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OFFICIAL: 2.3 Update Notes (LIVE!)


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May 17, 2017
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Our next update will be arriving hopefully sometime next week depending on how the submission progress goes! Here's what you can expect to find in our next version.

You can find these notes in Spanish on the Skullgirls Mobile en Espanol Facebook page, here:


Squigly is the last “surviving” member of the Contiello family, a long lineage of opera singers and among the Medicis’ most valued clients. Fourteen years ago, Squigly’s mother Selene obtained the Skull Heart, resulting in Lorenzo Medici ordering an attack on the Contiello family. Fraught with despair, Selene became the Skullgirl and revived her family as an undead army. What spared Squigly from becoming a mindless minion was the intervention of the Parasite Leviathan, the Contiello family’s friend and guardian.

The battle between the Skullgirl and Lorenzo threatened to spread across New Meridian if not for Squigly and the intervention of the ASG. With the Skullgirl’s defeat, the power that animated Squigly faded, putting her to rest. Lorenzo generously paid for the Contiellos’ funeral and has not had conflicts with the Medicis’ other clients since.

Fourteen years later, Bloody Marie’s emergence has stirred Squigly from her long slumber…

Playing Squigly is all about finding openings. Rather than relying on her base stats, players will have to take advantage of these openings and be precise with their timing to make Squigly maximally effective. Her Character Ability and Signature Abilities will encourage players to carefully choose moments to strike, and if those moments are squandered, her effectiveness is greatly diminished.

Using her wide arsenal of Moves and Blockbusters, Squigly can attack from anywhere at a moments notice with her impressive range. With a bit of strategic planning, these long range attacks can transition into devastating combo sequences in the hands of a skilled player.

Squigly will have a persistent button to activate Wrym's Tail once you unlock her Character Ability in her Skill Tree. You can tap and hold this button to enter Squigly's "charging" stance, where she will begin to accumulate Dragon Charges.


Your progress towards your next full Dragon Charge will be displayed as a status effect where the normal modifier icons are. She can store a maximum of two Dragon Charges.

What do they do? Glad you asked!

Squigly will automatically consume one of her fully stocked Dragon Charges to enhance many of her moves when they are activated. For context, here are some examples!
  • Draugen Punch - Added hits, more damage.
  • Trip - Added hits, now homes in on the opponents feet.
  • Knockback - Extra damage, now bounces the opponent off of the wall for a follow up combo.
  • Silver Cord - Added range, quicker start-up, faster recovery.
  • Drag 'n' Bite - Added hits, allows a combo into her first tap attack.
You get the idea! We'll let you discover the rest on your own...


Seven new Squigly Fighters will be immediately available through the REANIMATED RELIC, which will be available for the first 7 days after 2.3.0 goes live. Get 'em while they're hot!


You will be able to get Squigly's Moves from ANY MOVE RELIC (and Squigly's Daily Event - Ghoul's Night Out) as soon as 2.3.0 goes live.

You can also discuss her upcoming variants here:

Squigly's first Prize Fight will be arriving on THURSDAY after 2.3.0 goes live, and her Daily Event will also be available every MONDAY (alongside her BFF Filia).

We're expecting her first Prize Fight to be very competitive. Best of luck to anyone aiming for top 10%!

For those of you asking for a Wind Prize Fight variant, your prayers have been answered! Poltergust will be the Gold Squigly Prize Fight top reward.



Experience the scene of Squigly's reanimation! As Marie grows in power, Squigly awakens from her coffin and takes in the scene from a nearby rooftop.

You can find this stage in Squigly's Daily Event and in the random stage rotation in Prize Fights!

We made a LOT of changes to Prize Fights in 2.2, which has generated tons of invaluable feedback! We want you to know that we've been listening carefully to all of your notes and suggestions, and will be continuously working to help address many of your concerns.

Short Term - Increased Defense Team Points
One of the main goals of Defense Teams was to provide a secondary, passive resource that skilled players could use to generate meaningful chunks of points towards their PF score while they were away. However, the current Defense Team Point rewards were set a little too low to really make that suitably enticing. As such, they've gotten a BIG boost in 2.3!
  • Defense Team WINS now grant you 50% of the total points for that fight (was previously 10%)
  • Defense Team LOSSES now grant you 10% of the total points for that fight (was previously 1%)
Long Term - TBD
We are carefully monitoring player performance in Prize Fights across all levels of player experience so that - when we do make adjustments - we are confident they will accurately address the needs of all of our players.

