• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Cellsai

    SG Custom Fighters

    2019 Edit: A lot of the initial post in this thread is wildly out of date, and there's newer better tools for making custom cards. I've moved most of the the original post into Spoilers. Here's where you can make custom palettes for any of the cast: https://sgmpalette.netlify.com/ Here's...
  2. BallotBoxer

    NUMBER CRUNCHER - Strategy and Discussion

    NUMBER CRUNCHER ROBO-FORTUNE Element: Dark Tier: Gold Palette: Hidden Variable Studios colors First Appearance: 5.0.2 (24 May 2022) Signature Ability POWER OF FIVE SA1: 25% chance to gain 1 stack of BLESSING for 20 seconds every 5 COMBO HITS SA2: When reaching 5 stacks of BLESSING, remove all...
  3. AnonJustAnon

    Characters I have a small thought about chances for relics.

    I was waiting for Robo-Fortune's b-day, and finally, after half a year at 31st of January bought her relics for theonite and real money (I love this character okay). Got only bronze, silver and gold-duplicates:mad: from all of my relics (not only Robo-Fortune ones, watch the video below)...
  4. rexturtle1120

    (4.3) Fighter SA rework discussion

    4.3 is finally on the horizon. So let’s talk about all the exiting new fighter buffs that are sure to be announced in the coming days. Painwheel- Blood drive So now that Blood drive’s new SA has been announced how do we feel about it? Her old SA: Transfusion 1: 5% chance on hit to inflict...
  5. Arkantos

    Defensive Moveset?

    I'm asking for help regarding some characters that I generally use for defense in Rift battles. What moves would you equip to a purely defensive Valentine? What about Robo-Fortune?
  6. G

    Bug - Normal Blue bomber 2nd signature ability

    Blue bomber’s second signature ability doesnt do anything? Blue bomber robo fortune id supposed to give 3 stacks of barrier on using a lvl 3 blockbuster, which it isn’t doing.
  7. M

    Bug - Normal Blue Bomber Robo-Fortunes Signature Ability 2 doesn't work

    I love the mega Man series, so blue Bomber, while not very good, holds a special place in my heart. Sadly, her second signature ability, which is supposed to give her 3/4/5 stacks of barrier upon using a level 3 Blockbuster, does nothing at all. I've tested this numerous times in prize fights...
  8. Mornedil

    [guide] Robo-Fortune tips and how to perform huge combos

    If you found this helpful, make sure to leave an upvote on the video! My robo kittens feed on them :>
  9. 500TheoniteSeriously

    Robo-Fortune 95-ish hit combo

    Requires: -Circuit Breaker -Fidget Spin -Headdrones (don't know how many, the combo has worked with 1, 2 or 3 headdrones, but against different characters) Combo: D1 -> L5 -> Salvo (headdrones mini-missiles) -> Circuit Breaker -> D1 -> L3 -> Launcher ((at this point the missiles will be...
  10. Pit Frango

    Bug - Normal Translation error

    I don't know if this is the right place to report translation errors, but ... There is a slight mistake in translating into Brazilian Portuguese. Where a special move from Robo Fortune (rotation hazard) says he has a 15% transfer of a positive effect to his opponent ... but the correct one is...
  11. ViajanteLeonny

    Bug - Normal Blue Bomber - RF

    The Fortune Blue Bomber Robot is not gaining the layers of barriers.
  12. MatDestruction

    About Ms Fortune and Robo Fortune intro animations

    So, back when Miss Fortune was revealed in twitter, the devs said they would be working on her 2 new intro animation for Silver and Gold variants and it would be launched in a future patch. Many patches after this and we had no word about it. So... Is Ms Fortune (and Robo) getting a new Intro...
  13. P4CTR4N

    Bug - Normal Robo-Fortune Marquee Ability Ping Check is useless

    I thought that when you say "Far Way" you mean not too much meters away from the opponent, i tried for my self making fast combos and then shot with the Lasers while far away to stop they get close, but anything works, the enemies get up too fast for 3 seconds, only in training i could activate...
  14. E

    Bug - Normal The Robo-Fortune Assault Battery laser does not work!

    In the combo, how much only using this blockbuster, the opponent falls, and the laser does not work.
  15. TonyPartridge30

    Heavy Bleed node in Robo-Fortune’s Daily Event

    How do you do this (specifically talking Master difficulty)? It seems like it requires a specific variant of RF, which is bs, in my opinion. Can’t hit enemies too hard or they gain barrier. Can’t debuff enemies because they get precision and become unblockable. Can’t use variants that self buff...
  16. A

    Robo-Fortune Purrminator?

    Is it worth investing resources in it? Is it as good as they say?
  17. VictuTheNewb

    Robo Fortune: how to combo

    Post your combos here My personal "quick recharging" combos are Head drone salvo->D1->L1->the air grab blockbuster D1->L5->Head Drone Mine->D2
  18. Nonexistent

    Where's all the Robo-Fortune Fans?

    This place has been empty for a while! I'm surprised that no one has said ANYTHING about Robo-Fortune! Sure, she not in the game yet, but she makes an appearance, like when you have an error and......... when you have errors.... but still! She needs some love and we need more Robo-Fortune Fans...