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OFFICIAL: 2020 Preview

Is a new character someone who's been already revealed in the SG universe (like PanzerFaust or Brain Drain for example) or someone who we have never seen before even on characters vote list from like 2013-2014?
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Also am I the only one who wishes I could open all my relics at once? I know it's not a huge deal, but it would be nice to not have to back up to different screens to open multiple relic types.
Speaking of Fukua, can we please get a section for the greatest April Fool's joke of all time (still can't get over how Lab Zero created an entire character to mock Decapre in SFIV) in the Characters area of the forum?

Kinda underselling nearly doubling the diamonds available! That was huge!

How does the team approach new variants? Is there a plan like "we're gonna add a 5th gold to all 13 fighters (15! months later!) this year" or "we need another set of diamonds, start thinking of SAs people!"

And if Minette isn't the new character (I'm convinced it will be Umbrella. Smaller character = smaller drawings. Less money spent. Simple economics.), perhaps she can get in other ways...
I like your derpy looking Fillia btw. ^.^
First off massive appreciation for all the devs for constantly delivering expectation-exceeding features!

Here's my two cents.

1. Please consider adding new bronze characters. Endgame players have little use for bronze keys except perhaps to upgrade some bronze fighters to complete certain story mode challenges.

2. Per the argument above, I think bronze keys should be removed as a drop item from pink gifts or better still, an option to sell
bronze keys( same goes for silvers actually). Pinks are too frequently obtained to include what's frankly just a redundant item
for endgame players. Besides, there's already steady supply from login rewards in addition to story completion rewards.

3. Please improve server capacity for rifts(not sure if there're separate servers for rifts and prize fights) as connection is
invariably very slow during the weekends (when presumably lots of people cram rifts), quite often to the point where
the game is stuck on the "Connecting" screen and requires force-quitting.
I'm really seeing forwards to all new stuff you're going to release. I started to play this game in December and must truly admit that I'm hooked by it from day 1. Its actually the best mobile game I've ever came across. I like that this game isn't p2w based and gladly support it by buying stuff from time to time. I bought a new gaming PC in 2019 and haven't turned it on since I'm playing skullgirl lmao.
Continue with the great work @ Team Skullgirls ! =)
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Really looking forward to all of these contents being added this 2020 or in the near future.

If there's something I'd like to see added to the game, It's probably a Replay Feature, with this added to the game, identifying and dealing with cheaters, whether it's in Rift battles or Prize fights, would be easy in my opinion.
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As for a 2020 forecast:

Holiday Special Prize Fights

Roses are Red, Violence is Due (Feb 11 - Feb 14) (2019 was Feb 14 only)
Craic Some Heads (March 17)
Fireworks Show (July 4 - July 8)
A Class of One's Own (Aug 30 - Sept 2)
Costume Party (Oct 31 - Nov 4)
Season's Beatings (Dec 23 - Dec 31)
Is that all of them?

There's a Special Prize Fight for all the Last Hope nurse-ninjas except for Easter. Can she have more than a bodybag of keys this year? Maybe with a Vernal Relic with pastel and candy-colored fighters or a Resurrection Relic full of Squiglys, Ms.Fortunes, and Doubles.

And there is a 3 month drought between April through June. Plenty of time to honor a holiday with a Prize Fight. Any ideas? Cinco de Mayo? International Nurses day (May 12)? Flag day (June 14)?

Gigan-Sized 2020 Skullgirls Milestones
  • Fukua and Someone™ added to Skullgirls Mobile
  • Annie guest stars in Indivisible
  • Skullgirls gets a Webtoon series (remember this? still in the works, I hope)
Overhaul to rifts and prizes in versus mode are a sight to behold for an OG player. These two things are going to give this game some serious staying power. I love rifts in particular it just needs some iterated changes to the meta like new seasons. So hyped I’ll be buying a ton of Fukua relics personally.
And there is a 3 month drought between April through June. Plenty of time to honor a holiday with a Prize Fight. Any ideas? Cinco de Mayo? International Nurses day (May 12)? Flag day (June 14)?
So, I checked in https://www.calendarlabs.com/holidays/international/2020 and came back with some options

  • Mar 22, "World Water Day" - An extra elemental style PF would work.
  • April 1, "April Fools" - A Circus theme with Cerebella would be cool.
  • April 30,"Children's Day" - Unfortunately this is the Mexican date and it's different in every country.
  • May 13, "Global Engineering Day" - Robo Fortune event!
  • May 23, "World Turtle Day" - Defensive variants day. Maybe def characters get to make damage based on their defensive stats or some sort of damage reflecting shenanigans.
  • June 14, "World Blood Donor Day" - Painwheel or Fillia could fit here.
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And there is a 3 month drought between April through June. Plenty of time to honor a holiday with a Prize Fight. Any ideas? Cinco de Mayo? International Nurses day (May 12)? Flag day (June 14)?