Keep an eye out for even more improvements to Prize Fights in 2.4, such as extra rewards for tackling tough to beat teams!


Charmander! Squir.. wait...

You've all seen Star-Crossed Parasoul, but we'll be adding two more AI fighters in 2.3 that you will no doubt come across in various modes that support random fighters.

We're still tuning all three of these variants, but once we're confident that they are ready to be released into the wild, you'll be able to acquire them through Relics in a future update!

As you'll discover via Squigly's Signature Abilities, there are a couple of new modifiers in town!


Prevents positive buffs from being applied.


Every second, a fighter suffering from Wither will lose a chunk of their meter.​

After much deliberation, Character Relics now feature a 100% guaranteed chance to contain their featured characters. Gone are the days of opening a Beowulf Smackdown Relic and receiving a Peacock!

In order to maintain economy health, the cost of Character Relics has increased from 150 Theonite to 200 Theonite.
Why are you making Character Relics more expensive?

For those of you who played Skullgirls before 2018, you may recall that this was how Character Relics were originally designed to function.

Going into 2.0, we were carefully examining many aspects of the in-game economy and - for a variety of reasons (properly valuing the increased odds of getting a particular fighter, increasing relative value of the Premiere Relics, etc) - we decided to keep the Theonite Prices of the Character Relics the same, but reduce the odds of getting the featured character to 50%.

The results of this have been mixed. Premiere Relics are much more viable (also in part because we added Character Relic exclusive fighters to the Premiere Relic pool), but many players have reported that Character Relics feel confusing or clunky, regardless of how we messaged the contents. As such, we've restored them to their original states, and have instead increased the cost to compensate for the degree of control players are able to exert over their Relic rewards.

As always, we welcome your feedback on any changes to the game, and look forward to continuing to tweak and tune the economy to ensure a great user experience while also ensuring Skullgirls Mobile's sustainability for years to come.
In another big change, Character Relics are now going to be available on a brand new schedule!

Now, Characters Relics will be available alongside their respective Prize Fights, this means that - once a Prize Fight ends, there will be a ~5 week window until the Character Relic is available again.

Because Squigly is a brand new character, we will be making an exception for her - and her Relic will be available for the entirety of her launch week.
Knowing that everyone's Collections are bursting at the seams, what kind of devs would we be to release a whole new set of Fighters and Moves without giving a little extra breathing room. As such, we've increased everyone's Fighter Collection capacity to 250, and Move Collection capacity to 500.

As we've mentioned before, we're working on a feature that will allow you to spend Theonite to increase your collection size for a future update.


In the new version, you'll notice some new offer types that will activate when you fulfill specific requirements (like pulling a new Gold fighter, running out of Theonite, maxing out your first Bronze, etc). These events will trigger limited time offers featuring great deals at discounted prices.

In addition, we'll also be adding new weekly offers that will refresh every Thursday night - keep an eye out!

Lastly, by popular request, the Fighter Variety Pack and Gold Mine Pack will pop-up again periodically as players progress through the game.


Memory Optimizations

  • Optimized UI frames to lower memory cost.
  • Reduced the amount of memory that characters occupy when loaded to reduce crashes and improve app stability.
  • Fixed an issue where hitting a tagging in character with Canopy Bounce would soft lock the app.
  • Fixed an issue where Double was immune to throws during several types of hitstun.
Prize Fights
  • Fixed an issue where some Silver and Gold fighters were sneaking their way into Prize Fights that they shouldn't be allowed to enter.
  • Fixed several edge case issues with localized text.
  • All offers will now always display regional pricing, and they will never default to USD pricing in the event they cannot load regional pricing.
  • Fixed an issue where Shadow Of Impending Doom would spawn more items than intended.
We know how much everyone is looking forward to our next Story Mode content update, so here's an early look at what we're working on for Parasoul's Origin Story. It's a REAL juicy one, so get ready for that... deepest. lore.


We'll be featuring some beautiful fullscreen art as well similar to Valentine's Origin Story. These take a lot of time to put together, and since we've been focusing all of our efforts on Squigly, we don't have an immediate ETA on when this will be available just yet. Stay tuned for more details - and thanks for your patience!

As always, thanks for your support and patience while we work on these new updates. We'll keep everyone posted on the submission progress in this thread!
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Looks like it’s gonna be a great update, can’t wait to see how Squigly will shake up the meta.

It’s nice that character relics are restored back to their rightful 100% chance at an increased cost. But I actually thought there was one good reason for making them 50% - to reduce the amount of useless dupes for players who open extreme amounts of the same character relic.

