• [2018/06/22]
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Collection Add collection space with the Squigly update


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Jul 11, 2017
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New England
Collection space is an issue. I don’t consider myself a move hoarder but I’m up to 396/400 Moves. I keep only ~3 copies of each gold move so that I have enough moves for every character to have a full set (I like diversity in characters’ movesets as opposed to every character following some meta). I do this because the alternative is moving moves around before every fight, and that would be a terrible pain in the butt. Moving moves is not particularly intuitive; it’s hard to tell who a move is currently on, and even update 2.0.1 is limited in how you can organize them when in the equip screen.

So when Squiggly (or whatever character is next up for release) comes out, I won’t have enough space to hold even 1 copy of each of her moves. If that happens I feel I’ll need to take a hiatus until collection space is addressed, like I did before move space was increased to 400. I can think of a few ideas of how to address this before or with the release of the next character:
1) implement the idea for using theonite to increase collection space that was mentioned awhile back
2) give us another 100 move slots with the next character
3) (and this is the least attractive idea) change the way we change and equip Moves so that it’s easier and more seamless, so that it doesn’t feel as necessary to have enough moves to ensure every fighter is fully stocked
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Aug 31, 2017
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I would like to mention that an idea has been mentioned to make "loadouts" where you can equip moves as a set to make it easy.
I will say though, that I pretty much always swap the same moves in because the stat bonuses on moves are really important, so keeping 2 other lame versions isn't worth the coins I'm wasting, or the space. I believe the main issue with storage space comes from how much data lower end devices can handle loading. I believe that's why the character select screen used to lag so badly, so maybe increasing the storage space is a lot more complicated than adding to the max number.
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