• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Mornedil

    Tips on using Headless mode to pressure opponents

    I made a video a couple days ago and I was told I should post it on the forums, so here we are! [Ms. Fortune] How to use Headless mode to pressure opponents This is the method I use in almost every fight to keep putting pressure on my opponent without having to block, so Ms. Fortune can keep...
  2. Yomady

    Peacock Move Tips: Unblockable Attack Usages & Brigade Counter

    A few tips for Peacock's general attacks which can bring joy to one's eyes (1HP moments) "Bang, Bang, Bang!" which can actually destroy Motor Brigade: Parasoul's Blockbuster, or even just generally stop the incoming attacks in general when Parasoul get's tagged in. Remember always to carry...
  3. Mornedil

    [guide] Robo-Fortune tips and how to perform huge combos

    If you found this helpful, make sure to leave an upvote on the video! My robo kittens feed on them :>
  4. Amanita

    Any tips for Parasoul Origin Story Expert?

    Been trying for at least a week now to beat the last battle on Parasoul’s Origin story, expert level. It’s the treasure fight on the last stage with two Armed Forces. I would have been fine with beating them, but the problem is that the Impersonal Space modifier is on it. I take the combos from...
  5. Saint2th

    Understanding Peacock: Tips & Tricks, Advanced Combos

    UPDATED FOR 1.2.1 TL;DR best vars. Untouchable (MAIN: 15% no damage on hit or on block, also gains unflinching for 6 seconds) Peashooter (TEAM: 50% projectile dmg boost, 15% armor break for 6 seconds chance for projectile only) best build. 1. Impending Doom 2. Argus Agony 3. George's Day Out...
  6. zack crimson

    I need tips on leveling up and getting high tier characters

    Hi there! I am a veteran PC Skullgirls player and is by far my favorite fighting game, and I was really happy Lab Zero launched a mobile version. So far I've loved it, and as I battle and defeat my opponents with ease I begin to get stuck, not because of my opponents, but because of lack of...
  7. Gonzalo0104

    As a new player, what should I do?

    Hi everyone, I have started playing skullgirls since two days now. And all I have done it's some story missions and a few prize fight. But I am not sure how should I use the money and the gems I have. I have been thinking on saving the gems to buy 10 relics of one of the week champs. And about...