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Favorite and Least Favorite Existing Palettes of Each Fighter?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 2onions, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. 2onions

    2onions Member

    Jan 17, 2019
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    Long time lurker first time poster here.. figured it'd be fun to post a thread to share our thoughts on the many palettes (and to say my controversial opinions regarding Double.. @me, fight me)

    These opinions are only based on the palettes themselves, despite their SAs...
    So, my fav and least fav palettes for each fighters, in alphabetical order:
    (Warning: I love pink)
    (This is by NO means an attack to the design team of SGM!!!! I love you all devs <3)​

    Beowulf: Weekend Warrior / Sparring Partner v.s. Wrestler X

    Beowulf palettes are mostly very good imo, but my ultimate favs will have to be WW and SP (with Dragon Brawler as a close third)

    WW just stands out so much from the other palettes, and it is so much fun to look at (Beo is so much fun to look at period) and the neon colors work really well against the tan skin

    I was more than excited to learn that previous SP palettes might become playable in the future..... I want my pinkish whiteish Beo Daddy sooo bad...

    I'm a huge X-Men fan.. but WX? I understand why they chose the classic X-Men uniform as a reference.. but I never liked the uniform, so......... Primary colors clashing together? No thank you​

    Big Band: G.I. Jazz v.s. Bassline

    Despite how ABSOLUTELY garbage GIJ is, I really really dig the dark green with fuschia combo!!! The fuschia is not visible from the palette on its own tho, it just shows up when he's fighting.. good thing is GIJ got red eyes! We love a red eye

    Bassline... it is just so blatantly obvious that it is the original, lowest-tier palette, because it is just so boring..​

    Cerebella: Big Top v.s. Gray Matter

    Cerebella palettes are GREAT.. I think it's mostly because of how easy Cerebella is to design..
    BT is well, pink, so I like it automatically... and the two shades of pink & red just works so well with the dark grey

    GM is not ugly, there just isn't anything to it other than it being all grey... I wish there was maybe a tiiiny bit of pop, e.g. red??

    Double: Nunsense v.s. Rainbow Blight

    There, I said it. I love the original palette of Double and do not like RB at all...

    Nunsense is SUCH a great palette, because it makes sense!!!
    Double is my fav fighter, but most of her palettes are monochromatic, which isn't my fav, because they all reduce Double to a simple blob, without ANY characteristic...
    And among the 'non-monochromatic' palettes, the original one looks the best and makes the most sense, as when Double shape-shifts, the different illusions still look great, and resemble herself!

    RB on the other hand, she does feature a lot of colors, but I don't like how gimmicky it is... and the shifting rainbow theme... it's cool but it looks tacky to me.. (she's great tho)

    Eliza: Diva Intervention v.s. Scarlet Viper

    I think Diva being Eliza's best palette is a fact..?? Other than Jojo fans loving Stand Out... I have never watched Jojo but I still like the SO palette.. But Diva is just on a whole other level... the palette just looks EXPENSIVE... and the sekhmet is PURE white???? I love it (and the pink staff too of course)

    I think SV just has a more 'yeah why not' color combo, and the fact that most of Eliza's skin is covered is strange to me... it isn't like Eliza and it definitely doesn't look good either...

    Filia: Idol Threat v.s. Djinn Frizz

    Rant: IT is such a pretty palette but it is also too damn difficult to get, period
    I love Miku uwu

    DF is by far the WORST palette in the game imo... and it's a diamond???? Nononono
    The primary RED with the primary YELLOW and ugliest shade of PURPLE without ANY other colors to blend the three together is just atrocious... the colors are TOO strong on their own​

    Ms. Fortune: Rogue Agent v.s. Hellcat

    Most Ms. Fortune palettes are relying on 2-3 specific colors too much for my taste, that's why I really like the original palette and now RA too, because the more colors give Ms. Fortune more character, instead of 'oh she's white and green!' or 'oh she's black and blue!' ya know?

