• [2018/06/22]
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  1. D

    Bug - Normal Annie Bug

    here's how the bug looks like
  2. stale cheeto

    Bug - Normal I have an issue involving Filia's tag in attack

    Ok this went by super duper fast and I couldn't make sense of what was going on but I'll explain the best I can. I was playing the Annie prize fight, right? Cerebella used Diamond Drop to KO my Annie and then swiftly tagged in Filia while Painwheel was just coming in. Filia kicked Painwheel and...
  3. stale cheeto

    Bug - Normal Bug involving Double and Parasoul

    If you tag out with Double right when Parasoul is using the Silent Scope blockbuster, and Double is hit, the camera gets fixed on Parasoul and the rest of the enemy team for the rest of the match. You can send the enemy flying, and the camera will just keep following them.
  4. Yomady

    Bug - Normal Evolving a character error

    Running the animation the game just dies If you don't touch anything it is by passable
  5. C

    Characters Beowulf Throw Animation Glitch

    So, I've been getting these Beowulf Throw glitches during PF. It is a really random glitch that rarely ever happens and I have only experienced it 4 times. I don't know what triggers this throw Animation Glitch but I do use throws alot for Coldstones and usually just keep throwing until it stuns...
  6. P

    Bug - Normal Second soundtrack plays when app is open

    Hi, very weird audio bug. Once SGM loads in, some ambient music track starts playing behind the normal menu music and other sounds. Everything else works just fine, but while SGM is open, this second music track also plays, even when the app is minimized! I dont recognize the song, and it...
  7. moomouse

    Bug - Normal Character Glitch

    So this one is a bit hard to describe. I was about to fight a PF team when I decided to check my Oh Mai's moves. I switched one of her moves, and then hit the back arrow to go to the previous screen. Instead, the first image happened. I then tapped the arrow on the right in an attempt to switch...
  8. Yomady

    Bug - Normal Squigly's Abilities

    Was in a match before and it's that one where you stand near her body it'll stop death,she was dead and I was just juggling using Painwheel Freaky Friday to cause bleed. Naturally I ended up near her body, I wiped the team out and their was just a Cerebella left with one HP. In the opponents...
  9. BallotBoxer

    Bug - Normal Infinite Searching for Opponent in The Rift

    This glitch makes me want to scream like a Painwheel Hatred Install. Instead of offering to find another opponent after 5 minutes expiring, the timer is stuck on all zeroes: Got to My Base (can't edit the nodes, only inspect them) or Home or go fight in any other mode, upon return I get the...
  10. BallotBoxer

    Bug - Normal Today's Missions gone berserk

    Took 5 tries to get past the "Authorizing" stage of starting up the app this morning. While the rogue servers is a known issue, this side-effect is a new: Then, later after completing a few: I restart the app, yet the Today's Missions menu remains glitched. Could be purely visual, or maybe 75...
  11. Ms.Fortune

    Bug - Normal Special Moves Unliminted?

    So. I was playing Prize Fight mode and as I entered, I instantly clicked Valentine. But it had Filias health bar and moves. So I couldn't die. Eventually I got enough to use the Special moves. I tried to use one and to my surprise it was another Valentine move I didn't use. I kept on clicking...
  12. V

    Bug - Normal VIDEO of the BUG INCLUDED - Unblockable Blockbuster of Ms Fortune FAILS

    Hello, My phone model is huawei mate 10 pro (Android 8.0). Of course I downloaded the game from Google Play Store Right after my enemy fighter is defeated and I am on the other side of the field, I active the Unblockable Blockbuster of Ms Fortune (Claw & Order) in order to use it as fast as...
  13. Yomady

    Bug - Normal Missing Relics

    Hi guys off of I think it was yesterday where I lost the gold key & the 40,000 coins (naturally it did apply the skill on reboot with the 40k) I've now had 2 relics get lost in a void when trying to open them? It done a signal error again even know theirs nothing wrong with the signal at all...
  14. Yomady

    Bug - Normal store glitch

    Hello the store sort of did a signal error when upgrading a character but my signal was solid once it took the asking price of the item and the other was a gold key but never gave the product/item?
  15. bestsuperblox65

    Bug - Normal Cerebella is melting

    Guys, I found missingno. Enough jokes. In the pre-battle screen, Cerebella has been appearing pixelated. It's not super frequent, but it still happens. Pls fix
  16. L

    Squigly Silver Chord unflinching glitch

    Ok, I have just experienced this twice in last couple minutes. If you get hit during Silver Chord animation with Scarred Stiff Squigly (and possibly with others too) with unflinching buff Squigly gets locked in that animation and can’t do anything until get hit after the buff ends. I...
  17. S

    Bug - Normal Graphics glitch after looking at Parasite Weave’s skill tree

    Album: https://imgur.com/a/Wa3WaIk iOS 11.2.6, iPhone 7 This only happens with Parasite Weave, this team and this enemy team lineup. Steps to reproduce: 1. Access PW’s skill tree through the TEAM button in bottom center. 2. Go back to team overview. I’ve tried this against two other enemy...
  18. Chee☆13

    Bug - Normal Peacock Visual Glitch

    This is the first time I've seen a glitch like this that didn't result in my game immediately crashing, so I was able to take a screenshot. The ultraviolent peacock was frozen in terms of animation, but still attempting to move.
  19. G

    My highest powered characters are gone!

    My gold valentine, bronze double and silver squigly just vanished... kind of want to start a new account but i’m just beyond confused right now