• [2018/06/22]
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OFFICIAL: Fukua Release Details & Relic Availability

A few remaining questions:

When 4.3 is out, will Fukua have increased odds in normal relics? Or is that boost going to be exclusive to the 4.2 Fukua-branded relics?

In 4.2, will the Fukua-branded Jackpots have higher odds of getting her than the Fukua Premieres? (Since the Jackpots more expensive, and you can buy less of them than the Premieres for a similar cost, you've got a higher chance of not getting any Fukuas if you choose to buy one Jackpot instead of 3 premieres if they have the same Fukua odds.)

When you buy a 10+1 of either the Premieres or Jackpots, will the bonus +1 relic have a higher chance at being a Fukua?
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