    Hellcat is just a boring monochromatic palette without anything special...​

    Painwheel: Blood Drive v.s. Twisted Mettle

    BD is very very very cool imo, the blood red body against the flesh-colored mask is *italian kiss* just perfect.. the white outfit also helps to make the colors pop

    TM is yet again, another boring monochromatic palette... without any redeeming qualities... not to mention the blues featured are all very dull and BORING​

    Parasoul: No Egrets v.s. Regally Blonde

    I LOOOOOVE the glasses detail on NE soooo much you don't even know, and the pop of red on her arm just brings everything together in the design...
    Nothing is too over the top, but nothing is boring... 10/10

    I don't have much to say for RB...
    The blue and grey just look bland together... the blonde hair doesn't help either......​

    Peacock: Ultraviolent v.s. Pea Shooter

    Peacock palettes are generally pretty cool, so I don't have much to say...
    But I love UV so much because it has imo the best shade of purple!!!! Unlike
    this or this (I had to use one of these ugly purples for the text above bc the shade is just too precisely good to be shown) and secondary colors are also very cute but violent lmao

    PS is not BAD, it just isn't that good and the shade of green is too St. Patrick's Day for my liking

    Robo-Fortune: Overclocked v.s. Blue Screen / Head Hunter

    Overclocked is the best palette in the game.
    During the reveal of Robo-Fortune palettes, I was like 'Oh wow the original palette is good,,, Oh wow Purrminator looks great,,, Oh WOW Terror Byte looks GREAT,,, OH WOW OVERCLOCKED IS THE LOVE OF MY LIFE'

    BS is literally B.S. imo.. I absolutely hate the shade of blue with the rainbowy hair... (not to mention the MLP reference...)

    DON'T KILL ME, but HH is also awful... I love the reference but the colors are too bright and too much.. I don't like red with orange at all..​

    Squigly: Dead Heat / Scared Stiff v.s. Nearly Departed

    DH is one of the BEST palettes in the game so far imo, it is also one of the very few fire variants which does not look RED RED RED. I love the pop of colors... so much..... swamp green with bright red... take my money

    SS is a much simpler palette, but the "plasmas" she make are pink!! Hot pink!! Against yellow!!! Another great pop of color... I also love the black hair on her

    ND is a fun combo of colors, but nothing really stands out? Kind of a messy combo, and the plasmas are baby blue... I wish they were maybe yellow? to give it a pop.. because all the colors are a bit too pastel for my taste​

    Valentine: Assass
    in's Greed v.s. Silent Kill

    Assassin's Greed has the perfect balance of contrasting colors working together greatly... dare I say the second best palette in the game...... and it's pink so

    SK has me TORN because I absolutely adore the reference and I think it is such a perfect ref for Val.. and this palette actually looks cool...
    BUT it's monochromatic.... so it automatically becomes one of my least favs... (still love using her tho)

    tl;dr: Basically I like pops of colors and pink

    Let me know what you guys think..
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  2. vucaar

    vucaar Active Member

    Oct 19, 2017
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    For me:

    Character: Favourite / Worst

    Beowulf: Nothing (I used to not give him an use, just that, but now I hate him since I got another Dark Might in the last diamond relic)

    Big Band: Megasonic / Resonant Evil (that one because diamond RE is so funny)

    Cerebella: Brain Freeze, Toad Warrior and Harlequin / Big Top

    Double: Rainbow Blight / Temple Tyrant

    Eliza: Red Velvet, well any of them, except one (fan of Eliza) / Bloodbath (would be a sparring partner, easy)

    Filia: Dreadlocks and Frayed Ends / Class Cutter (I don't buy the Kill la Kill reference)

    Ms. Fortune: Feline Lucky and Furry Fury / Ms. Trial

    Painwheel: Buzzkill / Flytrap

    Parasoul: Princess Pride / Ivy League

    Peacock: Freeze Frame / Inkling

    Robo Fortune: Blue Screen / M3OW (even with the reference)

    Squigly: Bio exorcist / Scared stiff

    Valentine: Last Hope / - (I can't choose one for her)
  3. theLoneskull

    theLoneskull Active Member

    Jul 24, 2018
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    For, me its:
    Beowulf: Wulfsbane / Hype Man

    Big Band: Megasonic / Bassline

    Cerebella: Brain Freeze / Gray Matter

    Double: Xenomorph / Sundae School

    Eliza: Red Velvet / In Denile

    Filia: Idol Threat / Frayed Ends

    Ms.Fortune: Meow and Furever / Feline Lucky

    Painwheel: Raw Nerv / Rage Appropriate

    Parasoul: Princess Pride/Star-Crossed / Ivy League

    Peacock: UV / Wildcard

    Robo-Fortune: Nyanotech / Blue Screen

    Squigly: Bio-Exorcist / Nearly-Departed

    Valentine: Oh Mai / Graveyard Shift
  4. Veeko

    Veeko Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2018
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    Ohhh boy. I’ll format mine as favorite/least favorite.

