• [2018/06/22]
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OFFICIAL - 5.3.1 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Full Release - Now LIVE!

It's tough to please the entire player base, but overall it seems as though HV did well enough by pleasing a large percentage of it with the 5.3 update.
Yeah, character balance is extremely hard frankly. A lot of people consider Furry Fury a downgrade as well despite the large improvement to her matchups and the modifiers she can deal with I kinda get it, she isn't a damage meme now, but she's still doing immense damage regardless. Dark Might appears to be immensely more threatening but lost a lot of thematic elements, such as killing his parents teammates. Robocopy keeps getting changed, dunno what the end goal with him is.
I know we just got this feature...but there really should have been a preference to turn this off right from the start.
I mean, do the 'tips' even do any analytics to our teams? In the example, these maxed out silvers most certainly have their SKILL TREES fully unlocked including some MA levels, so the tip provided is kinda...not helpful. And FS comparison is already known at the start of the fight. I doubt there is any useful info for those players going for longshots with a solo-carry...

Please allow us to opt-out of this feature in the future.
Honestly this feel more like an UI change more than anything helpful. The general "tips" look a lot like similar gacha game tips in the loading screen, and the usefulness is just the same, for flavor at most. But I don't think we need an option to opt this out, I mean it not helpful or useful, but it also don't affect or annoy us in anyway, so...
but it also don't affect or annoy us in anyway, so...

What annoys me more with this new lose screen is when you are longshotting for XP in Holodeck or something, you fumble a fight, and the game tells you "You should upgrade every fighter on your team" while I'm sitting there thinking, "but I'm trying to level this stuff up with the help of the game's XP boosting mechanics over here".
lol and I don't have opinion on the defeat screens because I haven't seen them yet. Because I never lose 😤

Upgraded Fighter Rundown:
  • Scared Stiff Squigly - much more reliable unflinching
  • In Denile Eliza - now a Bad Ms Frosty Filia understudy for armor catalyst nodes in the Rift
  • Robocopy Big Band - treat him like a tall Peacock. His powers center on the tag in. I hope G. I. Jazz also loses his pathetic, one-time-only "OMG I'm gonna die" panic SA.
  • Wild Child Umbrella - slimy meter control, the new niche no one asked for? An improvement from the minor health sips. Drain means she takes your meter, right?
  • Prism Plumage Peacock - the kind of Peacock Robocopy should hang out with. Good improvements, but maybe "(except after teammate death)" should be removed.
  • Windswept Filia - triple S tier improvement. Went from a fighter that only the A.I. could use best (miraculous dodges), to a precision super tool that will carry you through any Rift Battle, PF, or Holodeck Hazard.
  • Night Terror Fukua - near/far powers, but even greater. The immobilize is great "caught in the spider web" thematic touch.
  • Armed Forces Cerebella - bring out your AF Bellas! Haven't seen one in the wild yet, but I want to test sending a Mean One Peacock to see if the landslide of debuffs ricochet
  • Regally Blonde Parasoul - much stronger and the trade of tear detonation for proximity makes it more manageable. The cripple debuff is a nice touch to help her keep defending, but I'd like something like deathmark also to help bruise the enemy and to make up for her weaker attack stats
  • Dark Might Beowulf - unblockable specials and BBs mean DON'T equip grabs. Hurting Hurdles, Gigan Arm Sweep, and Wulf Blitzers are where you start. No weak "4 Wulf Shoots" cheese here. Batman is now like Xenomorph - but instead of "kill it with immunity" it is "kill his friends with immunity" or you're gonna have a bad time.
  • Furry Fury Ms. Fortune - maybe she needs a palette swap to match her increased power? She went from Blaz Blue squirrel girl to blood-soaked tiger berserker (only joking about the colors)
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Here’s my opinion of Unholy Host’s reworked signature ability. (I posted this in other discussion, but I changed a bit. )

・Signature 1 : When Black Dahlia or her opponent TAGS IN, she removes all enemy BUFFS and inflict HEX, CURSE and DISABLE TAG INS for 10/15/20 seconds (activate only once per match).
・Signature2 : Gain 1 stack of REGEN every 4/3/2 seconds when your opponent is suffering from DEBUFF. All REGENS are removed when you KNOCKED DOWN.

・About Signature 1
Currently, Signature 1 is too powerful in both attack and defense because she has the power to rotate hex and curse by using “see you around” to overwhelm all opponents almost permanently. To prevent this situation, I think it's a good idea to activate this ability ONCE PER MATCH.
However, this idea will make no sense if her opponent quickly tags out. The addition of DISABLE TAGS IN allows her to shift the emphasis from tactics like before to harassing a single opponent.

