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Bug - Normal Fight Ended but Victory Screen Didn't Show

Discussion in 'Known Issues & Bugs' started by Lookoutitsluke, Feb 17, 2018.

  1. Lookoutitsluke

    Lookoutitsluke New Member

    Dec 28, 2017
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    I was using my Peacock: Ultraviolent against an opponent Peacock: Untouchable. I had killed the other two fighters on that team, while they had killed my Wulfsbane. I also had a Big Band Epic Sax tagged out with maybe about ~25% health remaining. The Untouchable uses Impending Doom, and I use Bang Bang Bang. My move kills them which triggers the "That's a Wrap" screen. But the objects still fall from the sky, which kills my Ultraviolent. My Epic Sax tags in, but the match doesn't end. I have full control of my character, but there is no enemy to fight. I wait a little while (over 3 minutes) and the fight still doesn't end. I close and reopen the app, to which I find my streak is preserved, implying I won the fight. Does anybody know what's up?

    I am running the game on Android 6.0.1.
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  2. Skullboy

    Skullboy New Member

    Feb 1, 2018
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    Dev please look into this, I also lost a lot of streaks through this. Same scenario as above. Screen is grayed out, no victory screen, my other character tagged in and is still movable.
  3. Beldr447

    Beldr447 Active Member

    Jun 19, 2017
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    Same issue, but with a double ko and with any characters left.
    Fought in one of the events where you damage yourself when hitting enemy. I used Parasoul's Inferno Brigade which killed myself then killed the enemy and game got stuck without showing defeat
    Seems like the problem is a character being ko'd when the fight is supposed to be over
  4. Psyche

    Psyche Moderator

    Jun 8, 2017
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    I believe this issue has been taken notice of and the developers are working on it. It is all to do with posthumous KOs at the end of the fight where delayed projectiles (like Impending Doom) and damage reflection (like Biofeedback) cause the character that scored the KO to be knocked out themselves immediately after. Uncertain whether the Doom debuff is capable of doing this as well though I would imagine not as all status effects are supposed to get wiped the second the match is over.

    In the meantime, before the patch releases, play extra carefully when fighting against Dreadlocks Filia with her Lock Nest Monster damage reflection signature ability, when playing Painwheel's daily event with Biofeedback that reflects critical hits and when playing Origin Stories where the Quit Hitting Yourself fight modifier appears that reflects blocked damage. Not too much you can do to predict whether a Peacock has Impending Doom equipped or not, but as soon as you see it you'll know to keep an eye on both sides' health bars towards the end of the match.
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  5. Arrahdre

    Arrahdre New Member

    Nov 15, 2017
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    i just had an issue where i should have lost due to a time out, right before the round ended the CPU Valentine performed a Forbidden Procedure to revive one of her team mates, time ran out, but instead of getting the "Thats a Wrap" victory screen, the game just kinda stayed in limbo with the CPU Valentine still running around the screen trying to fight..my character did thier time out pose but the fight didn't end..it just bugged and was stuck with me watching the CPU character continue to fight..i had to restart to fix it.

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