    Beowulf: Wulfsbane/no least favorite, really
    Big Band: Megasonic/GI Jazz, I guess, since he’s basically all one color
    Cerebella: Toad Warrior, Heavy Handed/Big Top
    Double: RB, Xenomorph. I don’t especially love or hate any of her palettes, but I do think Jawbreaker was a bit of an odd choice for her natural diamond. It’s a great looking palette, I just expected a more popular reference, I guess?
    Eliza: Bloodbath, Red Velvet/Diva Intervention (yup, I’ve got a diamond one, I just don’t like her color combination)
    Filia: Windswept/Dread Locks (burns my eyes)
    Ms. Fortune: Hellcat, Claw and Order/Meow and Furever (similar color combo to DI, and I also do not like it on Nadia)
    Painwheel: Buzzkill/Blood Drive, Fly Trap (I get the ref, I just think she looks ugly.)
    Parasoul: Princess Pride/Ivy League
    Peacock: I like all her palettes! But my favorites are probably UV and TAF (too bad she sux)
    Robo-Fortune: I like all of her palettes except Blue Screen. If I did have to choose a favorite, I’d say Head Hunter.
    Squigly: Bio, Polter/Nearly Departed, Love Crafted (again. i get the reference. just not a fan)
    Valentine: Silent Kill/don’t really dislike any.
  5. Renn

    Renn Member

    Dec 28, 2017
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    And here is where it becomes disgustingly obvious that I have a bias towards Light Variants (and disliking for Fire Variants)

    Beowulf: Wrestler X / Dragon Brawler
    Big Band: Heavy Metal / Robocopy
    Cerebella: Brain Freeze / Heavy Handed
    Double: Jawbreaker / Sundae School
    Eliza: Decrypted / Scarlet Viper
    Filia: Windswept / Djinn Frizz
    Ms. Fortune: Meow & Furever / Claw & Order
    Painwheel: Firefly / Twisted Mettle
    Parasoul: Summer Salt (+ Star Crossed) / Ivy League
    Peacock: Freeze Frame / Wildcard
    Robo Fortune: M-3OW / Head Hunter
    Squigly: Necrobreaker / Dead Heat
    Valentine: Assassin's Greed / Silent Kill

    Honestly, the amount of times a dark palette came 2nd place for me was insane. I love almost all of them, but all except Decrypted were outshone. That's an oof from me.
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  6. owlydowly

    owlydowly New Member

    Apr 30, 2019
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    I'm joining the trainnn then :D

    Beowulf: Dragon Brawler / Hype Man (not so hype for this lmao)
    Bigband: Resonant Evil / Private Dick (his combination is just doesn't work for me)
    Cerebella: Headstrong / Heavy Hand (I would say I love all of bella palettes, along with Headstrong, Harlequin and Brain Freeze are also my fav, Heavy Hand and Grey Matter just not as much interesting)
    Double: Nunsense / other palttes / Rainbow (Yep, it's only three levels for Double lmao)
    Eliza: In Denile / Bloodbath (mono is no good for me, and In Denile have just the right amount of color, and detail and everything I love to see in Elize from the original game version)
    Filia: Frayed Ends / Djinn Frizz (I just love that green pantie, bless meee. Djinn is just too bright)
    Ms.Fortune: Meow & Forever / Hell Cat (everything works just nice for her, especially her card image)
    Painwheel: Rage Apropriate / Fly Trap (my fav Pokemon is Bruxish, and I love this palette in almost every characters, but Painwheel is just the best)
    Parasoul: No Egrets / Heavy Reign (well, the glasses)
    Peacock: Wild Card / Inkling (almost never use Wild Card but we are talking about appearance so...)
    RoboFortune: Nyanotech / Overclocked (red and gold combination as its finest, while Overclocked is kind of faded away, or could it be because of her Neautral element lmao)
    Squigly: Poltergust / Scared Stiff (pure black and pure green is pure perfection for me)
    Valentine: Assassin's Greed / Kill Joy (her Diamond palette is probably the best looking Diamond for me, Kill Joy on the other hand quite boring tho)
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  7. 2onions

    2onions Member

    Jan 17, 2019
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    Your choices are SO good.. (except for Robo and Squigly which I would say the opposite lol)
  8. owlydowly

    owlydowly New Member

    Apr 30, 2019
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    Yeah I know, it's just different opinion tho XD I would say Diamond Robo looks really cool, my only problem is I prefer bright pink to light one. That's why I love Big Top (not in this list), Rage and Assassin while Overclocked and Kill Joy are my least fav one. Squigly is not even close to bad as well, I just think her other palettes turn out better for me. Even Dead in Winter (mono color) makes some good sense with the theme, the name, and the card image XD
  9. Kevin Pepino

