the floor of the stage when I attempted to dash back from it. While fighting the final boss of the " Wednesday Night Rawr" daily, I attempted to...
  7. BrolaireOfAsstora

    Untouchable and bb3s

    I actually lost a match today thanks to an untouchable avoiding the last hit of Big Bands Big Stand bb3, which was promptly followed by eating her bb3. Now this got me thinking. Peacock has, what, a max of 15% to avoid and attack, right? So what I'm wondering is if a peacock could...
  8. Mayor_N

    Pointlessly Overpowered Abilities Take the Fun Out of This Game

    Am I the only one who believes that Resonant Evil Big Band and Untouchable Peacock are just...really dumb? Victory is basically given to them, and they're able to pull of a lot of stupid stuff simply because they have abilities are handed to them on a silver platter. Every single time I see...
  9. Black Egret#13

    Dread Locks help?!?

    I'm having a problem on this mission in expert Peacock origin story in a mission where I have to fight with my Peashooter vs Dreadlocks and Parasite Weave. PW isn't that bad as long as I block, but Dread locks destroys my Peacock. Any idea what I should do to counter. Though the Modifier viewer...
  10. Fel

    Spoilers: Peacock Origin Story Discussion

    With the release of 1.3 we got a look into the past of Peacock. I'm hoping I can discuss some things that I noticed during my playthrough of it. Spoilers Ahead.
  11. J8khero

    [OFF TOPIC] How to start a Fight 101

    PEACOCK IS BEST GIRL [Runs Away ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ]
  12. Shawesome

    Characters Character Variant Ideas

    I was thinking about something I read where other palettes might be made into variants, and I had a few ideas for some! Only a couple were thought out really well, and some characters were really hard for me to think of (Painwheel only has one and Valentine has none). ?s are things I couldn't...
  13. Saint2th

    Understanding Peacock: Tips & Tricks, Advanced Combos

    UPDATED FOR 1.2.1 TL;DR best vars. Untouchable (MAIN: 15% no damage on hit or on block, also gains unflinching for 6 seconds) Peashooter (TEAM: 50% projectile dmg boost, 15% armor break for 6 seconds chance for projectile only) best build. 1. Impending Doom 2. Argus Agony 3. George's Day Out...
  14. tom641

    Bug - Crash Peacock Crash when using George's Day after tap combo

    Twice now I just did Peacock's normal 5 hit combo and immediately did George's Day Out (the slow walking bomb) and both times the game crashed. PS: my opponents in Prize Fights thank you :) Edit: I'm using a Droid Maxx that's fully updated.