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Investment help


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Aug 26, 2019
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So I've got a ton of fighters (mainly diamonds) I still want to invest in but I just don't know who to choose first.
I know this isn't really a question with a right/wrong answer, but I'm really curious about what other players would do and would like to hear as many opinions as possible :)

I think ultimately my main objective is achieving a higher rift ranking.

Fighters I already have invested in enough to use in rift etc.
Diamond: Flytrap, Love Crafted, Très Chic, Dream Catcher, Primed, Claw & Order
Gold: Harlequin, Hack 'n Splash, Epic Sax, Ultraviolent, Purrminator, +a ton of natural bronze and silvers

Diamond: Assasin's Greed, Untouchable, Resonant Evil, Dread Locks, Kill Joy
Gold: Immoral Fiber +some other natural bronze and silvers

Diamond: Bloodbath, Surgeon General, Private Dick, Bio-Exorcist, Red Velvet, Silent Kill, Doublicious
Gold: Poltergust, Rusty, Nunsense, + some other natural bronze and silvers

Fighters I am contemplating investing in
Diamond: Summer Salt, Star-Spangled, Class Cutter, Risky Ginger
Gold: Buzzkill, Wulfsbane, Thrill Shrieker

Diamond: Dream Band
Gold: Firefly, Idol Threat, Blue Screen, Meow & Furever

Diamond: Stand Out, Mummy Dearest
Gold: Surgeon General (to have a second usable one), Persona Assistant, Last Hope, Purrfect Dark, Night Terror

In terms of building my own rift with them and the necessary specific Catalysts I already have, one of the diamond Eliza's would be my first choice, but I heard Eliza isn't that good on Rift defense in general.
I have an interesting idea (a triple node with Tranducer or that gives Haste: Velvet, Bloodbath + SO/MD, Doomsday Device, Pharaohmones, Curse of Knowledge) but it's not as proven to work as for example a Ms.Fortune or Big Bang-based node with the appropriate Catalysts.
Dream Band would be another option for this, as I also have some useful Big Band catas.

On the other hand I feel like gaining higher ranks in rift is more dependent on defeating bases yourself than on relying on your own base winning fights. When looking at it like that the logical choice would probably be Summer Salt. Is she as amazing as people claim?

Anyways, I'm really curious to hear what you guys' opinion and view on this is.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share any ideas and opinions :)
I would say this:
  • Summer Salt, Class Cutter, Blue Screen, and Meow & Furever are a must, invest in them without any doubt.
  • Buzzkill is amazing on offence and can be very annoying on defence with some setups, but you already have Fly Trap who is pretty similar in usage. I have both and use both, so not a bad choice either, if you have skillpoints and skills.
  • Bring Harle to Diamond ASAP, she is just too good to sit in the Gold Tier. Meaty punches and grabs, improved cooldowns, semi-infinite loops - can't go wrong with her.
  • Purrfect Dark is a cheap variant that can be amazing against Frost Armor or other buff-spamming setups. Insane damage for a Silver and good combo potential of Ms.Fortune, just be careful because she is as sturdy as a paper doily.
  • Wulfsbane is a great grappler, but I don't play Beo much, so can't give you any experienced opinion.
Other variants you listed can be good, but not as efficient as the ones above. I personally often use Dia Epic Sax, Rusty, and Poltergust, am building Thrill Shrieker and Ultraviolent and hope to get Persona one day.

With current Rifts I don't see Eliza being very efficient of defence, sorry. Still can be pretty good on offence.
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Summer Salt is my darling on offense, used almost every time on the hardest node. Good damage (slightly less so with the MA nerf, but still enough to get by) access to precision without having to take up a move slot for the taunt, and BUFF REMOVAL. I've had someone slight that last one, but I can't even count the number of fights I've lost because someone had an invincible or last stand that was keeping them on their feet when I needed them dead before the timer ran out. Also removing armor stacks or regen or the list really doesn't end. It's pretty vital to winning rifts easily.

Also her "bleed" effect kills people. Not great for getting that blockbuster finish bonus, but I've found it a fair tradeoff to occasionally miss that to also get in cheap kills when I inevitably bring someone down to 1% with an attack that's not quite enough or soon after removing that Last Stand buff.

After that, characters I know are worth investing in are: Harlequin, Blue Screen, Meow & Furever, Surgeon General (I have one with each MA for different situations), Persona Assistant, Last Hope, Purrfect Dark, Buzzkill (Weirdly has ruined my day more than is fair on defense). Not listing those in order of priority, just kinda at random. There's probably some other good one in your list that I haven't worked with much either.

As for Eliza's on defense, Stand Out is probably the only one that I'm legitimately nervous about. Buffs are great, who doesn't go into some of the 3vs3 nodes without some backup buff suppliers like Surgeon General with Trauma Center? Then Stand Out eats your damn buffs and has full meter and life sucks.

Bloodbath meanwhile is only a little annoying unless someone has really, really maxed her out. Hex is one of those things that needs to get in early in my mind before I'm crushing you, so Red Velvet is not something I fear. Diva can also ruin a day, but I find it's pretty rare for the AI to do that well. That might be the Eliza problem is they don't use the Sekhmet mode terribly effectively on defense, and that's... basically Eliza's strong point.

I don't think I've met a Mummy Dearest that's been invested in enough to have strong feelings.

I confess I once fought against a diamond Bloody Valentine that was a little annoying. Nothing too terrible, but having to completely break the habit of using special moves because each one was refilling her life 10% was a memorable pain in the bum.
Achieving a high ranking by investing in diamonds is not promising. For example, if you work all the time and can set aside 10% of your salary, where would you invest it?
It's great to see your enthusiasm for investing in fighters and achieving a higher rift ranking! Choosing which fighters to invest in can be a strategic decision based on your playstyle and goals. It's important to consider your team composition and the synergy between your fighters.
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