    Kevin Pepino Member

    Mar 25, 2019
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    Here's a list of my choices

    Beowulf: Dragon Brawler / Dark Might
    Big Band: Megasonic / Epic Sax
    Cerebella: Toad Warrior / Big Top
    Double: Rainbow Blight / Immoral Fiber
    Eliza: Tomb & Gloom / Decrypted
    Filia: Idol Threat / Dread Locks
    Ms. Fortune: Hack & Splash / Meow & Furever
    Painwheel: Grim Fan / Fly Trap
    Parasoul: Summer Salt / No Egrets
    Peacock: W(e live in a society)ildcard / Pea Shooter
    Robo Fortune: Blue Screen / Purrminator
    Squigly: Poltergust / Necrobreaker
    Valentine: Surgeon General / Kill Joy (Sorry HVS)

    EDIT: Forgot to post least favorite skins, my bad
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  10. Disasterrr19

    Disasterrr19 Active Member

    Feb 23, 2019
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    Here are my choices:

    Beowulf: Dark Might / Hype Man (This is **** Batman! / Too non-eye-catching for someone called Hype Man)
    Big Band: Megasonic / G.I. Jazz (My No.1 favourite Palette in the game, tenebrous and menacing / Dark green just does not suit this guy, IMO)
    Cerebella: Brain Freeze / Heavy Handed (Blue and blond go together perfectly, also her Fighter Card looks so cute... / She's like faded Harlequin)
    Double: Xenomorph / Doublicious (I'm a big fan of Alien, so the choice was obvious / Too pinkish for my liking)
    Eliza: Tomb & Gloom / none (Metallic wings? Gimme two, please! / Overall, all Eliza palettes are very nice, IMO)
    Filia: Dread Locks / Djinn Frizz (Honestly, I don't know why, but I like her the most / Strange choice of colours that are poorly combined together)
    Ms.Fortune: Hack'n Splash / Feline Lucky (This blue strand in her hair, oh yeah! / Looks too general, nothing specific)
    Painwheel: Firefly / Rage Appropriate (Red and gold for rage and gore, RRAAARGH! / Too many bright colours, especially in the victory stance)
    Parasoul: No Egrets / Primed (Dark blue hair AND glasses? How can I say "no" to that? / I always have a feeling like I'm controlling a human eggplant)
    Peacock: That's All Folks / Wild Card (If only her usability was as good as her style... / Joker's features are not that clearly seen to impress me)
    Robo-Fortune: Purrminator / M-3OW (Hasta la vista baby / Never liked that droid...)
    Squigly: Love Crafted and Bio-Exorcist / Nearly Departed (Please, don't make me choose between Zone-tan and the most badass ghost ever... / See Rage Appropriate)
    Valentine: Icy Hot / Last Hope (She's the only blue Val, and I guess you've already noticed that I like blue color / Too ordinary, nothing special for my eye)
  11. molly

    molly New Member

    Mar 12, 2018
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    beowulf: sparring partner (original) / number one -> the original light pink and white combo of the (old) sparring partner is really cute and looks amazing! number one isn’t the worst, but it doesn’t do anything for me. i dislike the dark beard

    big band: resonant evil / beat box -> resonant evil has a nice combo of deep purples and brassy oranges that is pleasing to the eye. beat box, on the other hand, hurts my eyes.

    cerebella: armed forces / big top -> cerebella has some of the best gold palettes! armed forces works so well, the dark green and light orange mix... mmm... big top isn’t a terrible look, but it definitely falls flat for me.

    double: rainbow blight / immoral fiber -> rainbow blight is so chaotic and i love it. it’s just a super fun palette. immoral fiber is just so unappealing. don’t get me wrong, i do enjoy some monochromatic palettes, but this one isn’t my favorite.

    eliza: stand out + bloodbath / red velvet -> as an eliza main, ive grown to love all of her palettes. but, if i had to chose a favorite, i’d be stuck between stand out and bloodbath. i love stand out not only for the bizarre reference but also for its striking, eye catching colors. bloodbath, though simple, is still so pretty and... bloody? red velvet isn’t terrible but i hate that black bang not blended into the hair.

    filia: hair apparent / djinn frizz -> hair apparent is really cute. i mean, can one go wrong with blond hair and a school girl uniform? now, on to the trainwreck that is djinn frizz. her SA’s are amazing, but her clashing colors are so unappealing. when i first saw her card, i genuinely thought it was fan made.