・About Signature 2
Signature 2 is also big problem. She can drain 40% of HP from her opponent in 20 seconds while they can do almost nothing. In addition, she has a lot of ways to inflict debuffs, so even if the signature 1 expires, it will surely be a big threat.
Changing the drain effect to REGEN allows her opponent to create opportunities to counter it with heal block, curse, etc. For fighters who doesn’t have any counters, regens are removed when she knocked down.
The drain effect will disappear, but the recovery power when regen is fully stacked will be much higher than before.
Robocopy Changes

When I talk about the defensive side of Robocopy it is without the help of any catalyst or modifiers active. That is the best way to tell if a variant is capable of using their SA’ to stay alive or deal damage. And the old robocopy was a mix of bot offense and defense.

So before Robocopy was changed his SA’s were as follows
SA1 (Old): Once per match when suffering a HIT that would be fatal, gain 1/2/3 stacks of ARMOR and BARRIER. ARMOR lasts for 10 seconds.
SA2 (Old): When defeating an opponent, gain 2 stacks of ENRAGE for 30 seconds and 25/35/50% BLOCKBUSTER METER.

Offensively I liked this variant primarily for his SA2. Robocopy could work his way to five stacks of enrage if he knocks out more then three characters. Also the 50% Blockbuster Meter gained after defeating an enemy allowed for the player to use multiple level three blockbusters within a full three minute fight. And his SA1 would act as a safety net in case the player gets punished. Now defensively his SA1 could be dealt with using a chaos banish, curse, precision, or hex. This makes it very easy to bypass and he kind of becomes a punching bag on defense. With the new changes implemented in the new update, Robo copy even more of a punching bag. His abilities are just less offensive than they were before. His new SA’s are as follows.

SA1 (New): When Big Band or his opponent TAGS IN, inflict DISABLE BLOCKBUSTERS for 10/15/20 seconds. DISABLE BLOCKBUSTERS is removed when the opponent uses a SPECIAL MOVE.
SA2 (New): Gain ENRAGE and BARRIER for 5/7/10 seconds each every 3 seconds while the opponent's BLOCKBUSTERS are DISABLED.

I think these new changes pose in interesting play style but they are not better than his previous signature abilities on defense or offense. If big band tags in the player only has to use a special move and he will not receive any barrier or enrage stacks. This makes both of his SA’s easy to bypass and he could go the entire match without receiving any buffs. On offense before I would not use a tag out and now I have to. Although you lock down the meter of the opponent you only can make it to 3 barely 4 enrage and barrier stacks. And you may have to tag out the opponent again just to keep gaining buffs. This new SA change boosts his starting offensive capability unlike his old SA2 which boosts his offensive strength after you defeat an opponent. I propose that the changes made to Robocopy be reverted. Or maybe changed to something else. Some ideas for his changes are below:

SA1 (1st): use his SA2
SA2 (1st): upon death inflict a certain number of debuffs on the opponent or grant incoming ally a number of buffs

As far as what buff or debuffs he should apply I don’t know what would be more appealing for the player base so he could get some usage.

SA1 (2nd): Every 10-20 combo hits suffered or achieved inflict 1 stack of power surge or wither and gain 1 enrage stack
SA2 (2nd) when reaching a certain number of enrage stacks, something can happen to you when the opponent has certain number of power surge or wither stacks something could happen. I don’t know what the negative or positive could be.

I can’t really think of anything else but his new signature abilities are worse than what they were before. So if anyone has any other ideas for a signature ability please let me know.
  • Fixed an issue where the kid in Maplecrest is no longer hidden behind leaves.

I have been wondering for years what the heck that was. Omg. Thank you. One of the greatest mysteries in the world has finally been solved, I’m so happy and relieved.
Dear official

I posted my idea of Unholy Host’s reworked signature ability in this discussion before, but I noticed a big issue in it. I changed the idea, so please forget about the previous one and consider it again.

・Signature 1 : When Black Dahlia or her opponent TAGS IN, she removes all enemy BUFFS and inflict HEX, CURSE and DISABLE TAG INS for 10/15/20 seconds (activate only once per match).
・Signature 2:Gain permanent MIASMA when your opponent is suffering from DEBUFF. MIASMA is removed when your opponent’s DEBUFF was removed all.

・About signature 1
There’s no change in signature 1.
By adding disable tag ins and set to activating once per match, it allows her to shift the emphasis from tactics like before to harassing a single opponent.

・About signature 2
Previously, my idea was “Gain 1 stack of REGEN every 4/3/2 seconds when your opponent is suffering from DEBUFF. All REGENS are removed when you KNOCKED DOWN”. But I've noticed that this effect will often overlap with marquee ability "No time to die".
So I changed regen to miasma. This change allows her opponent to prevent the drain effect by getting far away from her and take it to long-range combat. However, this will make no sense when opponent use attacks that has the effect of removing buffs like chaos vanish, I made it permanent.
Health-drain effect is lower than before, but the addition of miasma allows her to draining her opponent’s BB meter.
That’s actually not a bad nerf, after the last month or so I didn’t even really think she needed it. (Maybe Death wish tho..lol).

Maybe, Just better drop rates so I could actually get one.
I had to slave to evolve my two Dahlias to diamond.
Seems like everyone under the sun has an Unholy host and I spent a lot trying to get one. :( oh well it will happen eventually.