Back when Eliza relics were first released I opened 77 of her relics and managed to get all her variants and now made all of them gold. But the problem now is that I have too many leftover silver Eliza clogging up my inventory. I’d like to see a more worthwhile way of collection cleanup rather than scarificing for XP.

The expanded storage space is great, now I can open 77 Squigly relics and the 400+ gold move relics I’ve saved up.

Character relics may be too nerfed?? I guess it'll be more for people who want specific fights :( Now I only have enough for 4 10+1 pulls on squigly (though I'm glad it'll all be squigly).
Very excited for the new character, I can't wait to find combos for her.
Noticed there was no mention of cleaning up cheaters. Squigly PF is gonna suck with all these cheaters getting scores they absolutely shouldn’t be getting and resulting in us legit players suffering a lower PF rank than we supposed to.
Noticed there was no mention of cleaning up cheaters. Squigly PF is gonna suck with all these cheaters getting scores they absolutely shouldn’t be getting and resulting in us legit players suffering a lower PF rank than we supposed to.
I imagine that the reason that they did not address cheaters is because dealing with cheaters is an ongoing task that the team is trying to take care of, I wouldn't worry much about it.
Finally, some information on Parasoul’s Origin Story! I can’t wait to see Umbrella hopefully. I’m glad Relics now feature the character 100% now. I can’t wait for the best zombie girl to come to mobile. Awesome update notes once again devs! All this wait is always worth it.
Oh man getting to the first top10% will be tough... But I'll try for squigly!
Fantastic. I understand the situation with the relics right now but I take a small prize increase over being screwed with RNG. Can´t wait to play with the new character and variants
It's going to be interesting to see what scores are needed to hit both top 10% and top 10 in general.

If the defensive changes go through, it's going to be a lot more impactful to have a defensive team decked out. The 50% points for a win might give incentive to upgrading defensive teams' moves since right now you can get away with not upgrading moves past level 3.

Hoping to see a successful patch and good luck to those fighting for the top 2 event rewards milestones.
Looking good!

I appreciate character relics going back to have their 100% chance back, though that means my saved up theonite is gonna be worth less :(
Would have been able to open 33 squigly relics before, now it's just going to be 22 instead (though considering that i'll statistically get twice as many squiglys that's still better i suppose)

Also very happy to hear about the increased storage, since i'm currently just wasting fighters cause i need the space.
I really hope we get the ability to see stats on a move right when it drops after a fight and the ability to sell it directly from the same screen though. This would make it much easier to manage your move storage, so you woukdn't necessarily need as much space as you currently do.

Also, maybe giving more ways to get rid of fighters other than powering up may be nice. (Coins, Character points, etc)

Those Price fight changes sound juicy as well, with some big buffs to point gain.
That should certainly make checking up on your Defense teams regularly more rewarding.
I personally still think it would be nice if we'd maybe get a small amount of coins as well (or character points perhaps).

I'm a little confused about the new Relic Schedule however - does this mean they will *only* be available during the characters' prize fights?
Or is it additionally to their daily events relics?

And still lots of more small additions that make this a really exciting update, not to mention our new Zombie waifu - good job guys <3
Can't wait for it to come out!
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So with this game getting further and further beyond I'm hoping they could add a new system where they could somehow get a double exp prizefights or other ways of getting gold because I don't want to spend money on this game and it is getting annoying getting these things.
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I was gonna ask about beowulf story mode or just new story modes in general AND THEN I SAW PARASOUL mi gosh I'm excited for all this new content. 200 theonite might sound a bit too much for others, but tbh if you do story mode and daily quests(I forgot what they're called) and try not to spend so much, you can save up quite a lot without spending a single real dime on the game.

Thank you guys so much for continuing to put in so much effort into this game!!
Aw yeah this updates gonna be cool! I'm glad character relics will at least be back to 100% (I almost gave up hope on getting rainbow blight after wasting 3k theonite) though the cost will go up, it will be worth it to get specific characters! Good luck to everyone on the new pf!

IM SO SORRY SQUIGLY, BUT IM SAVING MYSELF FOR FILIA. (And hopefully a new beowulf variant in the future)
im so sorry squigly.jpg
In the Discord many suggested to have the possibility to increase the chance of get a featured character from their relic by paying more theonite. With that you could keep the 50% ones for 150 and also have the 100% ones for 200.
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In the Discord many suggested to have the possibility to increase the chance of get a featured character from their relic by paying more theonite. With that you could keep the 50% ones for 150 and also have the 100% ones for 200.
Ohhh here’s a idea!