• [2018/06/22]
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  1. V

    Ultraviolent Counter Rift Futile Resistance After 6.1?

    After the 6.1 update, I’ve been excited to test out new strategies in rift. With Big Band’s Futile Resistance catalyst being updated to ignore piercing, it can make a him a much tougher defender! One thought I had was maybe Peacock Ultraviolent could be a good counter to Futile Resistance since...
  2. C

    Bug - Normal Rift Battle Matchmaking Busted

    Device: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Android 13, U.I. 5.1 I finished a rift run and my next opponents loaded. Despite me only doing 1 run this season and being level 51, my opponents I was matched with are all level 70. I used a free refresh to reveal two more 70's and a 69. I am nowhere near the...
  3. V

    Fights Add Rift Mode - Test Rift Base

    It would be cool if a mode could be added to test run your rift base. Most of the veteran players pretty much know exactly what catalysts and defenders to use, but it could be helpful for new players that could test run their rift base themselves and realize a node is too easy and could be...
  4. N

    Other Rift reward not sent yet

    I haven't seen the rift reward this week. Often, the mail is not late like this time.
  5. Z

    trying to redesign my light node

    Now I have raining champ, dream band, weekend warrior, blitz&glamour, assassin's greed, and a kill joy(yes I evolved her to diamond), any idea on how I may create a strong light node? I have all catalyst ready.
  6. K

    Bug - Normal Rift season rewards error.

    There was some error in the rift this week, my points were reset to zero and I received the rewards for rookie. I saw that other players had the same issue as well.
  7. Mornedil

    Probably not how we're intended to play Rift Battles

    A big reward from playing rifts are those much useful rift coins. And since the coins we gain from each battle scales with our win streak, longer streaks mean more coins! But, keeping a streak gets harder and harder the higher our rift rating is... So players have developed the strategy of...
  8. R

    Bug - Normal Problem with Reward NOT received

    Hello. I'm kind of a bit pissed off because I didn't get my rift reward of this week. I've issued 3 tickets since the beginning of the week and still NO answers despite all the message saying "Please note that it may take over 48 business hours to receive a response from us, but rest assured...
  9. PharaohValentine

    Investment help

    So I've got a ton of fighters (mainly diamonds) I still want to invest in but I just don't know who to choose first. I know this isn't really a question with a right/wrong answer, but I'm really curious about what other players would do and would like to hear as many opinions as possible :) I...
  10. Mornedil

    Other Suggestions for Rift 2.0 improvement

    Rift 2.0 has overall been an improvement over old rifts, with the smaller bases, modifiers changing weekly, and the asynchronous matchmaking system. With all of these changes (and more good stuff), Rift 2.0 appeals to a much larger player base. However, there are some big issues that make Rift...
  11. S

    Resolved [Video Proof] Rift - Winning without clearing all nodes

    Another user saintshish also pointed this out on the forum, but here I have provided video evidence of this bug as well as some details; In this video I demonstrate an obvious loss on a node, then move onto the boss node to clear it. After clearing the boss node, I am immediately granted a...
  12. StrongestAntiMETA

    Characters Dark Might needs Rework

    Dark Might's SA2 needs rework for him to be better in RIFT and PF. Especially now that we will have new Fukuas and that ShadowPuppet needs some hard counter, I mean she deserves insta-death. LOL From: TIER 3 BLOCKBUSTERS have a 15%/25%/35% chance to instantly defeat opponents if Beowulf has...
  13. J

    Fights Rift battles should have xp also

    Just like any fighting mode. This will attract more players
  14. Yomady

    Bug - Normal Rift special move counting as a Blockbuster

    I was in are usual Rift match on the middle node under a boss fight, I used Double's (Doublicious) special move 'Luger Replica' for final hit which the scores came out as titled. Mean am still happy for the extra 100 points - thinking evil forces might grab this
  15. Yomady

    Fights A extra node in Rift

    Never thought I'd ask for idea but there isn't much on it, and by the looks of it there are strategies that can be formed with two/three fighters and two catalysts Just terms of playful in away adding extra damage on the court. Extra catalysts will probably end up sold, might beat the strain...
  16. StrongestAntiMETA


    First of all I want to emphasize that these are just suggestions. So no hate please, be easy on me. LOL Also, we (or just me) must admit that these catalysts are near-useless. Then we have the METAs like FrostArmor, ScratchingPost, DPTB, Futile, etc. So I thought, why not do a rework and see...
  17. Dusty00

    [Rift] Arranged timeframe for players to arrange fair matchups

    One of the main reasons many folks don’t like rift is that they do not think they are matched against “fair” opponents. Until the devs can have a chance to tune matchmaking, what if players make an attempt to coordinate here and/or on discord certain schedules for players to more likely match...
  18. Lulero

    Rift matchmaking, fellow players please share some data

    DISCLAIMER: This thread is NOT the place to discuss how fair/enjoyable the algorithm is. It's just about gathering data. REQUEST: Post in this thread your rift data: Sum of your top 20 fighters FS (be as accurate as possible). Your current rift rating and tier (i.e. G4, G3, G2, D3, etc...)...
  19. 2nd

    Collection Small suggestion: change the color of maxed out stats

    This would help new players understand that there are limits, and for late game players, would aid in swapping moves between characters for rift battles. Example:
  20. Dusty00

    Rift: it’s possible to win!

    I never thought I could win, but with catalysts and the right setup i had a shot at taking down players with fully leveled and maxed moves players. On a bad day, even Gamma had trouble with this map on his stream. I have tried to beat this person since the beginning of rift but had always lost...