• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Normal Eliza getting stuck in sekhmet


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Sep 13, 2017
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Apple Iphone 7, running IOS 10.3.3
Playing in prize fight and after using Sekhmet, the button to return to Eliza is not there. When I naturally return to Eliza after timing out of Sekhmet, the button reappears for Eliza but does nothing and disappears when becoming Sekhmet again. Have not tried tagging out but when Eliza was defeated and I moved on to my next character, Big Band, the button to return to Eliza form stayed there and still did nothing. Don't know what causes bug or if it's specific only to Bloodbath Eliza or something.
iPhone 6s
iOS 11.0.1
Game version 1.5.0

Have you tried pressing the area where the button should be during Sekhmet mode to see if it there but just not visible? I had an issue with Beowulf where the Hype Mode button wasn't showing up after 3 Throws/Juggles, but when I pressed the area where it normally is, it triggered Hype Mode.
On our list to investigate! Thanks for the report.