    ms. fortune: rogue agent / hellcat -> rogue agent is so eye catching and all of the different colors work so well with each other. hellcat isn’t bad but it’s probably my least favorite of the bunch.

    painwheel: raw nerv / rusty -> raw nerv has an amazing reference and the combination of neons is pleasant to the eye. rusty isn’t bad, just not my favorite. very simple.

    parasoul: princess pride / ivy league -> wombo combo: glasses, black dress, tan stockings, blonde hair. perfect! ivy league has those terrible white arm sleeves that just distract me way too much.

    peacock: ultraviolent / pea shooter -> similar to big band, i like the combo of purple and light orange/yellow. pea shooter is just boring?

    robo-fortune: head hunter / nyanotech -> head hunter is visually bright and fun to look at. nyanotech is an iconic palette, but i just can’t get myself to like it.

    squigly: poltergust / dead heat -> poltergust is one of my favorite palettes in the game because the black and neon green duo goes so well together. dead heat is boring and i don’t necessarily like the blue eye with the reds and grays.

    valentine: pyro-technique / last hope -> i loveeee the dark hair and red combo on valentine. it’s stunning! last hope is pretty but for some reason i don’t like the pairing of the pinks and reds and whites.

    phew! i think i got carried away with this list... oops. well here is my irrelevant opinion on the palettes in the game. apparently i have some deep grudge against fire element characters

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  12. Veeko

    Veeko Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2018
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    I am so glad someone else is bothered by Ivy League’s sleeves... it looks like she’s got skin bunched up around her wrists. Also agree on Princess Pride, she’s an absolute babe.
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  13. molly

    molly New Member

    Mar 12, 2018
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    IKR! the fact that her face is the same shade as her sleeves make her arms look horribly disfigured...
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  14. Nefarious

    Nefarious Member

    Sep 27, 2018
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    Wrestler X: Sorry 2onions, the primary colors work great here. Nice and bright, they just kinda pop for me.
    Weekend Warrior: The light background screws me up there and I probably would've liked it more if every time I see it I see the light background.

    Big Band:
    Heavy Metal: Oh wow a JoJo reference, etc. and honestly that's true. I did choose it because it was a JoJo reference. And only that because I don't care for any of the current Big Band palettes lol.
    Bassline: It's boring.

    Understudy: Tan skin is my weakness and I just like the teal on her.
    Big Top: Same reason for Weekend Warrior, the light background ruins it for me. Even then I can't say I'd like it still, but it is't that bad.

    Sundae School: A Neapolitan ice palette is cool. It's an ice cream theme, I like it.
    Rainbow Blight: Too many colors for me. Sure they change color which is cool but it's still ugly.

    In Denile: Dark skin is just a weakness of mine. And also bob cuts.
    Red Velvet: I just don't like it. I can't put my finger on it, but it just doesn't jive with me.

    Class Cutter: Kill la Kill reference, I love it.
    Parasite Weave: It looks pretty bland to me, maybe it's just from overexposure but I just don't like it.

    Ms. Fortune:
    Hack n' Splash: Black and blue looks absolutely awesome together.
    Purrfect Dark: I do not like the color scheme at all. Flat out just looks ugly to me.

    Rage Appropriate: I admit the colors put me off at first, but I've grown to adore them. The combination of light colors work so well together but...

    Star-Crossed: Green, pink, and white/gray actually work really well together and honestly I didn't expect that. Mostly because that's a wack color combination.
    Heavy Reign: Barf sweater.

    Freeze Frame: It's red, white, and blue, what's there not to love? I mean mostly different shades of blue but the blues are sick.
    Wildcard: There are way too many colors for me and they do not work well together. Truly a bruh moment.

    Robo Fortune:
    Overclocked: Not only is it Liam, but pink and white is choice. Even more so with that pink diamond border.
    M-3OW: Also pretty boring. I can respect the full monotone colors though.

    Dead Heat: This red is a great look on Squigly, especially paired with everything else on her.
    Scared Stiff: It's boring as all hell. It's just so plain compared to everything else.

    Pyro-Technique: It's hot.
    Assassin's Greed: None of the colors on her mix that well, especially the mint green and pink.
  15. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Jun 29, 2017
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    i only have few favorite palettes and its nowhere near per fighter.
    squigly pultergust shes neon green enough said
    peacock untouchable she loooks like a mob boss with black and red and that SA
    well that's it for my very short list.

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