• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Izarck

    Collection Sets Mechanism

    SETs MECHANISM What's up?. It is a suggestion that allows us to define sets of five movements or less, in order to equip variants in an optimal, efficient and above all fast way. (especially in PF) Example this is the vision of my suggestion. - 2 or 3 sets at the start for each...
  2. R

    Collection Desperate for a sort-by-fighter function in Collection viewer

    Here is my reddit post, followed by a simpler version of the math My severe OCD demands that I evolve each bronze to silver and gold and maybe diamond, meaning 3-4 of each fighter in the end, same for natural silver, etc...but... B: 2 per fighter B>S: 2b+6b = 8b per fighter B>G: (2b+6b)+10s =...
  3. R

    Bug - Normal Randomly Disappearing Cards

    So I'm scrolling through my cards in my Collection and suddenly on of the cards vanishes and I see the background. I scroll on and when I can't see the space where the vanished one was anymore another one, in a totally different spot, vanishes as well. I scroll back. The first one is still gone...
  4. BallotBoxer

    Show me your inventory!

    Like any nosy neighbor, I can't resist peeking my beak into your business. Shouting "Show me your inventory!" is normally impolite, but I wish to see if we share underlying trends and expose flaws in the economy (e.g. think of all the silvers people are hoarding or how many gold moves accrue...
  5. Isoco3

    Collection Preset combination of moves.

    lots of people have the same issue, i have 3 diamond doubles, but i only have 1 combination of 5 moves worth using in the rift battle, every time i use one i need to change every move one by one and find each. I suggest you guys could create a "preset" option which i could save at least 3...
  6. 2nd

    Collection Add descriptions to moves in-game

    I often see new players in chat confused about what certain moves do, and I was too when I first started. Some moves that come to mind are Flesh Step, Center Stage, and Vial Hazard. Some confused players I saw in chat:
  7. 2nd

    Collection Small suggestion: change the color of maxed out stats

    This would help new players understand that there are limits, and for late game players, would aid in swapping moves between characters for rift battles. Example:
  8. jamar

    Collection Comparing Fighters

    So I've been thinking. Fighter Score tells me which of my fighters is stronger, but if I want to know why they're stronger, I have two options: either individually examine each of the fighters, or go to a well built yet limited third party website. But what if there was an easier way. What if...
  9. P

    Collection Merging the Stash with Collection?

    I feel like the Stash doesn't get the attention it deserves (at least for me). Most of the time, I use the Stash to check out how many Skill Points I have for each character, pick characters which I can afford to upgrade, and then upgrade them. It's a bit inconvenient to open the Stash, and...
  10. P

    Collection (Minor suggestion) Difficulty equipping moves and blockbusters

    Since this new update, I found it really hard trying to select a move and equip it to my fighter, since my taps only make the character fight rather than highlight the move I was just trying to view the stats of. If you could disable the ability to control your character by interacting with the...
  11. Justin Jake Ashton

    Collection We could use a non-hearted filter.

    The recent addition of the favorites filter makes it easy to browse through specific fighters and moves you've tagged and to not accidentally lose them. An issue arises though when you have some favorite fighters or moves that are lower-leveled. They take up space when you have to look for...
  12. Catotoro

    Bug - Normal Minor Visual Bug when Selling Moves

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8 Software: Android Version 8.0.0 Youtube video showcasing the bug: When selling moves in the Collection screen, there is a slight pause between "Confirming" to sell a move and when it is actually sold. During this brief period it is possible to select extra moves you...
  13. Yomady

    Other Merchandise

    Anyways am not sure how much it holds to run or items would be available in a store be a link to beyond or within the app itself but is their anyway to get a hook possibly? Just honestly most you can find of Skullgirls is a poster that's sold out. Even if its a month waiting just warning...
  14. TonyPartridge30

    Collection Add collection space with the Squigly update

    Collection space is an issue. I don’t consider myself a move hoarder but I’m up to 396/400 Moves. I keep only ~3 copies of each gold move so that I have enough moves for every character to have a full set (I like diversity in characters’ movesets as opposed to every character following some...