• [2018/06/22]
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  1. C

    Characters Beowulf Throw Animation Glitch

    So, I've been getting these Beowulf Throw glitches during PF. It is a really random glitch that rarely ever happens and I have only experienced it 4 times. I don't know what triggers this throw Animation Glitch but I do use throws alot for Coldstones and usually just keep throwing until it stuns...
  2. R

    Attacking Right After Opponent Stops Blocking or Breaks my Throw

    I am mostly a defensive player, so I am always blocking at the start, but I usually end up getting comfortable with the opponent I am fighting and either win easily or lose massively. I have developed two strategies to avoid the latter: 1. If the opponent breaks my Throw, I try to use a special...
  3. P

    Bug - Normal Bugs I found so far (2.7.1)

    - In any fighter's skill tree, once you zoom out, the page automatically zooms out as far as possible, and you cannot zoom in anymore. This bug disappears when you exit the skill tree, but still reappears if you zoom out again. - Fighter Scores are no longer instantly updated when you upgrade...
  4. Al Qedic

    Bug - Normal Grabbed Peacock out of BB3

    Similar to what's been reported of Eliza (in this thread, for example), I managed to throw a Peacock to death, even when she initiated an Unblockable. Main Attraction -- Advanced, the Untouchable Peacock fight in the Medici Tower section. I've got a Silver Heavy Reign Parasoul and a Silver Grey...
  5. T

    Eliza's Throw

    Whenever I use Eliza’s throw attack on a cpu fighter they literally parry it every single time without flaw, I don’t know what’s wrong with it but it happens even when there blocking, I literally played a whole game using the throw as much as possible but none of them connected
  6. TRIX

    How to aggressively start a fight!

    {>☆ UPDATE2:Edited some things, put in a section on my experiences in aggressive vs. conservative(not for everyone though) UPDATE:Gonna see if aggro starts are worse than defense starts, also I still don't have a Beo for myself and there's some conflicting opinions on his grab reach so TBC, love...