Maybe a 'School's Out' event to match the Back to School event? With summer, beach (water), and relaxation themed fighters?

Though, that's anywhere between mid-May to mid-June depending on the school, and it would probably overlap with someone's Finals week, so I'm not sure if it would be a good time for one unless it's decently long to give busy people a good amount of time to work on it at their own pace. Though, to be fair, June is the exact opposite time of year from the end-of-year season, so it would be well spaced for a really long pf like Season's Beatings. It might overlap too much with the themes of the other summer pfs though.
It’s that time again (better late than never) - our preview of what to expect from Skullgirls Mobile in 2020!

2019 RECAP
As a quick reminder of all of the fun stuff we accomplished over the course of the past year:
  • BEEP. BOOP. MEOW. Robo Launched along with new Modifiers Power Surge, Inverse Polarity, and Barrier (and the scourge of all PF modifiers along with it), with Blessing and Thorns soon to follow!
  • We made big revisions to Rift Battles, changing energy and node scoring - and then did it again by adding Catalysts to the mix.
  • We added MASTER Story Mode, Filia’s Origin Story (#smug) and the tragic tale of the fall of the Contiellos (poor Squig).
  • By popular demand, we added XP Boosts to help players level up their Fighters, and removed the XP cap for replaying Story Mode levels.
  • We added a slew of new Diamond Fighters for Halloween - and offered a guaranteed new Diamond Fighter to our most dedicated Trick or Treaters.
  • We spruced up our Login Calender, dramatically increasing the value of all of the rewards.
  • Cripple Resist BEGONE! Modifier-specific sub-stats we removed and replaced with a bunch of new fancy sub-stats, along with a slew of Moves getting a fresh coat of paint.
  • Of course the BIG one was our Sync PvP VERSUS mode featuring GGPO! Whether you prefer FREE FOR ALL or COMPETITIVE mode, we at long last delivered our most requested feature.
  • Lastly, we added Friends Lists and Social Gifts (including the elusive Inner Pieces) - just the start of more exciting social features to come.
For a trip down memory lane, I recommend browsing through our Update Notes to see how far we’ve come. Now, on to 2020!

Just like our 2019 and 2018 Preview post, the features below are going to be discussed in very broad terms. This is intentional. While we have clear goals - the route we take to achieve them often changes once we sink our teeth into the task at hand (and a little air of mystery is nice from time to time).

As such, what we describe below may not 100% match exactly what makes it into the game - it should at least give you an idea of where our priorities lie in the not too distant future.

So, without further ado - let’s dive in!

Fukua is coming to Skullgirls Mobile in 4.2 - you heard it here first! Orbs and clones for DAYS.

That’s right, we’re working on a BRAND NEW SKULLGIRLS CHARACTER with Lab Zero that has never been released to date! For more info on this mysterious new addition, check out our FAQ posted earlier this week.

Is this merely the first of many new characters? We certainly hope so! Much will depend on how well this new character performs when they are released later this year. Fingers crossed!

Rift Battles were designed to be an essential part of the mid-late game experience for many players, with each player creating uniquely tricky challenges for other players to overcome.

Although we’ve made a slew of improvements and updates to Rift Battles over the course of 2019, they’ve all been incremental to try to nudge things bit by bit in an attempt to address known concerns without fully overhauling the system.

In light of some of the prevailing issues and frustrations you’ve shared (we’ve heard them loud and clear), we are going to be making a more dramatic set of revisions to Rift Battles. We’ll provide a separate post that goes into all of these improvements in more detail, but rest assured that they will address the common concerns that have been raised about the mode (including matchmaking, the time commitment/urgency required to tackle each Rift once it opens, etc).

More info on this to come in a dedicated post in the upcoming weeks.

I know what you’re thinking… HEY, THIS WAS ON THE LIST FOR 2019! Well, with the Friends List and Gifting System now in place (and with Sync PvP behind us), this is going to be one of our main areas of focus going into 2020.

