• [2018/06/22]
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  1. N

    Why did people think Samson was evil?

    In the headcanon thread on the old forums, are a bunch of people making theories one of the most popular one being that Samson has been manipulating Filla and has been using her for her own purposes. How could people think when it’s been implied in nearly every story mode that he cares about...
  2. R

    Plot Idea: Skullgirl Minette :(

    So I came up with a great plot idea. Skullgirl Minette. I know, it would be tragic, but awesome. So Minette wishes on the Skullheart for a castle, or a pirate ship, or a pretty rock, or a scuba man, or something like that. Then she turns into the Skullgirl. Ms Fortune feels guilty that she...
  3. Nochlosa

    Other Marie Raid Boss.

    This is a little idea that popped into my mind during a discussion about potential characters that we could play as in Skullgirls Mobile. You know how some mobile games, especially these RPG focused ones, often have community wide boss battles one could participate in to earn the whole community...
  4. S

    Other Monthly Marie Guild Raids

    Or maybe as a one time event? She has a HUGE load of HP and a 100% bleed resist. Players have to deal as much damage as possible in 3 minutes, and that damage will be taken from the global counter.