As you might expect, this means some form of Guilds (have you heard? They’re COMING SOON) and the collaborative and competitive modes you would expect. This also includes improvements to ways in which players can engage with one another inside the app (beyond just general chat)...

A number of our late game players have heroically conquered many of the endgame challenges we set before them. Although many still seek top tier Rift Battle status and have yet to clear all of the new Story Mode Match Challenges, we have plans to provide new, interesting, and rewarding “Everests” to sate their appetites. This ranges from recurring events like Accursed Experiments, or new dastardly challenging modes that test their skills and collection in unique and exciting ways.

As we’ve mentioned before, our content design goal is built around rewarding players who have deep, diverse collections - so make sure you have an assortment of heavy hitters ready to go!

This has been one of the topics we’ve wrestled with the most. We LOVE creating new Story Mode content (and we know you all love it as well). However, despite how much we enjoy revealing new nuggets of Skullgirls lore, unfortunately the content itself gets consumed EXTREMELY quickly despite requiring months of time and effort to properly develop. Generally speaking, we feel this time would be better spent creating self replenishing content and features that can benefit all players over a much longer period of time.

As such, while we still have every intention of completing Origin Stories for every character and expanding the core storyline, I wouldn’t expect the first of these to drop until much later in the year after we’ve sorted out some of the more critical priorities outlined above.

As noted prior, we are extremely proud of what we have accomplished thus far with VERSUS mode, but we know there are ways it can be made even better (improved performance, handling rage quitters, etc).

When we implement those refinements, we will also be looking into adding real substantive rewards for engaging with VERSUS mode that go well beyond a Daily Mission. Stay tuned!

Last year you could find us at ComboBreaker, EVO, AnimeExpo, Frosty Faustings, CEOTaku and more!

We hope to continue to grow our presence at live events over the course of the year - perhaps hosting some events here in LA, and even empowering our superfans around the world to host local events that can provide real, in-game prizes!

We haven’t even touched on Deployments (allowing Fighters to gather resources and XP while you’re away), improved cheater prevention, global Achievements packed with juicy rewards and much much more.

This only scratches the surface of some of the things we have in store for the rest of the year. As always, we are 100% committed to continuing to grow the Skullgirls Mobile experience in new and exciting ways to ensure that there is always a wide array of interesting, varied, fun, and challenging content for you all to enjoy throughout the year.

All that said, the scope of what we can do depends on how successfully the game performs. Obviously IAPs are a HUGE help (thank you!), but the next best thing you can do is help more players discover Skullgirls mobile (to this day there are Skullgirls fans who have no idea that a mobile game exists!).

As such, PLEASE share the love for Skullgirls and help us grow! Some ideas include:
  • Giving us 5-stars on the App Store or Google Play Store and writing us a positive review
  • Sharing the game with friends and/or streaming gameplay on Twitch or YouTube. You never know when we might retweet and share your Skullgirls Mobile videos on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!, too!
  • Reaching out to your favorite influencers and asking them to give Skullgirls mobile a shot!
Lastly, if there’s anything in particular you are hoping to see in 2020 (either as a part of the items mentioned above or as something new entirely), don’t be shy about sharing them below - we’re always listening!

Thanks once again for all of your support!

<3 MightyZug (Charley) and all of us at Hidden Variable:

Pen Stroke Pony
Sam Handwich
This game rocks, I even thought it from the start when it did have minor errors. I even still have a video from when the game basically came out to how it is now which is cannot be described the progress within. At that time too it was impossible to tell what could've/would've happened with the app.

Hard working grafters:
<3 MightyZug (Charley) and all of us at Hidden Variable:

Pen Stroke Pony
Sam Handwich

Look forward to whatever else you guys throw at it, am still playing after years of the game which not many games have caught my eye as such specially on mobile.

"FUKUA!" ;)

Feel bad for anyone who just looks at the app and passes it by.
What i wpuld love to see id master origin story for every allredy existing story mode... i loved struggling with peacocks. Especially because there was not a single "silver only" or some stuff like that like in classic szory mode.

Everything else seems so beautyfull and im so glad that i found out this game
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Las batallas de la grieta se diseñaron para ser una parte esencial de la experiencia del juego medio tardío para muchos jugadores, y cada jugador crea desafíos únicos y complicados que otros jugadores deben superar.
¿pueden volver la batalla de brecha como era antes por favor?